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Arnold to Maria -- Smile With My OTHER Family

5/26/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dragged his wife and their children to the christening of his love child back in 1998 ... and forced them to smile next to the secret family he was hiding in plain sight.

Through the years, Arnold spent some serious quality time with Mildred Patty Baena and their kid ... even engaging in tender father-son moments -- like when he taught the little guy how to golf.

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i walked by the tv the other day just in time to see jaime lee curtis punch him right in the face:) that should be on loop everywhere, they can even make billboards of it and i don't think anyone would complain. even though it was fake (from a movie, "true lies") it still had a satisfying look to it:) oh, and her boobs looked nice while she was doing, always a strong selling point eh?

1213 days ago


He could have just given money and walked away from the kid. He didn't. That shows how decent he is! He may have been missing something when his wife was pregnant? So don't judge just stay out.

1213 days ago


At some level maria must have known, i know arnold is good but hes not that great-of-an actor to be on guard 24/7 to hide his body language not to mention how did she not know about all this money going towards the family (or missing in general) let alone the child looking so much like arnie as reports are saying .... she's got to have known

1213 days ago


I find it so hard to believe that Maria didn't know I would love to know exactly when she did know about it----Certainly she isn't that dumb. The kid looked like him so they say. They must have had a deal of some kind. Please tell me she isn't that stupid.(Maria.)

1213 days ago


Sick! Sick! Sick! You suck Ahnold. You suck.

1213 days ago


Arnold's career is now as big a pile of pooh as he is.
What a disgusting pig.

I feel sorry for everyone involved, but him.

1213 days ago


This clown brings mental cruelty to a whole new level. I hop the Sperminator gets Terminated

1213 days ago


Please tell me Maria was not that stupid all these years. With a child that looked like Arnie? If she didn't know then that is the lowest thing he could have done to his family. He went along all of these years cause this maid would have ruined his life had he not played along. He was between a rock and a hard place.

1213 days ago


Ok TMZ. We get it.

1213 days ago



if she was intimate with her husband (which she had to have been if he thought the child was his all these years) and if she didn't have amniotic fluid testing (which is dangerous for the fetus)

then she probably had no idea who the father was until the boy was a bit older than this and starting to show a resemblance to his real father

unless DNA testing was done right after his birth-which I somehow doubt

so none of us know what Arnold knew or when he knew it (and not defending him at all-no defence for what he did)

he may have been here celebrating what he believed to be the christening of the child of Patty and her husband

and not gossip or conjecture

this is not fair to the all the children involved when you make statements like this with IMPUNITY and show no responsibility

1213 days ago

Pamela Jackson    

I cannot believe this guy! How crude!

1213 days ago


Isn't the story that Arnold didn't know at this point that he was the father?
If that is the case the headline is misleading.

1213 days ago


What happened isn't the kid's fault - the kid is totally innocent. The kid deserves love and a family too - just as much as any kid.

Arnold should have acknowledged the child all along so that he would grow up knowing both his parents. But at least Arnold supported the child financially and played a role in the child's life.

It would be worse if Arnold had ignored the child.

1213 days ago


I don't care how religious she is, I hope she does NOT take him back and droppes his as@!!! If she takes him back she will be setting a bad example to her own kids. He is a loser and should not be forgiven for this shi@...

1213 days ago

S. Segal, Deputy Sheriff    

So what the F##K???? Was she trying to make her son look like Conan, to give Maria a clue with the long hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1213 days ago
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