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Christina Hendricks


5/25/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just days after Christina Hendricks declared that her boobs are "obviously real" ... the "Mad Men" star jammed them into a bathing suit and flaunted them at a resort in Italy yesterday.


Does a body good.


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That’s a very unflattering photo. Her pale skin against that black makes her look sick. And it looks like she’s stuffing herself into. . .whatever that is she’s stuffing herself into.

1245 days ago


big boobs usually means big azzz!!!!! that's natures way of balancing her body....obviously real

1245 days ago


She is a stunning lady, I think the picture isn't taken from the best angle. Her arms are fairly slender. She is very curvey and her breasts could well be real. I went from fairly flat to huge when I gained weight (unfortunately for me I gained way too much weight but I'm losing slow and safely now)

To the person who said she is 100 pounds over weight - get a life and an understanding of healthy body weights. I am around 100 pounds over weight and she would look like a stick insect next to me. She is heavy by Hollywood standards but not medically obese, probably a little heavier than optimum but not to the point it would effect her health.

1245 days ago


She is more voluptuous here than in that playboy article.
Of course her boobs are going to get bigger if she's gained some weight, that doesn't mean they are fake.
She's still hot neverless.
People need to stop hating.

1245 days ago


I don't know what she's flaunting... she's FAT!

1245 days ago


she is just a woman. We come in all shapes and sizes. Why do your comments have to be so ignorant. I think she has a beautiful body.

1245 days ago


I actually don't even know who she is, but I think it's sad that so many people are this over weight. Don't they realize these are the best years of their lives and they are not going to be very comfortable as they get older and won't be able to do much at all. If you are 50-100 lbs over weight when your still in you 30's and 40's, if not 20's you are in for a long hard life. GL with you health problems, because they are comming.

1245 days ago


Another overrated bitch that got very very lucky. Hope you are enjoying your fame, I doubt it will last. I can think of 50 gorgeous women off the top of my head and she's not in that list. Also, after seeing her pics all over the'd think big boobs are some novelty. So the f*ck what? Big tits are all over the place and I've seen much prettier perkier ones. She needs to get to the dentist and get a cleaning though. Yellow gross teeth are such a turnoff, no matter what size your enormous taters are. LOL
she is so gross. Sorry, my opinion. Gross and overrated. I hope she gets a tan, that white fish belly skin is gross too. YUCK

1245 days ago


Fake? If you can touch them they are real! To bad I will never get to touch them :(

1245 days ago


EWWWWWW!! I am sorry but pasty cow is NOT sexy! Who the HELL ever declared her the hottest female in Hollywood?? Jesus H! She should not even be up for consideration for the list!! I thought that before she gained another 40 lbs!

1245 days ago


Christina Hendricks is smoking hot. The people criticizing her looks are either catty women or men who do not find women sexually attractive.

1245 days ago


Kevin; apparently illiterate is the new normal. Learn to spell.

Also: now that REAL women are being featured on TV and in movies, HERE COMES THE BACKLASH! blah blah anorexia blah blah fat. Shut up.

1245 days ago


Good for her! I'm about her size and I could never do that in public. In my opinion, there are things people just don't need to see and my big ass in a swim suit is one of them lol

1245 days ago


What dummy photoshopped her ass crack onto her chest.

1245 days ago


She has a set of thighs to match those "real" breasts.

1245 days ago
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