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Botox Mom -- 'GMA' Never Checked Its Facts

5/19/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell claims "Good Morning America" was so anxious to get the first interview with the Botox Mom ... show producers never even bothered to double check her story.

Sheena Upton

Upton tells TMZ, GMA -- who she claims offered her $10,000 for her story -- "didn't ask me any questions to try to figure out anything" before airing the show last week -- adding, they just put her straight on TV.

A spokesperson for ABC has already insisted the show made several attempts to verify Upton's story -- telling us, "Good Morning America has repeatedly questioned Upton, members of her family, and other sources who again and again stood by the Botox story."

As we previously reported, Upton claims the entire story that she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox was a complete sham ... concocted by a U.K. tabloid called The Sun -- which then paid her $200 for acting the part.


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1253 days ago


so she is the victim in all of this now?

1253 days ago


Right because the Sun is just going to randomly contact some no name woman in the USA for a story and offer her #200. LOL

1253 days ago


She's still an idiot.

1253 days ago


This woman is back pedaling to keep her ass out of jail for fraud and her daughter away from Children's Services. Hope you like your stay in jail like the guy with the Balloon Boy LOL

1253 days ago

Bobby Trendy    

She needs to refund the $$$$$$ to the shows since she lied
cause she broke like a white pece of trash

1253 days ago


This is what you call a really lame attempt at trying to pull a "just kidding" when in reality you were 100% serious. Now that she realizes the consequences, she's trying to lie and say she made it up.

1253 days ago

Fidel's niece    

GMA and The Today show used to be
real news TV shows...
now they are ALL about entertainment,
cooking segments and all kinds
of nonsense...

Dumbing down of America continues...
Tabloid TV, 24 x 7.

1253 days ago


The Sun is notorious for spreading lies and made up crap just to sell more newspapers. They have been doing it for years. Just google it, and you'll see.

1253 days ago


OK then your just too stupid to have children. WHich is it?

1253 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Spin spin spin.

Yeah, it's all their fault you lied to them, Ms. Botox.
If they had "only checked the facts" this never would've happened. B.S. You were counting on this. You couldn't have made 10 grand otherwise. I hope they sue you for a return of your "licensing fee" and then additional for punitive damages.

You are absolute s*** for going along with this.
You can claim it was for "your kid" as much as you want but that doesn't excuse criminal behavior.

You and Balloon Dad were meant for each other.

1253 days ago

two cents    

That's hilarious. Can't stand Lara, thinking she was ALL that for having this story's 'exclusive". Lmao! OOps, got a little egg on her face. Lara should have stayed whereever the hell she was. What an idiot!!

I'm starting to like this mom more and more. She fooled them all. That should teach them. I think this outdoes "balloon boy". hahaa...

1253 days ago


Don't believe anything this woman says now. But the bottom line is she endangered the welfare of her child, because of her imaginary actions, her child was taken away - so because of her stupidity she needs her daughter taken away permanently.

1253 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This behavior is SO TYPICAL, always shift the blame elsewhere...... I am in no way responsible, whatever.....

1253 days ago

two cents    

TMZ... start the death clock on Jeff Conaway. You're slipping TMZ, where's the breaking news?!

This woman beat them at their own game. No harm, no foul, at least she didn't waste police resources like "balloon boy". Maybe now the media will think twice before going forward with these ridiculous stories just for ratings. LOL

I can't wait for GMA tomorrow. Wonder if they'll mention it?

1253 days ago
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