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John Travolta -- Conaway 'Was a Wonderful Man'

5/27/2011 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta has released a statement on the passing of his former "Grease" co-star Jeff Conaway -- saying he was a "wonderful and decent man and we will miss him."

Jeff Conaway and John Travolta

Travolta adds, "My heartfelt thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this very difficult time.”

As we previously reported, Conaway passed away this morning.


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northern gypsy    

as much as i disagree with J.T. religion...
he has always been civil in public regards his family and friends...
having said that...last photo i saw of J.C. he looked liked he had one foot in the grave...R.I.P. and know you will be missed...

1242 days ago

Yeti Lee    

A wonderful man John I wonder how much you have tried to help him in the last 30 years? Sending him a copy of Dianetics doesn't count.

1242 days ago


He was trying, but your body can only take so much. So sad to hear. May he for ever rest in peace.
Thank you Jeff Conaway, for the years of entertainment!

1242 days ago


Just very sad. His body was such a painful burden to him. May he rest in peace.

1242 days ago



1242 days ago


Why are there stupid comments about whether John Travolta was there for him or not? This man had demons and couldn't shake them, and to imply that maybe he could have beat them if John Travolta was involved is quite a stretch. Geeze, they made a movie together eons ago and its not uncommon for people to drift apart in life. Its sad Jeff Conway died, but he died from his own doing. He weakend his own self from years of abuse and it WILL catch up with you. Happens every day to all walks of life, his just happened to make the news because he was a celeb. RIP, Mr. Conway. May you find peace on the other side.

1242 days ago


Goodbye Jeff. i loved you man. RIP

1242 days ago


RIP, but he was an *******. He was in N.O. in the 80's and all he tried to do when we saw him out was hit on women whether they were with someone or not. He did not stop till he was about to get his drunken ass kicked! Not someone I would give a rats behind about!

1242 days ago


Rest in peace Jeff. You will be remembered fondly.

1242 days ago


This is the second Celebrity Rehab alum to pass away in the recent history, Mike Starr from Alice in Chains is another. When you watch the show, you begin to root for these guys to finally get a grip on their addictions and overcome them. If someone like MacKenzie Phillips can do it, it gives hope to the rest of them. So sorry to hear he lost his battle, but may he finally have the peace he could not find in life.

1242 days ago

Mike Johnson    

This is another sad moment that I see way too much in my field
of work as a drug couselor.


1242 days ago


John was helpful during the last fifteen minutes of Jeff's life.

1242 days ago


Steverino, was it REALLY necessary to add that nasty comment of yours? Given the cause of this man's death, I'm sure no one here thought he was any kind of saint (and neither are YOU), but shortly after the death of a person is NOT the time to be badmouthing them. Out of respect, not only for a deceased person but also for his/her mourners, you should say only good things about someone, if anything at all, at least until the mourning period has passed. You should hope that when YOU die, you don't have someone like you showing up at your funeral telling only what bad things YOU did in life even though that's exactly what you deserve for trying to tarnish Jeff Conway's memory here. Besides, if you don't "give's a rat's behind about" him as you claim, then why are you even here commenting on him? Just leave him alone, especially seeming as you claim not to care about this. He and his loved ones have suffered enough without you adding more needless fuel to the fire.

1242 days ago

Bill Leslie    

OMG! Travolta is telling us it was AIDS!

1241 days ago


i feel bad for his family right now.any kind of silly comment made without thinking hurts.

1241 days ago
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