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Nicole vs. Cheryl

Who'd You Rather?

5/26/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, 32, just replaced former Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole, 27, on the U.S. version of "The X Factor."


Question is ...


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I'd defs take CC but in Nics defense, by looking at the picture of her you used, its obvious TMZ wants us to choose Cole. Nicole is by far one of the most beautiful women in showbiz and on many days far better looking than Cheryl. You guys had to serach to find a picture of Nicole this unattractive

1216 days ago


I've seen a lot of pictures of Nicole Scherzinger, and I have to say that you found the worst one. C'mon, TMZ, let's try to do better.

1216 days ago


Nicole Scherzinger for sure. From Nicole Scherzinger's only male slave and from her first husband.

1216 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Yea, Nicole looks ugly. I like Cheryl Cole, she's hot.

1216 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Nicole looks unrecognizable. She looks Indian with her brown skin and black long hair. And she's not smiling..she's like "blah"

1216 days ago

Mary Bailey    

@Sarah You need to acquaint yourself to the return/enter key on your keyboard, doll.

1216 days ago


Sarah, atleast Cheryl was a good representative for us Brits, YOU on the other hand are a complete embarrassment. A Brit who isn't even competent at writing properly. And Nicole is a geniune girl? Are you best friends with her lol?

1216 days ago


Karen you are talking sh**. Cheryl is the biggest star in the UK right now, regardless of if YOU can accept it or not, she IS the biggest star. Everybody is talking about her in the UK at the moment, everybody was talking about her when she got the US job, everyone was talking about her when she got malaria, when she appeared on Piers Morgan, when she won as judge twice. She's constantly in the news. And the bit about people performing on X Factor getting hits is bollocks. Where did Alicia Keys chart when she performed? I don't even remember. Are you also saying Lady Gaga's Bad Romance got to number 1 because she performed on X Factor? Cheryl's single FFTL got to number 1 on iTunes BEFORE she performed on the X Factor, and it was on the radio for MONTHS after the X Factor had finished. Can't say I remember about Promise this but 3 Words also charted at Number 4 (she didn't perform on X Factor and her album had sold around 500k by then), Parchute peaked at 10. Her only real flop was The Flood, which was just a weak song in general and wasn't really promoted. As for outrage over Dannii? I don't remember any outrage. Just shock but her thousands of fans, compares to Cheryl's millions got over it. Now STOP making your OWN homegrown star look bad in front of the American people. You're absolutely pathetic.

1216 days ago


bring cheryl cole BACK from US X FACTOR!!!!

1216 days ago


@Sarah: STFU lol, im an american and ve been a fan of her for a year now( im aware of her record), so what?

1216 days ago


you guys could've picked better pictures

1216 days ago


@Sarah: You seem abit pathetic I mean okay so you don't like Cheryl but why all the hate. I like Cheryl I think she'd do well over here and I think Nicole is abit dry but really i dont hate her

1215 days ago


nicole the best!!!!!amazing ,perfect!!!

1215 days ago


karen 21 hours ago
@Dochelle..what famous people fell out with Cheryl because she stayed with Ashley? And for the record its strongly rumoured that in actual fact her and Ashley are still seeing each other.-----------------------------------------------------------------
@Karen, can you actually read? Where did i mention famous people? I think you'll find it says self righteous (people like you!). Also, your last comment about Ashley, just proves my point. How could anyone so racist be in a relationship with a black man? BTW, I'm not even a CC fan, i just hate people like you - spiteful, jealous and quick to revel in other peoples misfortunes - get a life!

1215 days ago


@isabela: I gotta disagree with you there. Personally I don't think there's anything particularly amazing or special about her. Chery Cole has got the X Factor, even if she isn't on the US X Factor because of her accent or whatever they should get someone like Cheryl-Beautiful, Big Buzz, Special...etc etc

1215 days ago
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