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Conrad Murray Goes Dumbo

5/23/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With his manslaughter trial pushed to September, Dr. Conrad Murray enjoyed some downtime at the happiest place on Earth and rode a Dumbo ride at Disneyland yesterday.


He's living the life.



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Well at least he is free to live his life the way he wants it to be and no one finds it abnormal. why couldn't MJ ?

1213 days ago


MJ probably wanted to kill himself! No, not probably, for sure he was suicidal. Most of you would get embarrassed by trying to dance in public. He turned white, got a botched nose jobs x 12 and his financial ruin was made public, ETC... HE was embarrassed, outcast and suicidal... He led HIMSELF to death.

1213 days ago



1213 days ago


@Pearl Jr STFU!!! Michael Jackson passed away stop with your nonsense!!

1213 days ago


I hate that ****ing doctor Conrad Murray he can go to hell when he die he is a ****ing murder got his stupid ass at Disneyland" he know he murder Michael Jackson he need to tell the truth what happy that day i wish i can see Conrad Murray i will beat his old ass i hate looking at him when his old ass on television doctor Conrad Murray u will always be a murder jack ass

1213 days ago


Awe....I bet Michael would have loved to have been there, TOO!!!!

1213 days ago

nici miller    

**** all mj haters stop talkin **** go get a hobby this is murray not mj so why talk **** bout mj damn i swear people are obsessed wit mj haters and lovers go mj u are unbreakable and untouchable **** the press ur the best love u its all for love <3

1213 days ago

nici miller    

wow dumbo is he trying to be at disney cuz mj loves disney or is it just apart of this so called death hoax everythang is weird as hell the jackson says he just a fall guy and fall guy means someone to get blamed basically cuz theres other stuff behind this i wanna kno the troot" lol the truth will come out like the jacksons said (out of all rides dumbo murray wow lol)

1213 days ago


well murray is accused of giving mj enough drugs to kill an elephant , may be that why dumbo eyes are rolling up in his head..
i see he brought his toddler with sweet....must be hitting the nudie bars after the press is gone..

1213 days ago


Enjoy your time in dumbo land. you propofol killer. Soon justice will be served and hopefully you will never see the light of day again.God is in control.

1213 days ago


MJ's ghost has taken over his body. Next thing he'll start climb trees and bleaching he self

1213 days ago


redman21 17 minutes ago

I hate that ****ing doctor Conrad Murray he can go to hell when he die he is a ****ing murder got his stupid ass at Disneyland" he know he murder Michael Jackson he need to tell the truth


Innocent until proven guilty. Maybe Murry is right and MJ shot he self with propofol.

1213 days ago


Pearl Jr about an hour ago

How many of you are still beLIEving in this death hoax of Michael Jackson?? Come on, take a peak and watch the dvd do***entary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

It will blow your mind, I promise you that!

MichaelJacksonInsider com

Will Michael Jackson be Oprah's last guest?

i am wondering if this person could be working for oprah winfrey because she always uses Michael name to boost her ratings.
oprah winfrey treated Michael Jackson like dirt ...
it would take mj rising from the dead to get me to watch her show and that is NOT going to be happening.

1213 days ago


Was he alone, or does this guy have kids?

And is this a photo caption contest, cause this pic is all kinds of funny.

1213 days ago


He really has the look of a guilty man. If I were him, and I had been even partially responsible for what he's accused of, whether the person was famous or not, I highly doubt I'd be able to go out in public, where I knew I was being watched constantly, having a grand old time in one of the most well known amusement parks on the planet. What a fool! Does he really think that the jury isn't going to see pics like this and have their opinions affected? I don't believe his b.s. for a second!

1213 days ago
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