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Dodger Beating Suspect -- I Was Babysitting

5/24/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of beating a San Francisco Giants fan to a pulp at Dodger Stadium says he was doing domestic stuff at the time of the incident -- babysitting his young daughter and another child.

Giovanni Ramirez

Giovanni Ramirez -- who was arrested Sunday for allegedly beating Bryan Stow so badly he suffered brain damage -- claims he was at home with the girl and, as we previously reported, has 3 alibi witnesses to prove it ... so says his lawyer, Chip Matthews.

The 3 alibi witnesses are his ex-girlfriend, who left Ramirez at the apartment to go to the game, along with 2 friends.  Interestingly, the ex-girlfriend is a suspect in the case -- cops believe she may have been the getaway driver.

Matthews tells TMZ ... there are several pictures of the group at Dodger Stadium and Ramirez is not in any of the photos. 

And, a source familiar with the case tells TMZ, Ramirez had a highly-visible tattoo removed from his neck after the incident, and cops believe it shows a guilty state of mind so he couldn't be ID'd.  But Ramirez says he removed the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's lips because his new girlfriend didn't like it.

Attorney Matthews adds ...  Ramirez is covered in tattoos so removing one wouldn't make a difference.

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I am pretty sure MsMe drove the get-away car and probably helped in any other way possible. And I'm not going to argue with you, but you're probably some 20 year old latin piece of trash, that is in a gang, and is ONLY defending this guy because he's of your race. Some tips: Re-try 6th grade, especially grammer classes and stop hanging out with gangbangers.

1193 days ago


Several things come to mind. One is that this guy has had almost two months to work on an alibi. The second is, his witnesses do not place him at home at the time of the game, as they were at the game themselves. It's entirely possible that he went to the game with the other suspect, separately.

Thirdly, if there are digital photos of the day in question, they prove nothing by not having the suspect in them. But the card should be impounded and any erased content retrieved.

Lastly, if he tried to cover the tattoo that was the identifying mark, somebody had to put the new ink over it. Whoever that somebody is knows what was there before, and obviously Ramirez knows who did his new tattoo. This person would have to be complicit as well, if this is a fake story that they're trying to hold together.

There's always an outside shot that this isn't the guy, but all of these people would have an interest in lying if they have been knowingly protecting this suspect. It would be a lot more convincing if his alibi was provided by other individuals not directly connected. Also, if he was supposed to be watching this little kid but the alibi is a lie, somebody had to be with the child ..

1193 days ago

little dum- dum    

yeah tim, looks like a real sweetheart.

this story pisses me off so much, im a giants fan in LA and people asked if i was going to opening day. stock answer "no, someones gonna die this year"

im mexican and this stuff just gets to me because its embarassing. the apologists are pathetic too.

sorry but mijo is guilty

1193 days ago

Mighty Mike    


Let me get this straight (and by the way, I saw the real photo of him, not the phony one of the dude in ARIZONA with the same name. I saw it before it was taken down. DEAD RINGER. That is a tear tattoo, BTW, not a mole. Amongst gang members it's a warning that they have killed as you well know. To us it means they've served time or lost someone close to them).

Back to the point... So Giovanni decided on opening day vs. The World Series Champions and rivals SF Giants to NOT go to the game. Instead, (lol), instead he decides to let his girlfriend and her friends go to the game and he'll babysit for them instead. REALLY????!!! I have 4 kids and I wouldn't even do that. I'll babysit tomorrow, I'm going to this important game and celebrating with my friends!!! or homies in his case. And I'm an upstanding citizen, father, husband and friend with NO PRIORS!

But, he decided to be such a good guy that he is and forgoe the game and let 3 women go instead, while he spends his night watching a bunch of screaming kids?

Good luck with that one. He's gonna need more money and better lawyers than this joker.

1193 days ago

Stow beat his wife    

How come nobody in here wants to talk about the fact that thier Hero Brian Stow has a history of spousal abuse? HE BEAT HIS WIFE!!! GOOGLE IT!!

