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Mariah Carey Twins Probe -- Case Closed

5/26/2011 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has just wrapped up its interview with Mariah Carey and has concluded there is no merit to the investigation -- sources connected with DCFS tell TMZ.


We're told DCFS social workers interviewed Mariah and spent time with the twins -- and concluded the children were in a healthy and safe environment.

The investigation was triggered by an anonymous phone call to DCFS complaining that Mariah drank a Guinness beer while she was breast feeding.

As we reported, Mariah was informed by a hospital staffer that drinking a dark beer would assist her in lactating.  We're told Mariah informed social workers she simply followed the hospital staffer's advice and drank the Guinness, never hiding the fact that she consumed the drink.

We're told Mariah's lawyer, Laura Wasser, was present during the DCFS interview today.

Our DCFS sources say officials have concluded there is no merit to the complaint.


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While resources were being used to conduct an investigation into straight up b.s. some child somewhere was actually being abused.

1215 days ago


Leave her alone please!!
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1215 days ago


They probably just wanted to see a real celebrity's house.

1215 days ago


You can have an occassional beer when breast feeding. Wow. Way to be a spaz. lol That goes for pregnancy too. Its considered safe in many countries (countries with better maternal & infant survival rates I might add) for women to have a beer or small glass of wine with dinner while pregnant, especially later in the pregnancy. The reason its such a no-no here is because its never been studied and if your doc tells you its ok and ANYTHING is wrong with your baby, you could sue. So they just say not a drop. Women drank for centuries, because the water was not safe while alcohol was bacteria free, every day, every meal. Was the world filled in fetal alcohol syndrome babies? No. Heavy drinking, bad. Moderate drinking, a no-no. A single drink, FINE.

1215 days ago


@tiffany you are wrong. A drink of wine, or any beer is fine while nursing. They say at that if you feel buzzed then it is not okay to breast feed. You can not get a child drunk by consuming a beer or glass of wine. Why don't you learn the fact before spouting off info that is totally incorrect.

And shame on the anon, person who called. What is next? This is why many woman hide breast feeding past a year, since the main stream seem to think it isn't appropriate.

1215 days ago


"The investigation was triggered by an anonymous phone call to DCFS complaining that Mariah drank a Guinness beer while she was breast feeding."

... um... hello? If she was drinking a beer *while* breastfeeding, the beer would in no way affect the milk at that time. 20-30 minutes, later perhaps...

Even La Leche League (a pro-breastfeeding organization) argues that small amounts of alcohol are not harmful and can increase prolactin, which is *helpful*.

If she was obviously intoxicated on a daily or frequent basis (while breastfeeding or not) that might be more cause for concern, but then again, new moms can act goofy - and that goofyness could be mistaken for something it is not.

The "anonymous" tattler should have to pay a fine or publicly apologize.

This is outright nonsense and wholly unfair to Ms. Carey.

1215 days ago


Forgot this quote:
"The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Drugs considers alcohol compatible with breastfeeding."

Here's the LLL link for anyone who wants to look into it themselves:

1215 days ago


Do these people at DCFS have nothing better to do with their time but chase frivolous complaints like this? They should be focusing on children who really need help, not a mother who drank a beer to help with breast-feeding. Apparently there are huge caseloads and the department is understaffed which really makes this nonsense seem even more ridiculous.

1215 days ago


Drinking a beer to aid in lactation is a well known method. She's not down at the bar pounding back PBRs for godssakes. And some whacko has too much time on their hands harassing this poor woman. It took her forever to finally get her life together and put together the family she always wanted. Leave her alone. And CPS should have laughed their butts off at a report that the woman drank a beer to aid in lactation instead of going out to 'investigate' her. How many kids are living in a house their folks are running meth labs out of, huh? Go knock on their doors jerkoffs!

1215 days ago

Caring Kate    

Good luck to Mariah and her precious babies, and may God protect them and guide them. Good for Mariah for wanting to nurse them! La Leche League International (a good place for Mariah to call) suggests that first-time moms drink a juice glass of beer in order to facilitate the "let down" reflex that allows the early milk to flow. Moms must always keep in mind that the babies get the alcohol that is in whatever Mom's drink, so Mom's must limit the amount to very little, once a day. Beer is suggested over wine or other alcoholic beverages because the alcohol in it is usually low and there is also some nutritional benefit in beer. Mariah will not suffer the strong possible symptoms of postpartum depression if she feeds her wee ones on demand. Mariah will need a lot of support and help. This allows the separation from Mom's womb to be far more gradual. The babies are still connected to Mom in a real way and that is beneficial to the babies and to the Mom. No matter the difficulty, it is worth it. Today, it is not uncommon for Mothers to nurse their twins for two years! These long-nursed babies tend to have higher IQ's and stronger senses of self and self-worth. This is not me, folks, this is just the evidence of science.

1215 days ago


Frankly the very idea that an investigation would be launched because of an anonymous claim that someone drank a friggin' beer is so absurd... whoever OK that investigation should be fired... period!

1215 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hey Superman - Beer is not Kryptonite! Maybe your mom SHOULD have had a beer while nursing you. Until your complete name is
"Dr." Superman, either iron your cape or pick up a book on breastfeeding........

1215 days ago


I'll take care of Mariah Carey. And I'll help Mariah Carey to care of her twins the right way.

1215 days ago


It is true that Guinness stimulates lactation.
My doctor suggested the same thing.

1215 days ago


I was born in 1950. And believe me, our mothers drank way more than that while they were pregnant. And as far as nursing, forget about it. Not many woman even bothered to do it. I know we should all know better in the 21st century, but give the girl a Guinness, for crying out loud. The baby will be fine, and will have a good nights sleep.

1215 days ago
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