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Arnold to Maria -- Smile With My OTHER Family

5/26/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dragged his wife and their children to the christening of his love child back in 1998 ... and forced them to smile next to the secret family he was hiding in plain sight.

Through the years, Arnold spent some serious quality time with Mildred Patty Baena and their kid ... even engaging in tender father-son moments -- like when he taught the little guy how to golf.

Click through the gallery and check out all the family pics.


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S. Segal, Deputy Sheriff about an hour ago
So what the F##K???? Was she trying to make her son look like Conan, to give Maria a clue with the long hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Couldn't have said it better. The contrast between the siblings is enomously apparent, and she's rubbing it in.

1208 days ago



1208 days ago


Any other celebs who've hung out with the hired help and their offspring over the years? You might dig up stuff. Geez. This story just gets crazier and crazier.

1208 days ago


I am seriously at a loss of words! This whole creepy story keeps unfolding and it's like the nightmare never ends!!!!!!! MARIA, please take this guy to the cleaners! He deserves zero respect -- Just forgive and forget and think of him as just a sperm donor that gave you four wonderful kids!!! You were always living a lie with this man who claimed to be your husband! He is the definition of disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1208 days ago


Not particularly surprised or care much about the stuff on the side, but to keep it in his home is beyond disgusting.

When an elected official shows such remarkably poor judgment, all taxpayers have to care. We don't know yet what favors, etc., the maid got out of Arnold the past ten years. If he had been open about it, things would have been very different because there would not have been the questions about coverups.

For a public official, it is not so much the questionable deeds themselves, but the subsequent deeds to keep the secret.

1208 days ago


While I'm as shocked as any, this type of thing has been going on since the beginning of time. let's not forget our own Thomas Jefferson having kids with his very light skinned slave/housekeeper Sally Hemmings. He had an entire other family, and this type of conduct was going on all over the place.

Not saying it's right. But it's been usually hidden away. Now with tmz and instant digital media, the world's secrets are hard to keep a lid on.

1208 days ago


Wondering if MP Baena's divorce is final yet -- return of service on R Baena just came back April 1, 2011. The Baenas are probably still legally married.

1208 days ago


Was he also the godfather? I bet he was....he is too arrogant for words, a complete and total jerk, no morals whatsoever.

1208 days ago


The maid never told Arnold the baby was his until it was a TODDLER. He mayhave suspected but I don't think this pic is full of lies...YET.

1208 days ago


For those of you who haven't seen the kid, a simple google search will produce several pics. I say there's no way Maria knew. Even if the kid resembled Arnold the last person she would ever, ever, ever suspect is her Guatemalan housekeeper. Patty flew completely under the radar. You can say what you want but if you were in the same situation I can see it easily happening. And if you're a Kennedy the last place you're looking for your husband to cheat is with the hired help. You can tell Maria didn't know. Besides, I think it's insulting to suggest that she would have allowed this to take place under her own roof for political gain. All women aren't spine-less idiots, you know.

1208 days ago


Oh My God. This whole thing makes me sick!

1208 days ago


Oh, I can't think of the words to say to express the way that photograph makes me feel. I just want to take a sledge hammer and smash that guy's Face In ! That Rotten Pig!

1208 days ago



1208 days ago


Wow! Just googled for pics of the kid. Looks JUST like Arnie! Maria really didn't know?

1208 days ago


Well the boy still needs a father and the boy is entitled to his father and it's nice that he got to know his bothers and sisters but maybe he shouldn't have took his wife. That's a kick in the face.

1208 days ago
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