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Alleged Baby Killer Casey Anthony -- The $68,000 Bill

5/26/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Accused child murderer Casey Anthony is in more hot water with the feds -- the I.R.S. believes she failed to pay $68k in taxes back in 2008 ... the same year she allegedly killed her 2-year-old daughter.


TMZ obtained a tax lien filed against Anthony in Florida last week -- and according to the document, Casey never forked over $68,520 in federal taxes in 2008.

Casey was charged with first-degree murder the same year -- and is currently on trial in Orlando, FL ... facing the death penalty if convicted.

Calls to Casey's attorney were not immediately returned.


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I think she was sexually abused by her father and she started to see him trying to do the same thing to her daughter. That's why she killed her.

1183 days ago


I absolutely cannot believe that the judge in the Casey Anthony trial, just had a young gentleman arrested and sentenced to SIX days in jail! Guess what he did? He flipped the bird at the prosecutor! I am starting to see that this judge is either getting stressed out, or he works precisely by the book!!!!!!!

1176 days ago


She owes money because she sold picture and other stuff of caylees and the IRS is there to collect!!!!!!

1175 days ago


Casey Anthony is a sinick who does not feel pain, she is a cold heart woman who should be punished. Jose Baez is just faking it because he knows the case is lost ... She's guilty! She obviously murdered her daughter and threw her in the swamp water.

1173 days ago


you know the girl already on trial for murder so why are you worried bout some damn taxes like really that **** is pointless and hate me if u want but i think a lot of you people are so dumb like get the **** off her case like damn that's one and 2 you have know real proof that she tortured the baby like how you know somebody else aint did any thing to the baby and when she found out she was just scared to say anything because they were going to kill her next if so like lock the girl up for a while and call it a day this case been going on for a while and i don't think no one deserve to die with no real legal evidence of what happen and a dumb defense that cant defend her

1173 days ago


Is life without parole an option that the jury has?

1172 days ago

Jennifer Pruitt    

the money was for video she sold of her daughter. after she left her to be eaten, probably they ate the heart first then the liver, by animals in that swamp. those jurors have no common sense

1170 days ago

Rozlyn Johnson    

She was dressed like an Armish housewife or a Gothic cult mama aqnd bought into the Jury. I would like to meet her makeup artist obviously there was one probably employed by Baez. Did her attorney have her wear a mouthpiece to give her that look. Obviouosly there was something in her mouth and she never took one breath throughout the whole trial and when Baez spoke to her he shielded her mouth.
After the acquittal her whole persona changed and in the hallway as she was leaving I was hoping that some photographer took a picture of Casey who looked the typical party girl and not the Armish housewife she portrayed to the Jury and the world.

1169 days ago


First of all, Casey was acquitted by 12 jurors of her peers as is required by the U.S. Constitution, which does NOT allow for a federal reserve board, or an IRS agency, which are one in the same. So, why are those in the court of public opinion trying to make life hard for Casey when she has already done so herself, and most likely will screw up again. But if and until she does, may a suggest that, we get the hell out of her business and let her live her life just as we expect to be left alone to do. Don't we have more than enough problems with the very government that brought Casey to trial without giving those rogues more encouragement to distract us from our childrens' real problems, ie. their own government?

1168 days ago


Now that the trial is over I can finally have my say. Shortly after I was picked as a juror along with the 14 others, I was approached by a member of the Baez team. I was offered a payment of $10,000 if I would hold out as a non-guilty verdict and thus, hang the jury. This didn't need to occur and no payment was ever received.

On The Jury

1166 days ago

Phyllis Worth    

I would want ANY CHARGE given to CASEY ANTHONY just for her to be in a state or federal prison. Once the other prisoners realize she was even "accused" of being a baby killer, the other prisoners will kill her. I can only hope and pray that happens. Just get her on any charge. What about the issues with Zanaida? Maybe she could go to jail for that!!! Just get her into a jail -- she'll be dead!!!!

1166 days ago

Spinning tales & IRS    

The money was owed for selling rights to the pictures of her (precious) baby. To her and her money grubbing (excuse for a family)the baby was simply a commodity. It is so very sad.
It is too bad for her. The IRS has put other people in Jail for not paying back taxes. Is Mr. Baez allowed to keep her on the run from federal tax laws? There might be double jeopardy on murder but can't a thinking judge make a bench decision on child abuse. NO REPORTING for 31 days. Can an officer of the COURT remove MS above the LAW from the country without a passport?

1150 days ago


hey Ill settle for having her spend a few years in federal prison! Wesley Snipes had to go to prison for dodging uncle Sam - this nasty baby killer is no different, unless of course the feds are also drinking Casey kool-aide, I guess white baby killers who look good in a skirt can get away with murder AND not paying taxes.

1147 days ago
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