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Children's Services Visits Mariah Carey

5/26/2011 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Social workers from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services will arrive at Mariah Carey's house any moment to conduct a formal interview with the singer -- after receiving an anonymous complaint that she drank a beer while breast feeding ... TMZ has learned.


DCFS launched the investigation after someone complained Mariah drank a Guinness in the hospital after giving birth to her twins about a month ago. We're told DCFS social workers will ask Mariah about the widely reported incident and interview others in the house as well.

The investigation is curious because hospital workers were closely monitoring Mariah and fully saw what was going on in her room. Sources tell us someone from the hospital told Mariah it would be beneficial to drink a dark beer -- like a Guinness -- to assist her in lactating.

We're told Mariah took the advice and drank a Guinness and in no way hid what she was doing from hospital staff -- assuming it was fine to do.

Several people connected with DCFS are privately critical of the agency for honing in on anonymous tips against celebrities ... and devoting "extensive resources" when the agency should be looking at serious cases of abuse.


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From what I understand, this is a common practice in Ireland.

1184 days ago

Love Star Wars    

There are serious crimes occurring in this country - drugs, murder, etc.

Why are they wasting time & money on this nonsense?

I doubt, very much, there is a crime here. SOMEONE JUST WANTS A PAYOFF! I smell GREED.

1184 days ago


Back in the 70's, nursing mothers were encouraged to have a beer or two to help the milk flow.

1184 days ago


The level of stupidity that anyone would drink alcohol while breast feeding is mind boggling. I hope they investigate.

So Maria, no drugs (including your "prescriptions"), smoking, drinking while breast feeding.

1184 days ago


Damn just leave her alone

1184 days ago

Bill Leslie    

welcome to a week ago? hello?

1184 days ago

Patricia Bishop    

If she drank the beer at the hospital then why harass her at home look at the dr who wrote the RX for the beer. Also dark beer is high in iron and right after birth you need iron for the milk to come down.

1184 days ago


Are you kidding me? I don’t even like Mariah Carey, but this is insane and a total waste of money. To investigate THIS when there are actual cases of abuse and endangerment going on (that seem to “slip” thought the cracks everyday) is a total waste of time, money and man power!!

I took a class on lactation when I had my first kid and they do actually say that it can help you lactate by drinking a glass of wine or a dark beer. There are MANY ways they say can help that might not be “approved” by some of the most “stuck up” people out there.

Unless she was drinking hard liquor, or A LOT of beer and then breastfeeding her babies, she wasn’t doing anything to harm her kids OR to warrant an investigation by CPS!!!

I always find it so hard to believe that when people really need help, no one is there. Example: My husband and I sat on the side of the interstate for over two hours trying to flag someone down who could help us out with our car.. NO ONE STOPPED. However there are those out there who want to make a huge deal out of everything and start trouble when there is none. Example: The woman who called the police on her neighbor for letting her child walk to a friends house, three blocks away, alone. The kid was 13 years old! The neighbor said she was putting her child in danger of being kidnapped or molested!! WTF? And the mother got charged by the police for Child Endangerment!!

This is what our society has come to.

Sad really. Really, really sad!!

1184 days ago


wow tmz really, this story was first reported while she was still in the hospital and now your just posting it.

1184 days ago


They just want an opportunity to go to her house. Freakin voyeurs! I want to know who this person is that GAVE THE TIP!! America is full of stupid sad people!

1184 days ago


Idiots- My dr. told me when I was nursing to have an "occasional" beer, as the yeast in the beer helps w/ milk production..

1184 days ago


Even if everything the complaint said is true - it is NOT child abuse. Holy ****. Talk about Big Brother.

1184 days ago


So some idiot will make some bucks selling the info to the Enquirer or whatever. First time mom, taking advise from hospital personnel? Yeah, big news. NOT....slow news day.

1184 days ago


This is stupid, leave them alone! When all 3 of mine were born, we brought a bottle of champagne to keep in the hospital room's mini-fridge. The dr.s and nurses didn't blink an eye even though they knew I'd be breastfeeding, and one time my ob even said, 'make sure mom gets the first glass of that!' This just sounds like stupid harassment to me.

1184 days ago


There are too many kids that actually need intervention from CPS, Mariah's kids are not any of them.

Waste of time and money.

1184 days ago
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