1193 days ago


I have Googled that accusation, regarding Stow .. and the only place I can find it appearing is as an individual comment, made repeatedly by the same person at different new sites. Nowhere does it appear as a validated article. Would seem someone has an axe to grind, even with a guy in such an unenviable state.

1193 days ago

Tim S.    

There is absolutely no excuse for spousal abuse and he should have been held responsible for it. But I doubt he and his friend sucker punched her and kicked her until she went into a coma. If Bryan did put her in a coma I would want him hanged just like I want holmes to hang.

1193 days ago

todd lee    

it doesnt matter if he did it or not....if you are a ex convict and a gang mamber covered in tattoos, you are guilty no matter what? no one is going to believe a word you say and you lose...PERIOD!!

did he do it? who knows, i wasnt there!!

put me on a jury and im gonna say hes guilty.

1193 days ago


Why would you people expect this POS to "man up an take responsibility"? He beat a man sensless for weaing a shirt he didn't like. He is an uneducated, POS ghetto gangbanger.

Mr. Stowe is now brain damaged because of you and your two friends. Mr. Stowe is a paramedic and if YOU were beaten up and lying bleeding in the street he would render you medical aid.

And to the stupid Los Angeles news reporter who said the police chief "choked up" when he was holding the news conference after this POS has been arrested: the chief DID NOT "choke up", he was CLEARING HIS THROAT you dumbazz moron. I watched the entire new conference twice. Gheesh...no wonder the cops hate you idiot newspeople.

1193 days ago


Hey MsMe: You seem to know a whole lot about this.

Yeah, I guess you are correct. This upstanding citizen was just arrested and accused of a crime he didn't commit.

Hellz, his own probation officer turned his sorry azz in. Rot in prison azz hole.

1193 days ago


you are all so wrong.....stop going off what the news reports...they don't always give correct information. Funny how stories get twisted. Sammy....they have no solid evidence that he did this. When the beating happened, Ramirez, along with many other guys out there on parole were called in for a mandatory check-in, he went (7 weeks ago) and there was no reason to believe it was him, mind you sketches had already been advertised. But now all of a sudden he gets a tat on his neck and oh! that's a sign! please! Get real! If you want to go of the sketch, Ramirez does not look like that guy...his features are more distinct. As Tod Lee said, he's guilty just based on his appearance and record. That is not justice. He didn't do it and the LAPD should get the real suspects...they deserve punishment for this crime, not an innocent man who wasn't even at the game!

1193 days ago


Dumbasses . The press already RELEASED the jerk's photo and were ASKed/ TOLD to take it down by the LApD so.....get yur facts straight.

So much for freedom of the press.

Another right bites the dust and you people are OBLIVIOUS to it.

This fiasco is being brought to you by LA Freeloading MAYOR VIA MUCOSO

1193 days ago


Mighty Mike...you don't know anything about me, so keep your comments to yourself. I can sit here and bad mouth you, insult you, call you names, we all can do that, as many of you are doing it already, but the TRUTH IS, you have no idea who I am and know absolutely nothing about me. So you can say whatever you like, you're just talking because you can. Funny how you would know that MS is for that gang. My name was Ms. Me as in "miss me" but of course you are quick to jump on anything that you can, I feel bad for you, I truly do. And I will be sure to pray for you as well as you need all that hate to be removed from your heart and mind.

1193 days ago


do you really think the police are going to just pick up someone for lack of anything better to do? they have evidence. they know everyone is watching and are being cautious to make sure everything is done right. they wouldn't have picked this guy up w/out reason. and how do we know msme isn't really this guys mom? she was on tv spouting the same nonsense this morning about her son being innocent and he would never ever hurt anyone because that's not the type of person he is. yeah.........and his rap sheet is HOW LONG????????

1193 days ago


Dodgers fans of today, is why Ill never go see them play!

1193 days ago
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