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Willow and Jaden Smith

Mentoring MJ's Kids

5/25/2011 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaden and Willow Smith didn't just bump into MJ's kids on a movie set in L.A. yesterday -- TMZ has learned, it was all set up by Katherine Jackson ... to help nudge her grandchildren in a positive direction.

Sources close to Katherine tell TMZ, she believes the Smith children are prime examples of young success in Hollywood -- both extremely talented and down-to-earth -- and thinks Prince, Paris, and Blanket could learn a lot from them.

According to sources, Katherine wants to surround her grandchildren with role models like Jaden and Willow -- so she set up the meet-and-greet ... and we're told, the kids got along like a house on fire.

Katherine wants Michael's kids to enjoy their childhood -- and is actively encouraging them to become involved in all kinds of activities ... including acting.


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Captain Obvious    

positive to make them some money you mean, give me a break! They are no better than those pageant kids moms.

1212 days ago


The Kids just beeing Kids there hanging out with other kids !!Whats wrong with that ??

1212 days ago


Wow I can not believe how rude some of you are. These are children we are talking about. They did not chose who they were being raised by.By the way for those of you commenting on Blanket's hair how is it any of your business when you dont know the back story to it. Michael liked his sons hair being long and so ever since he passed away. Katherine(MJs) mom said that he(Blanket) refuses to cut his hair.

1211 days ago


Ok so I have been reading some of these comments and many seem mad at what katherine(MJs mom) is doing by pushing Michael's children to these meetings. Michael Jackson did say many times that he would never force his children into show business. But if they wanted to too he would make them understand what they will be getting themselves into. When Michael was alive he was asked about his children and if they were taking any interest into the entertainemnt industry. Well, he said his oldest son Prince wants to be a director and was alwasy shooting movies around the house. His daughter wanted to become an actress and would act around when her brother would be filming. Both his children showed an interest in the film industry. Also before Michael passed a UCLA film professor would come to their house and teach MJ's children about the industry and directing/film. As as far as I know Michael always had a love of film. If I am not wrong that was another thing he wanted to focus on once the concerts were over. So that being said I don't think that Michaels mother is forcing his children into show business but providing them with opportunities so that they can experience how things work if they were to get into directing or acting in hollywood. I don't recall Michael ever mentioning anything about what Blanket talked about wanting to do other than wanting to be like his father.He is still very young but maybe he decided that he wants to be like his big brother and sister who knows. I just honestly wish his children the best Michael trusted his mother and loved her that is why he wanted his children to be raised by here if he was no longer here. His children seem down to Earth and well mannered i am sure they will not forget their beloved father and what he taught them. I just hope they will grow strong and stay away from the wrong crowds.

1211 days ago

Khate sucks    

I guess Katherine NEEDS MORE MONEY! I doubt MJ would want his kids in the spot light like this!

1211 days ago


Great videos as always Phantom.

It's great to see MJ3 smiling and carrying on with other kids. The one thing that I hope doesn't happen to them is being pushed into show business at a early age. I hope they get to decide if and when they want to join the entertainment world. They seem like very well mannered kids on every interview we have seem them on. Michael raised them right. I am sure they would give anything to have him alive and with them. I know how the fans feel loosing him, I can not even imagine how those kids feel. If we could only turn back time.

rip mj

1211 days ago


Hi Kim:

I am with you on that! I honestly do pray that the kids will take their time and choose carefully what it is they would like to do in life - such as become doctors or lawyers or whatever. Without the influence, pressure or anything from family and that to go into show business. I realize that the family is in the Entertainment business - but that does not mean that the kids have to go that route. In any event, I do hope that the kids will explore other avenues that interest them to see if it is what they would want to do in their life.

1211 days ago


janalal4 1 day ago

At this rate she will have her little 'performing circus bears' trained & raking in the cash in no time!


People keep failing to realize that the Smith kids were not only born into fame and fortune, but also into talent, unlike MJ's kids. Because unfortunately, they are not his biologically. MJ's kids should just focus on their academic studies for now. The oldest two do seem to have inherited some traits from their fathers. Like Prince 1 seems to be more academically inclined, whereas, Paris seems to be more artistically inclined. And we don't know about Blanket, since his whole existence is a mystery. Nevertheless, had'nt them children been into Michael Jackson's name, we would'nt even know of them by way of any talent of their own. Even when Michael was alive, the media was'nt so much interested in them as they were in Michael Jackson himself.

1211 days ago


AMEN... on that poltergeist

1211 days ago


I like to share something with you all. This morning I went to work at the airport.I got out of the Employee Van at 11 Am and a Dove was sitting on top of the Airpot roof on the ledge. The Dove held a little twig in this beak. I was about to walk under the roof when the Dove dropped that tiny twig right in front of my Feet. I looked to the Dove and said out loud "How cute." I dearly love Animals and have a sort of Love for all of them, but can any of you tell me what that means ???Thank you, Eleonora.

1210 days ago
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