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More Trouble

On the Home Front

5/20/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guess her sessions with Suze Orman didn't help ... because TMZ has learned Octomom is once again in danger of LOSING HER HOUSE after once again falling behind on her monthly payments.


TMZ spoke with the man who owns the loan on Octo's La Habra home -- Amer Haddadin -- who tells us Nadya Suleman missed her May payment and the bank has already hit her with late fees.

Amer tells us he's been in contact with Nadya ... who has made it clear -- she's broke-ass broke all over again.

Of course, it ain't the first time Nadya has been on the verge of homelessness -- last year, Amer let Octo off the hook when she failed to make a $450,000 balloon payment on the home ... and mercifully changed the payment structure so she could stay in the house.

But now, Amer says, his patience has run out ... and Octo better find a way to make the payment, or she'll be out on the street.


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So what this really means is no on has bailed her out for anything other than the past few months. So much for her pose of being safe with it all being permanently taken care of.

She says that she won't do porn, but whipping their babydaddy in diapers in her kids'playarea doesn't seem to bother her in the least. And now that she's blown that one with her usual dignified level of lucrative success, at least now she sure won't ever have to worry about having to do porn.

She says she is down to one nanny and the babies STILL don't seem to recognize her enough to interact with her. Which must mean these 8 kids are spending way too much time alone and unable to communicate, their babyhood learning development period squandered.
And if these kids are supposed to be in childcare, then when did that Sun reporter spend the day filming them?

Only thing left to wonder about is how miserable a life that one nanny must be having. Talk about the job from hell........

And how would you like to have a production company resume with that POS listed in it. Real career booster, that one.

1249 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

I don't feel a bit bad for this guy, He knew what he was getting into. Obviously Octo Mom doesn't make good financial decisions or anyother type of wise decision then why would he expect that she would in this case. I'm just saying.....duh.
Staceyann Dolenti

1249 days ago


*YAWN* First of all, I think this is all one big scam for money. I think the house is probably paid for by her private corporation where she funnels all monies thru so she escapes taxes. I think Amer is friends with Daddy and he is paid part of her quarterly proceeds for her begathon donations. Daddy already has said 200 times that she and the kids will never be could he make that statement to the press if he doesnt have secret inside information. Remember Suzy Orman stating she only had $300 and all she has done since it the porno with Tattoo that she *swears* she did not get a penny of....altho she signed the model release for its sales...guess that money has dried up because even after the $300, she was seen at Disneyland and on shopping sprees...buying yogurt, gym..etc. Longest living $300 I have seen. She needs to write a book on how she manages to live for 8 months on $300...and still manages her lip injections etc. and not be on public assistance...more lies. Sorry, I work hard for my money and she won't get a penny. My taxes are enough. All you sympatizers, pay her mortgage and send your checks....k?? I've yet to see her look needy. You know she probably has those kids on SSI by now and jumping up and down that they are "learning disabled" due to neglect and abuse (yes, stomping on a baby in a playpen in the head and body is abuse!). Neighbors say all you hear is her screaming and cussing at the kids when she is home. How very sad. Where IS CPS???

1247 days ago


Amer is a fame whore, just like Octodoosh.

Hey, Amer, why dontcha step back into the limelight when Octo is kicked out of the house with her brood. Tell us something we want to hear, because no one gives a ****e about any of the Toxos, or you for that matter.

Make us like you.

1246 days ago


"I know she did this to herself, but I feel really bad for Octo! Her life must REALLY suck! She's got a house full of screaming kids and no money! STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!"

Amy, really? I know lots of women make the choice to bear children, but I don't feel bad for any of them, so I sure as hell ain't gonna start feeling sorry for Octomom... because that would be stupid.

I'd rather feel for people in truly dire straits, people with cancer, people born into abusive homes-- not this disgusting fame whore.

Put your compassion where it deserves to be, will ya?

1246 days ago


vinyl 12 days ago TeamNadya, why should she get to stay in her home if she doesn't pay the mortgage? Are you suggesting she should be allowed to stay there even if she doesn't pay the bills. Millions of Americans have been forced out of their homes during the past several years because they couldn't pay their mortgages and the properties were foreclosed on. Why should Nadya be an exception? She owes the $, she needs to pay it or move out. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

Special cir***stances, first I don't feel she should be allowed to stay in her home without paying. But by the same token, I feel because the children doesn't deserve to be thrown in the streets, doesn't deserve to be homeless or without their mother. I feel it would be better all the way around if a LOWER payment plan could be arraign to make it affordable for Nadya to continue paying her mortgage and raising her kids in her home. Amer and the bank could still get paid! To me that would be fair enough rather then to have 15 people living on the streets, which imo would result in falling on the taxpayers to pick up the tab again. Then we're right back to where we started accusing her of living off taxpayers (which I clearly like to say Nadya isn't at the present time). :)

1239 days ago


Bruno moron said Nadya won't go anywhere until the Sheriff's department shows up at her door. A more accurate statement is exactly what I said b4; that Nadya won't go anywhere until she's good and ready. That's final! :)

1239 days ago

chi chi ward    

for real....with how many kids, how can she have time for this crap, let alone the fact that she's stooped this low to make mortgage payments....what kind of "mother" is she....well, we all know the answer to that one...she's NOT....these kids should be taken & placed in foster care & she should lose her house & get a real job & start living in the real world...not her fantasy world of being a "psychiatrist" or whatever the heck she claims to be...she needs to see a mother, i find her repulsive as a human being & a so called "mother" & daughter....i can't imagine how her parents feel about all the crap she's doing...she's not even sexy...those bikini pics are repulsive....she's a angelina jolee wannabe...move on people

1238 days ago


I heard that he did. Sure took them long enough to revoke it. Makes me wonder how many more he did this to in the time that the ruling was being made. Sick, sick man he is.
Like you said it's better late than never.

1237 days ago
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