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Ex-KISS Guitarist -- Blood, Cuts, and 4 Dead Dogs

5/23/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former KISS guitarist Vincent Cusano -- aka Vinnie Vincent -- allegedly smacked his wife in the face and dragged her through a pile of broken glass on the night he was arrested ... and when cops arrived to the house, they found 4 dead dogs at the scene ... this according to law enforcement.


The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ ... on May 22, Vincent's wife, Diane, arrived to the Sheriff's Office "covered in blood" and reeking of alcohol.

Cops say 44-year-old Diane told the officers how she had just escaped from the couple's Tennessee home ... after Vincent "smacked her in the face" following an argument about a "female subject [Vincent] was talking to." She says Vincent then "grabbed her by the hair and threw her down to the ground."

Diane says Vincent then "dragged her through a pile of glass from a broken plate that had been on the floor since before the argument had started."

Diane told police she tried to get away -- but 58-year-old Vincent threw her to the ground 4 more times. She eventually escaped and drove herself to the station.

Cops dispatched officers to the home -- where they found Vincent and "four sealed containers containing deceased dogs."

Diane told the cops .... the dogs had been "killed by one of their aggressive dogs."

Vincent was eventually arrested and booked for aggravated domestic assault -- and his bond was set at $10,000.  TMZ obtained his mug shot, pictured above.

An animal service team was contacted to look into the dead dog situation.


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That;s Crazy !!Remember There Are 3 Sides To a Story !!! He;s An Awesome Musician/Song Writer !! Don;t Judge So Quickly !!! Make Some More Music VV!!! God Bless !!!

1258 days ago


What a violent POS. The douche better get charged for the dog fighting as well. He looks like the mother-in-law in Steele Magnolias.

1258 days ago


Well, that's rock and roll for you - cretinous delinquents with no regard for life or even their own dignity. He's 58? I hope AARP revokes his card and those of any s*** like him.

1258 days ago


If this wacko killed those dogs he needs PETA on his back - in a hurry!!! What a freakin' disgusting F R E A K !!!!!

1258 days ago


he wasn't talking to another woman, he was talking to the mirror!

1258 days ago


People should be more outraged about what has happened to the dogs in this situation - he is obviously either beating them himself or conducting dog fights. Only a truly EVIL person could do this, and they DO NOT get enough time in prison for their crimes!

1258 days ago


@jiponica - You don't know that either of those things happened. Dogs do kill other dogs, you know? Dogs will eat the unweaned puppies of other dogs. And they don't give a damn. It might not even have been his dog that killed the other four, but a dog that got into his yard.

How about you wait until there are more facts before you decide to take him out and lynch him for animal cruelty?

1258 days ago


Vinnie is a fantastic guitarist & songwriter, that wrote some of KISS's best songs. Hopefully thing will come together for him..

1258 days ago


For people who think the mugshot is the wife..................It's actually not. As a major kiss fan i can tell you THAT IS vinnie vincent. I've seen him many times without the makeup. He has never looked this bad though. He looks like a ****ed up thinner roseanne barr at 75. Most kiss fans haven't seen him in the past 10 years.

1258 days ago

It's Me    

Dude is almost 60 years old and dyes his hair jet black. Get a clue- you look like a BUFFOON. You beat your wife and the cops find 4 dead dogs in concealed containers?? Yeah, I'm SUUUUUUURE they died at the hands of another dog. This guy needs to be locked up.

1258 days ago


are you seriously telling me that thing is a man? Whatever it is, it Straight up looks like a woman, or Tranny!

1258 days ago


Are you telling me that is a Man? that thing straight up looks like a Woman, or a tranny...

1258 days ago


Lock him up. Loser trash!

1258 days ago


In reply to "IT'S ME" , he does not dye his hair,that is the same wig he is using since 1992 , i mean THE SAME wig there is acomparison pic on some message boards

1258 days ago


God, Cusano is one FUGLY P.O.S. wife-beatin' dog murdered. Spackle the make-up back on, please.

He ended up in Tennessee? - wow, how the famous do fall.

1258 days ago
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