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Arnold In Idaho -- Two-Tired to Face Reality

5/25/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a much needed break from L.A. this morning -- riding out the storm in quiet Ketchum, Idaho ... on a bicycle.

The former Governor of California is really spinning his wheels.

FYI -- Ketchum is the city where Ernest Hemingway committed suicide back in 1961.


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My Little Girls    

Well, this piece of work is going to have a real eye opener when she realizes that she's not going to be getting one single dime from Arnold. This so called lady.... if this is what you can call her, lost her chance when she didn't correct the birth certificate before the two years after the birth.
The maids husband and Maria both have the grounds to sue for alienation of affection because of the behavior of both their spouses.
Maria is very wealthy herself but just on general principle, I'd try and take Arnold for every cent I could because of his actions. When a friend and an employee of the family can enter the bed of her boss when his wife leaves the house, it tells you exactly how despicable and low class these people really are....
In my opinion, this was a complete set-up from the beginning with regards to the maid. She knew if she got pregnant she would hit the Jackpot except she wasn't smart enough to understand she signed her own husband as father of the child and he's got the legal power and not Arnold. He can prove she lied and misrepresented the child as his all those years and he can get custody and leave the Country. Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake.

As far as the daughter is concerned, I feel she knew all along that this child was Arnold's. She was just reaping the benefits that her own Mother was getting. These are my opinions only..
Think about it.... this whole thing stinks to high heavens.

Furthermore, Mildred aka Patty Melt looks an awful lot like Octomom. Considering Octomom is in such a financial mess right now, maybe she could move to Bakersfield and have the gated community she always dream of... two pea's in a pod.

Mildred, you lost out to the LA Times because every news paper in the nation has printed what you've done and what your all about. It doesn't look like their is going to be much of a pay day for you after all.

ET is also off the hook.. California law is however is listed on the Birth Certificate is legally the father.

OOPS... you missed the boat Mildred...

1241 days ago


Arnold needs to consult his lawyer and give Maria and the kids anything they want. He has caused all this pain to his family and they deserve a quick resolution to this embarrassing situation.
Personally I think Maria knew all along but was sidetracked by the deaths of her parents. Media needs to respect their privacy because of the kids.

1240 days ago


Clinton did it, and no one cared, why all the sudden are all the moral compasses spinning around.

1240 days ago


Leave the guy alone... He's got problems just like everyone else! I've yet to meet Mr. or Ms. Perfect!!

1240 days ago
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