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TMZ Live: A Pox on Botox Mom & Sell the Dodgers!

5/20/2011 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reporter who interviewed Botox Mom says she has a smoking gun to prove Sheena Upton slandered her in claiming the whole thing was a hoax ... And, someone who knows the L.A. Dodgers inside and out tells us how Frank and Jamie McCourt have destroyed the team -- inside and out.

Answers to all your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(1:08) "Macho Man" Randy Savage died in a car accident today ... Ryan -- who helped break the story -- has all the details.
(7:27) We have one of Macho's old rivals on the phone -- Diamond Dallas Page.
(12:23) Arnold coughed up $65,000 to his mistress for a house payment!
(25:30) We have an insider on the Frank/Jamie McCourt situation on the phone -- the producer of the "Petros and Money" show, David Vassegh! Great stuff here for you sports fans.
(33:30) Harvey interviewed Botox Mom yesterday ... and he thinks he caught her in a big lie!
(37:40) Alley Einstein -- the reporter who claims to have WITNESSED Sheena Upton inject her daughter with Botox -- is on the line ... and she flat-out calls Upton a liar for saying it was all made up.
(38:07) CRAZY -- Alley says she also saw Sheena inject her daughter's LIPS with filler! And she's got PHOTOS to prove it!
(40:20) Why didn't Alley publish the more graphic photos???
(46:50) Alley says Sheena is "setting her up."
(50:10) SHOCKER -- Alley says Sheena tried to extort her ... and that legal action may be under way! 


No Avatar


How is everyone sure the love child is Arnold's? Was there a DNA test. Couldn't Patty have lied to Arnold?

1253 days ago


Elizabeth died. Drugs.

1253 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I remember his jump off the top rope body slams. That was his trademark. He put on a good show. Hope he can be reunited with Ms. Elizabeth.

1253 days ago


I read somewhere that Marti singer was the bull dog that kept everything hush with money for Arnold.

1253 days ago


If women talked so much, why is it breaking news now?? How come we never heard about his love child before?

1253 days ago


Jason, have you ever used a medicine syringe with your children. if so, did it have a needle?

1253 days ago


Why does Kate (of Jon & Kate + 8 infamy)--and not Jon--have to pay for the marriage counselor if the counselor was JON's therapist???

1253 days ago


Harvey. Move on. You've already gone over and over all of this stuff.

1253 days ago


Did Aaahnold question whether that baby was his?

1253 days ago


Did'nt anybody hink it was strange when two people of latin descent had a white child?

1253 days ago


From Chris

Harvey!! Enough already about the mom injecting her kid with botox. Gawd, sometimes you just run a subject into the ground! Geez! You just go on and on and on....endlessly. Focus on keeping the show moving forward

Chris. Harvey arrogantly does not focus on anything that does not interest him. He's in his 60's, has been on radio and television so he knows how a show with a live audience should work. He just thinks we're all jackasses and will listen and wait for anything he wants to blab on and on about. Keep reminding him HE'S the behaviour idiot, not us. Then jump to another website.

1253 days ago


Harvey -

The mistress may have spoken to her friends about Arnold giving her money but I am sure many of her friends are Hispanic and in all reality they did not have a place to voice their story outside of Univision who doesn't really cover such stories. That's why I suggested to you a few months ago that TMZ should be done in Spanish as well. I'm ready to jump on board!


1253 days ago


Not sure how to submit a question so will ask here. Now that it is coming out that Arnold has been giving this woman Patty money for years will the IRS come in to investigate so she is taxed on it? Since it has been a secret for over 10 years it is not recorded as child support in the courts.

1253 days ago


Harvey, look at the photo......... syringe is not the same as a medicine syringe.....

1253 days ago


harvey- just call her a big fat,double talking, uneducated liar. She is an unfit, piece of white trash crap.

1253 days ago
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