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Charlie Sheen

The $3,000,000

Sugar Daddy Offer

5/22/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has no current sources of fresh income, so what better way to score a cool $3 mil than doing what you already know -- become the king of the sugar daddies.

0520_charlie_sheen_established_men_doc_launch_EX -- a social network for rich men seeking needy women -- put the offer on the table earlier this week ... $3,000,000 for Charlie Sheen to endorse the sugar daddy website for three years.

But EM wants even more from Sheen.  Charlie would be crowned PRESIDENT of Established Men -- running advertising, sales, and promotions -- in return for a 50% interest in the company.

Also HUGE ...  EstablishedMen could not fire Charlie for "moral turpitude."

The bad news -- it's an exclusive deal ... so Charlie couldn't work for anyone else.  To make matters worse, he'd have to move to Toronto (no offense).

Chuck Lorre -- eat your heart out.


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P.S. Who's gonna take anyone seriously anyway when they don't even get the company right - I mean "Fox" - really?

1257 days ago


First most of you who have offered your thoughts,will never be offered to make 3 million dollars no matter what kind of job you guys do.Second I believe Sheen deserves to get offerd a better job than this one.After all he is a talented person. I think people are jealous because Sheen has accomplished so much with his life.Here is a thought,you guys that have gotten your kicks out of watching what has gone on with Sheen,in recent months are sicker than he is.It realy is a sad day when half of America,needing a break from there otherwise boaring lives,becomes entertained by watching someone go through hard times.

1256 days ago


Here's another thought - we've heard that "same old tired saw" about as many times as Chuckles has burned his lips on a straight-shooter! "It's a sad day in America" when people put douchebags like Sheen up on a pedestal, Adrianne...

1256 days ago


...and it's also a "sad day in America" when a supposedly educated adult doesn't know the damn difference between "their" and "there" - maybe a little less "Major League" and a little MORE "Sesame Street" would've been in order.

1256 days ago



Let's not forget about "boaring" lives. But, hey - on a bright note, at least "Adrianne" realizes that Charlie is "sick". Then again, the proffered cure is a better job offer.

1256 days ago


Add a PPS: The Sheenius PUT himself out there with his vids, interviews, tweets and insane performances. He wanted our attention, he GOT IT! Poor coo-coo boy had no idea 3/4 of Americans would not end up bowing to the great warlock. boooooohoooooo.
Charlie does not agree with Adriane. He's on top of whatever world F-18's live on; it's just too darn bad HIS fans can't accept that.

1256 days ago

Green Fairy    

Well if what's reported here

is true then he won't be able to do both. Not sure if this isn't just wishful thinking on the TV company's part, plus how Charlie would react to being in that kind of environment (Big Brother House, UK) for any length of time.

1256 days ago


No offence? Pls! At least we have free health care and let's be honest, your memerican friend would benefit big time with his pill popping ass! ;)

1256 days ago


"Big Brother/Trainwreck Edition" starring Chuckles - that I'd actually PAY to watch! ;)

1256 days ago


Toronto is home to TIFF - which basically picks the oscar winners every year - to keep this relevant.
Other than winter, it beats the **** out of LA. - 1 cred TMZ!

1255 days ago


I live in toronto...its not that bad but if i were Sheen i would never swap Cali for Toronto

1255 days ago


I've always enjoyed cereal commercials. Chuckles reminds me of that bird who is "Cuckoo for Coke-O Puffs"...

1255 days ago



That picture of him in the article looks like the bird too!

1255 days ago

Green Fairy    

Looks like Charlie has put SVL on the market for $7+m -

Presumably moving into the new place he bought down the road. Is he really trying to make a new start & leave past memories behind? or just moving the whole circus into larger premises?

1254 days ago


There has been some interesting activity on Charlie's Twitter account recently. Someone with access to his account, could be Charlie or maybe Bob Maron his original "Twitter master" or someone else, made tweets about the Indy qualifying races this past weekend implying that Charlie was there. The tweets included a photo that Jake Query, an Indy announcer and media member, actually took last weekend.!/charliesheen

The local channel 13 TV news station received gossip tweets that suggested that Charlie was at the qualifiers with driver T. Scheck. Followup research clarified that - no - Charlie was NOT at the qualifiers in Indy last weekend.

If you check out the replies to Charlie's tweets you can see that many people assumed that he WAS at Indy last weekend.

My question is "why" - was he generating false news simply because an earlier tweeter remarked about how quiet his twitter has been lately? Was he fishing for ad money from Indy related venues? Maybe both - or neither - maybe he was just doing it because he could. To date, he has still not posted credits to Jake Query for that pic or any retractions or clarifications.!/jakequery

jakequery Jake Query
Yo, tweeps- @charliesheen is posting the pic I sent of #Danica and claiming he's here. #NotWinning.

1254 days ago
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