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Lindsay Lohan -- The Happiest Prisoner EVER!!!

5/26/2011 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You are looking at Lindsay Lohan serving HARD TIME under house arrest at her swanky townhouse by the beach ... OH, THE HUMANITY!!!

During her first day in confinement, Lohan entertained a mystery guest ... with a big, fat smile on her face.

As we previously reported, Lohan is expected to be under arrest for roughly 35 days. How will she survive?!!?!?

UPDATE: The woman in the photo works with the company that makes the electronic monitoring device and was there to give LiLo an orientation.


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If her family and friends want her to learn from this they should be letting her sit at home alone. The next time she is caught and has to go to jail that IS exactly what she will be, alone! Making this time into vacation time will not allow her to reflect on her mistakes. She really needs to sit down and take a good hard look at her life. Now is the time to do that!!!

1244 days ago


Inalienable celebrity rights. Completely different set of rules for us average Joe's.

1244 days ago


all of Lindsay fans stood out side and protested her house arrest. until the cops finally made all 12 of them go away.

Eleanor was paid to be a fan.

1244 days ago


Okay, this is from an article published in March 2010 re the LAPD electronic monitoring program (my apologies if I'm off/incorrect on jurisdiction, etc.):

"sheriff's officials complained that most preferred to do their time in jail and leave after serving a fraction of their sentences without any supervision rather than serve their full sentences on home detention."

-- Call me crazy, but to me that sounds like those doing the Lohan route are supposed to serve the full sentence...

Something is either very weird or very dumb about this system...

1244 days ago


she's in rich white people jail.

1244 days ago


Well is Calf treated everyone like they have mis Lolife (I mean Lohan) they wouldn't have such a problem with prison over crowding or freeway tie ups. Everyone would be on house arrest. What a case of celebraty justice this has been.

1244 days ago


The whole thing is just ridiculous and I'm sick of hearing about it.

1244 days ago


((Hugs)) to Blood Red Witch and LOUhan (and anyone else who may have commented on my dad - I apologize if I haven't seen your post yet, if there).

Much appreciated. I'm still so angry at that damn disease... I hate it and what it did to my dad - and does to anyone - every day...

I posted the personal info because someone seemed to be taunting someone else using homosexuality as something bad - which it is not... I hoped to wake the bIoody fooI up and knock some humanity into his soul, but that was probably silly on my part.

Again, thanks for the comments... there should be no stigma but there SHOULD be a cure. No one should have to die like that... after a long term relationship at that. No one but his partner, my sibling and I knew about it. The secrecy is wrong.

Take care and ((hugs)) again.

Okay - back to the topic at hand... : )

1244 days ago


Hi, nice to meet you. Do you have my blotchy face serum? Oh! you are my new doctor from Florida, what do you have if my hair hurts?

1244 days ago


Again, I'm sorry, Cake. Thanks for sharing with us. If you don't know someone with AIDS (and I don't) it's hard to imagine how devastating it is to family members. I feel so badly for you.

1244 days ago


MightyMad about an hour ago

Wishes less than a minute ago

TMZ - You wrote:

You are looking at Lindsay Lohan serving HARD TIME under house arrest at her swanky townhouse by the beach ... OH, THE HUMANITY!!!


If you are being sarcastic, you should write, ....OH, THE INHUMANITY!!!

Who is your editor???


Saying "The Inhumanity" would implied that humanity isn't a joke... an argument that is clearly debunk by the very story posted on top of this thread.


Max, you and TMZ are obviously uneducated. INHUMANITY would imply that it is "inhumane" that she have to "suffer" such indignity! It is a common figure-of-speech in order to be facetious. I hope your intellect can grasp this!! But probably not!

1244 days ago


Hey messenger - Thanks for the info!

Do you recall where you read/heard the specific info from? Please, in no way am I asking because I doubt your info,

I don't (you sound like you know what you're talking about and I believe you), but I'm curious to a fault and I, personally haven't come across such info from a valid source (like a .pdf of corrections do***ents, etc.).

Can you point me in the right direction on that? Thanks! : )

1244 days ago

Who Farted    

Her face looks nothing like circa 2003. Lindsay's FACE looks weird for sure.

1244 days ago


"Saying "The Inhumanity" would implied that humanity isn't a joke... an argument that is clearly debunk by the very story posted on top of this thread."

MM - are you in the 5th grade? Humanity CAN be a joke! And besides that, your comment does not make sense. Wrong tenses, wrong verbs, wrong nouns - ugh. You deserve an F for Failure in trying to sound intelligent! To try and help you, just google "inhumane" and "humane" --- then you can figure out why it's wrong! Duh. Don't try to be something you're not - which is an intellectual. I have my PhD in English, so you can trust me.

1244 days ago


dam that picture up there looks like the joker from Batman.

1244 days ago
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