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Michelle & Barack Obama Chug Through Ireland

5/23/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama engaged in some high priority business while in Ireland on Monday ... downing pints of Guinness at a pub.


The Prez visited the Irish town of Moneygall -- the home of his great-great-great grandfather. 

After leading the bar in a toast ... the president plunked down some cash and told the bar tender, "I just want you to know that the President pays his bar tab ... that's how we do things."

Hopefully, he left a good tip.


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I'm so sick of seeing the President constantly on vacation. Hey newsflash Obama...your country just suffered another devastating Tornado. Why don't you make an appearance and at least try to look concerned. The phone call from out of the country is another one of your slaps face to the face of Americans.

1196 days ago


he will be re-elected in 2012, as most americans are reasonable people who do not hate and they understand how complex the problems are to solve. here's to you, prez.

1196 days ago


That is one ugly picture of the couple ! ! !

1196 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

Just google -"Trips made by President Obama", it will astound you.
And that's just his trips never mind the trips his fat a$$ ole lady takes on here own. He has such a huge ego that when he skips
down the stairs of Air Force 1 he wants the whole world to think
he is God, My a$$ he is. What a jerk.

1196 days ago


@IamBobo your an idiot. the pint was poured out in the ****ing pub LIVE on national television.

@Steinberg that "medallion" hanging from his neck is the lord mayors official chain a badge it shows hes the..DUH..lord mayor. its an official thing he has to wear. and the majority of the people in that pub are yes working class. just because people made an effort to wear suits (even the barman) doesnt mean they are pretentious bastards. this was a great day, good laugh. better than when the queen came over.

1196 days ago


Look, it's "Irish Jam II."

1196 days ago

Pound Sand    

2012 cannot get here soon enough!!!!!

1196 days ago


why is everyone saying he's on vacation? He stopped over in Ireland for less than 12 hours, then on to a 2 day state visit to England and then attending the G8 summit in France... where were all of you complaining when Bush came to Ireland for a photo op?

1196 days ago


Nothing draws the loons like an Obama story. 6 pages of comments and 90% have something negative to say about him. It is sad and heartbreaking to witness how many Americans are incredibly uneducated and ignorant. Google "President Bush Resume" If you want to see how great the favorite President of the loons was.

In other news... watch this one photo and story generate at least three or four more stories. There will be a witness who said "he paid for the beer, but left no tip" then there will be a story about how the President was told tipping is not customary outside the U.S. so he was just being respectful of Ireland's customs. Then there will be an eye witness who will claim he laid American money on the bar with a followup that American money is worthless in Ireland, but they didn't want to complain to the President, so they just accepted it.

Media is in a serious downward spiral.

1196 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

@Kareemnyc- I take it your not voting for Obama in 2012. I know I'm not.

1196 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

why do they look so Angry?? and every one else around them are smiling, Weird!!

1196 days ago


Geezuz, it's a PR event people! The irish want to show him a good time. I'm sure he would prefer a relaxing night at home with his kids.
The First Lady's hair looks nice like that.

1196 days ago


I will say one thing... He use to be caring about the low and middle class and stuff, but that feeling probably dwindled away with success and becoming spoiled.. They definitely don't feel the same way anymore... Thats just how it goes. He's probably all limited too. "stop reverse robin hood" and "Where are the jobs?"

Having no money sucks, Remember?

1196 days ago

dawn szachon    

Why is it that every picture I see of these people now they both have this clinched mouth pissed off smirk on their faces.... like they about to tell the American people #%#^ off or something.... they are constantly scowling ..... they hate us... it is so obvious.they hate everything about colonialism..... you dems and whoevrput this guy in office must feel so stupid for buying the pr hype that SAID NOTHING AND EXPLAINED NOTHING.... HOPE CHANGE HOPE CHANGE.... I could never get anyone to tell me what the change meant.... no one knew... now we live with this obamanation lording over us.....

1196 days ago


Lopez, you twerp.

The President and his wife, singularly or collectively, DID NOT "down(ing) pints of Guinness at a pub." as you stated in your crummy piece.

You don't have the photos and you can't prove it. They "tasted" Guinness at the pub but they did not drink more than 16 ozs. Either take the "s" off of the word "pints" and continue to spread lies.

Typical TMZ carelessness.

1196 days ago
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