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Ronnie MOCKS Situation -- How Ya Like Them Abs?

5/25/2011 9:29 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

As if kickin' Situation's ass wasn't bad enough, Ronnie then mocked him by stealing his trademark d-bag move of lifting his shirt and flashing his abs to fans on the street in Italy yesterday.


As TMZ reported yesterday, Ronnie beat up The Situation the other day -- leaving Sitch with red marks all over his face and left eye.

GTL now stands for gym, tan, laugh at Sitch.


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They're all a bunch of doofs. Moronic, infantile, narcissistic doofs.

1249 days ago


I assume these little boys are famous for something, Right?

1249 days ago


I pray to god the entire cast loses their passports and get stuck in Italy FOREVER!. **** them!.

1249 days ago


The Confrontation will kick Ronnies butt!

1249 days ago


I read the first 40 comments or so and then skipped too the recent ones to scream out my point and see if the conversation developed or not. I'm glad it did. How obvious.. really

It's scripted. I mean all the coverage and cheap make up. (the whole fight with his pops same thing). It's funny how people fall for this ****

They have to build it up this way because these non-Italians have fallen way short.Nobody really likes them.They should of quit after gettin to Miami and nobody cared

1249 days ago


These losers kill brain cells with every step they take. And Ronnie, well he has the typical d-bag steroid physique - all upper body and no legs.

1249 days ago


I would love to see these "Guidos" say something sarcastic to someone in a bar or club, or hit on a certain woman, while in Italy who turns out to have deep mob ties. I'm not talking American mob family ties, I mean the real old school Italian mafiosi. Then we'll see how tough these Jersey d-bags really are for real.

For the record, I honestly tried to watch an episode of this "show", but barely made it to the 2nd commercial break. I actually felt my brain begin to collapse in on itself.

1249 days ago

Throwback kid    

Pauley D sounds like a cool guy, but he is in his early 30's and dresses like Justin Bieber. Isn't it time for this clown to grow up?

1249 days ago


Shemp, Moe, & Larry

1249 days ago

Oh no!    

All three of them need a Midol and a pad.

1249 days ago


TMZ was on the nuts of The Situation when he was in the studio and now they're laughing cause' he has a carpet burn on his face?

1249 days ago

Captain Obvious    

..personally I think they're actually flirting with each other. :D

1249 days ago


What-ever.....M.E.N.! what do u know?so many of you said retarted things,i think your just jelous,of them,not only they are getting rich...;they are watched,& veiwed,by many many woman,and {MOST} think they are good looking,some may not on all,but thats 2 each their own,i myself think they are really cute,with my favorite being RONNIE' {and i'm not even his or probually your age,im a little bit ahead of you,some of my age,would consider this 2 be a show 4 their,young teens-aldults,2 be watching.but whos 2 say how old you gotta be,& know what looks good !? i think all these kids do a great job,a AT LEAST THEY'RE WORKING' which is more than i more then likley say about most of you,i know your type all 2 well,i've seen it . who ever said that the girls should just go back & crawl back under the rocks they came from.!i say' u must be from same place huh? how would u know other-wise where their from?DUMB BITCH!!and mr.dawg; u said stupid people fell 4 this,sounds like u did 2,if u seen it &took time 2 right,=)ha-idot. and bippy;what kind of name is tha,where do u come from??MR. Wheels a deal; u say we watch them 4 the same reason we watched Jerry Springer,u said 2 make feel better about our selves,your a nerd,retard;u must like putting others down,do u even know how & when Jerry got his start? it wasnt anything like it became.always good but 2 very differnt styles.'JIMMY'{jim}boy,u call them little boys,well i can call u small 4 having 2 put people down because they have what u CANT have, so 'BOO-HOO!!your no match to them,i'll bet each and everyone are more of a man than u, even the girls'{more of a man}i gotta go,either u get into them or u dont,if u dont then dont wine,and cry about about it!! just dont watch,i'm sure its not going 2 hurt any ones feelings,and 4 the little girls who dont like them u 2 can look the other way,better yet...GO...F---K !!!yourselfs

1249 days ago


Wow haterville to its fullest here!!!! I bet your all ugly insecure fatties bored with nothin better to do in life!

1248 days ago


You all are haters!!1 They're getting paid to be themselves!!!
Im glad Ronnie beat him up... Hes a snitch, pansy boy!

1248 days ago
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