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Kim Kardashian's

Engagement Ring


5/25/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring is worth almost HALF as much as her Beverly Hills mansion ... sources close to the diamond tell TMZ the rock is valued at $2 MILLION!!!!!!

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring
The ring -- designed by Lorraine Schwartz -- features a 16.5 carat emerald cut center stone flanked by two 2-carat trapezoids ... for a grand total of 20.5 carats. 

We're told the stones are all "the highest clarity and color."

So, we gotta ask ... 


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No Avatar


Whoever is telling TMZ what the ring cost (the designer?) obviously thought the public would be impressed at this major bling, equating it with devotion and success.

Wrong. It just looks like conspicuous overconsumption.

1250 days ago


I wish Kim every happiness in the world but isn't this a bit soon for an engagement? What is the rush? They have not been going out long have they? I mean for God's sake, get to know each other for a year or 2 before you say I DO.
Please guys, don't rush to get married, it pays to take it slow. Just a year so you can really know each other. Much happiness & love to both.

1250 days ago


I bet if Lindsay Lohan was steal that ring Shawn Chapman Holly would be able to prove the ring is less than 950.00 dollars.

1250 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

great investment: if you want a shallow link to celebrity

bad investment: if you want a real mother of your kids

1250 days ago


If he is drinking the milk, why in the hell buy the cow and at a so expensive price? By the way sign a prenup m o r o n!

1250 days ago


Wear a rubber dude. You've just landed the ultimate dream killer

1250 days ago


I am sure starving people across the world are so excited about that! NOT! Whatever....

1250 days ago


people sometimes need to date a while to find the right person.....anyhow how long did it take any of you to get there.....i am still waiting on the right guy and i am 29......dont judge peeps you dont know....you may see her reality show but she is very successful and generous.....i think she can do what she wants...about the sex tape, oh F N well....some of you act as though your innocent...when you know your not.....dont judge....it was sopposed to be comments...hell be happy she is finally settling down....she did nothing to you...so get over it.....

1250 days ago


Wow...all that money for a ring when thousands of people hit by these storms have lots everything. They could so much more good with that money.

1250 days ago

Throwback kid    

Poor guy! How could anyone marry the sloppy seconds of a ghetto piece of trash like Ray J! Yuck.

1250 days ago


What a waste of money. How about getting her a $500,000 ring (which is still a nice amount to spend) and send the rest of the money to Joplin, MO.

1250 days ago


THIS MAKES ME SICK! People are dying in tornados, (starving, lost loved ones, lost EVERYTHING dear to them) and this HO needs a 2 million dollar ring?

I have LOST all respect for this plastic C&NT, media WHORE! Enjoy pissing on your new wife Kris - we know she loves golden showers and showing the world....

1250 days ago


I don't know who's dumber. Her for thinking he really loves her, or him for being with her at all. He's only with her to up his career that's a no brainer. Also I would say Kim has seen more "NUT'S" then a Snickers bar.

1250 days ago


Sounds like big Kris sold his soul to the E network and Mamma. He didn't pay a dime for that ring. I didn't think it was possible to find someone uglier than Lamar but she managed to do it in record time. Love how she always overstates how long she's been with her current BF. She must be converting weeks to months.

She's been desperate to one-up Khloe ever since Khloe eclipsed her in popularity. She must hate the fact that Khloe is also in what seems to be a happy marriage while she's been ricocheting off of sports figures every week who give her the half day special.

1250 days ago

Los Angeles    

Classless...just PURE trash...better hope someone does not chop off your finger Kim. The investment would have done a charity alot. Enjoy being all about YOU. BARF.

1250 days ago
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