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Baena's Daughter: It's Just 'Cause Mom's Hispanic

5/26/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mildred "Patty" Baena's daughter is breaking her silence about her mom's scandal -- claiming the ONLY reason people care about it is because Arnold was having an affair with a Latina.

27-year-old Jackie Rozo told Telemundo, "It's just a big thing because she's Hispanic, and he's a celebrity."

Either way, it's still all news to her -- Jackie claims she had "no idea" her half-brother was fathered by the Governator until the news broke last week.

But now, Jackie's coming to her mom's defense -- adding, "She's like a superwoman pretty much" ... "My mother does not need to justify herself."


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I really hate it when people misuse the race issue because when there truly is a race issue, it's not taken as seriously, thanks to people like Patty's daughter.

BTW, it's cause your mom (AND Ahnold) acted like a complete sleaze. Last time I checked, all races were capable of that.

1162 days ago


It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the woman's race you dumbass daughter. It has to do with the fact that your mother is a whore and slept with a married man while she was married. Dayum. I really hate people that keep playing up the race card. I never say "it's because I'm inter-racial" or "it's because I'm Jewish" or "it's because I'm a woman". Get over yourselves people. No more playing the race card. It doesn't work.

1162 days ago

Joe Smo    

It doesn't matter what race she is or how she looks. The ridiculous media groups (Mainly TMZ) will attack Arnold and his mistress regardless.

Your poll is disgusting. I bet the majority of the people at TMZ look like trolls so shut up! You aren't satisfied til you destroy the lives of everyone involved.

1162 days ago


Uh no,it has nothing to do with her race and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that your mother is an ugly,home wrecking WHORE. How dare she have sex with a married man,in the same home his wife and children live in. He's a pathetic loser and she's an ugly skank. The end.

1162 days ago


Funny ****...bwahahaaa

@Rob Base 9 minutes ago

Her daughter just hit the loser trifecta... ugly, hispanic, and poor. Congrats!

1162 days ago


People act like he really went with a woman who was so much uglier that Maria. Maria was pretty ugly herself too. Her face and head was all jakced up.

1162 days ago


Everyone is bashing the mistress on her looks. I think she is an average looking woman. Am I the only person that thinks Maria Shriver is the scariest looking/ugliest person alive?

1162 days ago


Stick around, I bet Dodger Stadium beating suspect Giovanni Ramirez will be the next to play the race card! I don't have anything against Hispanics or other minorities, just saying the race card gets played whenever possible if you don't believe that it is a legitimate defense, then you are a racist. If you belong to the same race as the offender, then you are an uncle Tom. No one just accepts the guilt of their actions if they can play the race card. Even if they do accept the guilt, then it was because of .

1162 days ago


People are fascinated because yo Mama is sooooooo ugly! Not because she's Hispanic! Short, fat, bulbous nose, etc. Arnie must have been drinking heavily - in order to hit that monstrosity.

1162 days ago


nothing to do with race, all about who the affair was between

she could have an affair with a neighbor and no one would care, Arnold could have an affair/love child with a white women and it would still be mega news worthy

1162 days ago


Ethnicity has nothing to do with this. To even bring it up is absurd. People cared initially because Maria Shriver left her husband. People also care because Arnold is the recent governor of California and presented himself as a wonderful family man.

Fast forward to learning Arnold has been leading a double life for over a decade. Had it been a brief fling it would not have been as interesting. Add to this the realization there is a child born of the relationship. A child whose parentage was kept secret for more than a decade.

Let's also consider Patty's employment and the fact they enjoyed sex in Maria Shriver's bed...the bed she shared with her husband.

Sorry. Ethnicity doesn't enter in at all. She could be a blue-eyed blond from San Diego for all I care. The facts are what they are. If there are more facts, then bring them on. Was she forced to have sex? Was she forced to "borrow" Maria's jewelry? Then we would have different issues. As it stands, we are faced with two sleazy individuals, nothing more, nothing less.

1162 days ago


lookin at her ... who did SHE think the daddy was cause it certainly wasn't the same as hers

1162 days ago


Race has nothing to do with it.

It is because your mother and Arnie have no morals.
...and the fact that she is fugly, fake boobs and all

1162 days ago

Patti A    

Think about it!! One must plant loyalty and praise to avoid betrayal and lies..
Me thinks Arnold was with the daughter not the mom. Do the math. Did this cross anyone's mind other then mine? Would make Arnold not only a cheater but a cheater with someone under age. If I am off base sorry..has there been a birth certificate..oh wait Aronold was Gov...never mine.

1162 days ago


It has everything to do with your momma who resembles my anal opening. She aint nutting but a infected vaginal secreations sucking bytch. Can you say SKANK?

1162 days ago
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