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TMZ Live: A Pox on Botox Mom & Sell the Dodgers!

5/20/2011 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reporter who interviewed Botox Mom says she has a smoking gun to prove Sheena Upton slandered her in claiming the whole thing was a hoax ... And, someone who knows the L.A. Dodgers inside and out tells us how Frank and Jamie McCourt have destroyed the team -- inside and out.

Answers to all your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(1:08) "Macho Man" Randy Savage died in a car accident today ... Ryan -- who helped break the story -- has all the details.
(7:27) We have one of Macho's old rivals on the phone -- Diamond Dallas Page.
(12:23) Arnold coughed up $65,000 to his mistress for a house payment!
(25:30) We have an insider on the Frank/Jamie McCourt situation on the phone -- the producer of the "Petros and Money" show, David Vassegh! Great stuff here for you sports fans.
(33:30) Harvey interviewed Botox Mom yesterday ... and he thinks he caught her in a big lie!
(37:40) Alley Einstein -- the reporter who claims to have WITNESSED Sheena Upton inject her daughter with Botox -- is on the line ... and she flat-out calls Upton a liar for saying it was all made up.
(38:07) CRAZY -- Alley says she also saw Sheena inject her daughter's LIPS with filler! And she's got PHOTOS to prove it!
(40:20) Why didn't Alley publish the more graphic photos???
(46:50) Alley says Sheena is "setting her up."
(50:10) SHOCKER -- Alley says Sheena tried to extort her ... and that legal action may be under way! 


No Avatar

nee nee    

"the ones that was like real syringes."...botox mom didn't graduate elementary school

1148 days ago


Harvey, you are wrong about the big bust regarding the obviously empty syringe in the Sun article photos. The real question is did Upton shop this crazy story to Alley Einstein or not? Einstein's special pleadings on twitter are unconvincing certainly:!/alleyeinstein but who is the originator of this fabrication, Einstein or Upton? That is the question. Additionally, I don't find it implausible at all that this woman would have injected the kid for money. $10,000 is a LOT of money to someone like that.

1148 days ago

nee nee    

if she wanted her kid to win a pagent, she didn't need to give her botox , she should have put her on a diet!

1148 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Harvey, Get those shots right now...have her email them now.

1148 days ago


As a nurse, I can affirm that unless this picture was photo-shopped, there WAS an injection done with the smaller syringe. You can see where the needle is IN THE SKIN. This woman should be in prison. I believe The Sun

1148 days ago


Harvey - Why so many multiple posts on such losers like the Botox Mom and Macho Man?

It's kind of ridiculous and you are propping up/creating such 3rd rate 'celebs'.

Step up your game TMZ.

1148 days ago


Listening to this BS interview from a Sun reporter for over 20 mins on lawyer friday sucks.

1148 days ago


OMG! Talk about beating a dead you guys know how to move on!

1148 days ago


macho man will be missed

1148 days ago


Harvey...I have been a nurse for 20 years and I can tell you that the one picture with the larger syringe pointed into the child's forehead has no needle. That type of syringe has disposable needles and you can screw any size needle into that syringe. However, you cannot put a small needle into it. If she had the normal needle that goes with that syringe, and also at the angle she is supposedly injecting her child, the needle would be going into the child's brain! This lady is holding a 5cc syringe without a needle connected to it. As far as the other syringe where needle is attached by the child's eyebrow is either a tuberculin needle or an insulin needle. Those needles do not disconnect from the syringe and are not interchangeable with a 5cc or larger syringe. It appears the syringe is lying on top of the child's eyebrow. If the needle had pierced the skin, it would not be coming out the other side above her eyebrow. I've given thousands of injections and I believe this woman did this whole thing for money. I hope I could give you a medical point of view.

1148 days ago


Dont trust british media! They even wiretap celebrities !

1148 days ago


This just goes on and i bet the Sun doesn't take any legal action.

1148 days ago

who dat    

Harvey, you're acting butt hurt on this worthless botox story. Time for you to go on vacation.

1148 days ago


If I get fired for not working today,because tommorrow is the end of the world,can I sue for discrimination based on religion?

1148 days ago


when do you think the kids of maria and arnold found out?

1148 days ago
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