Arnold's CHP Guards SHOOT Down Cover-Up Talk

5/25/2011 11:00 AM PDT

Arnold Schwarzenegger's CHP Guards SHOOT Down Cover Up Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger's California Highway Patrol guards are coming out swinging for their former boss -- denying a report CHP officers helped cover-up his extramarital affairs ... TMZ has learned.

Retired CHP Sergeant Mark Hammond -- who was with Arnold constantly for 7 years -- says, "I can say without a shadow of a doubt as a supervisor of his protective detail that at no time did I see Governor Schwarzenegger say or do anything that could be deemed inappropriate."

Hammond goes on to say, "As a supervisor, if anything had occurred, I would have been notified, even if it was technically off the record on his private time."

Retired CHP officer Manny Trevino also denies the cover-up allegations ... saying, "I never witnessed the Governor acting in a less than honorable manner."

Schwarzenegger has hired pitbull attorney Marty Singer who says his client "will take responsibility for his actions and deserves the public and media criticism" -- but also says the CHP cover-up story is completely fabricated.