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More Trouble

On the Home Front

5/20/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guess her sessions with Suze Orman didn't help ... because TMZ has learned Octomom is once again in danger of LOSING HER HOUSE after once again falling behind on her monthly payments.


TMZ spoke with the man who owns the loan on Octo's La Habra home -- Amer Haddadin -- who tells us Nadya Suleman missed her May payment and the bank has already hit her with late fees.

Amer tells us he's been in contact with Nadya ... who has made it clear -- she's broke-ass broke all over again.

Of course, it ain't the first time Nadya has been on the verge of homelessness -- last year, Amer let Octo off the hook when she failed to make a $450,000 balloon payment on the home ... and mercifully changed the payment structure so she could stay in the house.

But now, Amer says, his patience has run out ... and Octo better find a way to make the payment, or she'll be out on the street.


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Wow reading some of these comments. Guys she is a huamn being...maybe a slightly nutty one...and omg yes she has too many kids...but done is done they are here and don't deserve to be raised in a paper box....obviously her mortgage is too big but what I remember reading the house isn't all that large especially for all the kids she has. So I don't think she was purposely splurging. I don't imagine she has a ton of income and with that many kids expenses have to be high...she can't go down to the local grocery and get a job she wouldn't make enough to pay for the childcare she would have to pay for.

Trying to force her to do porn is wayyyyy out of line. Joke all you like about it but it makes me sick to even think of someone forcing another to that situation. I have been put in positions where I had to do things that were against my personal morals and let me tell you it isn't a joke. And no I did not get forced to do porn.

Bottom line...the kids are here...the mom is maybe not the smartest cookie in the box...but the kids still need a roof. Maybe a tell all book...I don't know...something to generate the money to pay off that morgage...cause if she can't pay it now she can't pay it next year either.

1261 days ago


Octopig - call up Prince von A/hole... he'll be looking for a stupid **** to squeeze out a kid that has no business being born.

1261 days ago


Team nutya said that Gonads isn't going anywhere until she's good and ready. A more accurate statement is that she won't go anywhere until the Sheriff's department shows up at her door.

1261 days ago


Better buy invest in some knee pads and call the governator...I mean, ex-governator. Multiple births don't seem to faze him.

1261 days ago


Didn't he say his patience had run out the last three times she got behind on the payments? My guess? All the offers of fame and fortune passed her by and she cannot handle being out of the spotlight for so long. Knew it was too good to be true. Just another fame ho using her kids to try to stay relevant. Foreclose on her, make her get a job. Lazy piece of crap.

1261 days ago


And some might think I'm mean when I say: FORCED sterilization!

1261 days ago


She needs to go on Dancing with the Stars. She seems to qualify for what ABC considers to be a 'star'

1261 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Blah Blah Blah.... Déjà vu.

1261 days ago


I think she and all the kids should move in with the numb nuts doctor who filled her womb with all the baby nuggets.

1261 days ago

And thats the truth    

Gsharon 710 6 hours ago I think the courts should make the Doctor responsible for the lives of these children, make monthly child support payments as if he were the Daddy. Stupid Jerk.

I think Nadia should have to pay back all of the welfare she is getting for her "bad back" not to mention all of the welfare she is getting because one of her babies has "autistic type syptoms" and another one has some other type of disability.

She used welfare money (your tax dollars) to get recent breast implants, plastic surgery, and to buy all of her babies in the first place. She had no business going to a fertility clinic without the means to support a family in the first place.

She claims that she has a bad back yet she was able to stand up while being 8 months pregnant with 8 kids. I had torn a ligament in my back and it happened while I had a potato in my hand. The potato felt like I was holding a 100 pound brick. I had physical therapy for 6-8 weeks and then I had to go back to work. I also had a slipped disc a few years later that was pinching my nerve in my left leg. I could not walk for weeks. Six to eight weeks later I was back at work. There is nothing wrong with her back. She is looking for a handout and it is people like you that enable her. Pathetic.

1261 days ago


Who cares? Is she that desperate for attention? Is she afraid botoxmom is going to get all that attention? The guy that owns the house does deserve to get paid, but I think he wants the publicity too. If he was holding the mortgage for anyone else, they would have just been kicked out long ago for not making payments. Octomom will cry that she and her 14 kids will have nowhere to go if they get kicked out and miraculously the payment will be made by someone. Yawn.

1261 days ago


For all that say don't force her into porn she seeks it out herself. Look her agent is Here is a little more info about this wonderful porn star owned agency, If you don't want to associate with porn don't sign up with them. She might as well do porn because that is her only option trying to sell it as, it was Octomom not Nadya who did this, just shows how delusional she really is. Only good could be CPS will step in because the abuse will be do***ented on video.

1261 days ago


I am not a fan of her by any means but doesn't he know that airing her dirty laundry is illegal? If he keeps telling everyone she is behind on payments, she could sue him and in the end own the house outright because he is blabbing his mouth.

1261 days ago


The NeverEnding Story.

1261 days ago


I think both of these people are mediawhores now, just start forclosure and be done with it. A million people do it every day and they don't put out a press release about it.

1261 days ago
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