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Christina Hendricks


5/25/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just days after Christina Hendricks declared that her boobs are "obviously real" ... the "Mad Men" star jammed them into a bathing suit and flaunted them at a resort in Italy yesterday.


Does a body good.


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I thought the boobs were fake - but now I see those huge thighs, I'm starting to wonder.

1213 days ago


where is her stylist????

1213 days ago


Going by the picture her boobs are real. She has that natural slant from her collar bones to the top of her boobs. Women with implants always have that "circle" look at the top of their boobs.

Implants always look like someone cut a basketball or a grapefruit in half and stuck the halves under the skin on their chest. lol.

When you look at woman's boobs and you see the "circle" look going on...nine times out of 10 it's an implant ESPECIALLY if they go from small to very, very large.

1213 days ago


Big girl, those Big Macs are addicting, but it looks good on her.

1213 days ago

Shanan Li    

WOW--the white Micelle Obama.

1213 days ago


Her boobs obviously aren't the only things she jammed into her clothes that day.

1213 days ago

Myself and I    

She looks wonderful. Spew hate all you want because I bet she could care less what you think. Most of you are jealous because you could never be near as hot as she is.

1213 days ago


@The Truth

100lbs? So, say she weighs 180lbs (at most), are you saying you find 80lb, 5'6 women attractive? Are you sure its women you like and not little girls?


1213 days ago

Different Rules Apply

They are absolutely fake - who is she kidding?? Gaining weight does not add THAT much to your girls..

1213 days ago


In europe and 30 years ago in the US this whale would be called what she is, obese, fat etc...but now that America has fattened up this is the new norm. Fat women will say "she looks great!" "she is a real woman!" so they can feel better about themselves. And if anyone doesnt like fat obese women its because they like "little girls" or "dont want a real woman". Yeah, whatever makes you feel better lardass...

1213 days ago


She is perfection. Wow

1213 days ago


And yet Jenny, in Europe obesity is just as much as an epidemic in many countries other than the U.S.A. Please tell me how you are a healthy 80lb woman. That would be fantastic to hear. The ideal body is an evolving idea that changes from country to country, culture to culture, and time period to time period. Christina Hendricks is not obese, she is overweight, obviously. What's the best part of this whole thing? That no matter what Jenny, Christina Hendricks is more beautiful, has more talent, does more good in the world, and has more money than you ever will have. She could hire trainers and lose 30lbs, you on the other hand will always need to find faults in others to make yourself feel better. Ugly inside, ugly out I'd reckon.

1213 days ago


I don't even think that's her!

1213 days ago

Jersey Dave    

All the people who call her "fat" don't know a woman when they see one. She's a doll, and the fact she has woman's thighs makes her claim her boobs are natural all the more believable. Women are supposed to look like an hourglass and not a toothpick. She's gorgeous, love her.

1213 days ago


As the weigh goes up the personal grooming and hygiene goes down like a gallon of hagen daz.

1213 days ago
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