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Mariah Carey Twins Probe -- Case Closed

5/26/2011 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has just wrapped up its interview with Mariah Carey and has concluded there is no merit to the investigation -- sources connected with DCFS tell TMZ.


We're told DCFS social workers interviewed Mariah and spent time with the twins -- and concluded the children were in a healthy and safe environment.

The investigation was triggered by an anonymous phone call to DCFS complaining that Mariah drank a Guinness beer while she was breast feeding.

As we reported, Mariah was informed by a hospital staffer that drinking a dark beer would assist her in lactating.  We're told Mariah informed social workers she simply followed the hospital staffer's advice and drank the Guinness, never hiding the fact that she consumed the drink.

We're told Mariah's lawyer, Laura Wasser, was present during the DCFS interview today.

Our DCFS sources say officials have concluded there is no merit to the complaint.


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And while they were chasing this BS story down, somewhere a kid is being sexually abused by a family member.

1246 days ago


Yeah! Duh! I'm frightend by the halfwits that inhabit this world!

1246 days ago


How ridiculous there's real child abuse going on everywhere but they waste there time on this! There should be some kind of after action review on this.

1246 days ago


Yep. That's exactly what lactation consultants tell you. 1 dark beer a day. Although maybe with twins you get 2 each day. :)

1246 days ago


Bethenny Frankel has been shown on TV drinking while she breast feeds her baby. Why has she never been looked into?

1246 days ago


this was such a huge waste of time and money over a damn beer? smh

1246 days ago


After popping out 2 kids, I'd want more than a damn beer. The pain medication was probably worse than a dark beer.

Find some real abused kids because I'm sure these two are living the posh life.

1246 days ago


Yeah right, whoever reported this should be arrested for making a false report. what a tool. Did this idiot leave their brains in a third world country that we don't need to name ?

Poor Mariah to have such a joyful time spoiled all because of a MORON

And the social worker got a chance to go to Mariah's house and act the fool. SAD..

We love you Mariah and your funny hubby ! you go girl

1246 days ago


The nurse should have told her to drink a non-alcoholic dark stout. The alcohol decreases milk production whereas the hops increases it. Alcohol is not good for your baby, esp when you drink it and breastfeed soon after...doctors and nurses should do a lil more research before spreading the wives tale.

1246 days ago


Guinness "is mother's milk"

1246 days ago


are people really that ****ing stupid to think drinking a beer while breastfeeding is child abuse?

what am i thinking, of COURSE you idiots are that ****ing stupid.

so how much did it cost the taxpayers to investigate a woman drinking a beer?

i bet it was at least a few thousand dollars.

1246 days ago


Completly agree with the other posts, There are real cases of child abuse going and the DCFS are wasting resources chasing a story they know was 100% wrong. Whoever reported this to the DCFS should be ashamed of themselves they have probably risked another childs health because of jealousy.

1246 days ago



Nursing moms are often advised by family and friends to relax and have a beer to help stimulate milk production. And it's true that a polysaccharide in the barley used to make beer seems to stimulate prolactin, which helps moms make more milk. (The good news, if you like the taste of beer, is that nonalcoholic beer has the same stimulating effect.)

Alcohol, on the other hand, can inhibit milk production. This may explain why babies have been found to drink significantly less milk in the four hours after their mom drinks a beer.

And then there's the issue of exposing your baby to even a small amount of alcohol. Alcohol is present in breast milk at the same level as in the blood. And that level can continue to rise for 90 minutes after you have a drink. Even if you haven't had much to drink, your baby is so much smaller than you are that a little bit of alcohol for you is a lot for your baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that nursing moms avoid alcohol with the possible exception of the occasional small drink. The AAP also suggests waiting two hours to breastfeed after having a drink. (The alcohol will clear from your breast milk just as it clears from your bloodstream.)
If you're concerned about milk production, focus on eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet and breastfeeding regularly. If you're still having trouble, read our article on low milk production and consult your healthcare provider or a lactation expert before you pick up a six-pack.

1246 days ago


Happy to hear that the case is closed. What a TOTAL waste of time and resources.

1246 days ago


Really?Please leave her alone.People just want something to talk about

1246 days ago
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