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Hollywood Car Chase -- YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!

5/27/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An incredible high speed chase -- featuring several near collisions and an attempted carjacking -- just ended on the streets of Hollywood ... and you GOTTA see the footage.

LAPD officers responded to a stolen vehicle call and followed the suspect for several minutes through busy rush hour streets. 

ABC7's chopper was above the crazy scene as the suspect eventually jumped out of the moving vehicle and attempted to carjack a woman with a baby in the backseat.

Check out the video to see how the good guys came out on top of this one.


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The mother was interviewed on the news and the reporter asked if her first thought was for her daughter. She said to tell the truth, her first thought was to run and then she remembered her daughter was in the back seat.

i was about a mile away from the end of this chase. Those helicopters are LOUD.

1211 days ago


Does that gun work??? Shoot that Son of a Bitch!

1211 days ago


Good job L.A.P.D., that could have turned into a bad situation if that loser had gotten away in that car.

1211 days ago

Brent Jorgensen    

The woman who put the car in neutral, then forget her baby before remembering (duh!) should be reprimanded. Typical woman.

1211 days ago


@ jackiemichele, Biology has nothing to do with our comments. And just as you say no one know what she was thinking and blah blah. You don't know what we have and have not experienced. And again, I can say that it is a FACT that I know I would have reacted in a different way (thinking of my child first!) In fact, in a tv interview, the mother admitted to her first thought being to run and save herself, and then she remembered her child in the backseat. So nice try with the Biology 'insult'. As a matter of fact I am highly educated and know what I am talking about.

1211 days ago


Cudos to the cops. Way to take the guy down!

1211 days ago


that's why you should lock your doors

1211 days ago


Bailing on foot almost always fails.

1211 days ago


LOL@ moon."ANYWAYS" - Only low-class people add the "S" to ANYWAY. LOL And you actually believe that what you have is a LOT? too funny. That little list of achievements you had a desire to try to impress people are very minute to what most of us New Yorkers posess. Poor bastard. As for Neko - you are clearly an angry person with a trashy low-class attitude. There's a word, most NYers will use for a person like you, but I wouldn't dream of ever stooping to your trash level.

1210 days ago


The worst part about watching police chases is listening to the annoying anchors commentating!

Yeah, and I noticed the woman tried to run away and then go back to get the child. Not so motherly as some of you would like people to believe.

1210 days ago


Let me get this straight. He got out and tried to car jack a person who isn't even first in line for a light to change. Yeah, that's smart.

1210 days ago


wow, definitely lock your doors!!! this is LA and so much s*** low life thugs! I cant wait until the day where I get to clean up the streets from thugs, drugs and bad people!

1210 days ago


well done LAPD!

beautifully done, lots of experience and courage: the moment they realized that the idiot was about to threaten a mom with a baby they went right to action not thinking of their own safety (the idiot could have been armed)

again congrats for a job well done!

1210 days ago


to bunny

yeah I saw that too. thank God for the LAPD guys then. She went into panic and ran away, but she came back immediately (we have to give her that at least), but the panic came first...

1210 days ago


Cops are awesome. I respect that as soon as the perp went for the passenger door, the cop went after the guy like a German shepherd instead of drawing a weapon and letting the perp dive in the car. Intelligence, courage, training, whatever. If that perp got in the car, this could have gone very badly. Hooray for the police! 99% of time unsung heroes, esp. considering the human trash they have to deal with, and all the people who always side with that human trash.

1210 days ago
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