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Lindsay House Arrest -- Best Vacation Planning Ever!!

5/27/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to suggest you follow Lindsay Lohan's path -- allegedly steal a necklace, plead no contest and get placed under house arrest -- but it could be the best 35 day vacation you've ever had. 


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Grandma Cracker    

Truth and Seeker had better up their game. Picking on pretty little girls does not pay the bills.

Lindsay's hits are WAY DOWN, and Harvey will fire you just like he did Nicole

1181 days ago

Red Cloud    

drunk post

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10 AM Sun 5/29 I Know Who Killed Me

11:25 AM Sat 6/4 Mean Girls

This, in addition to the dozen movies I listed for this month. She sure is popular!!!!!! I'll list the June movies later.
Back to the the drunken bums with guitars and drums, and my Lindsay gf.

the Seeker,



1181 days ago



1181 days ago


*shakes head* I am not even going to touch your last comment truth because it shows how clearly delusional you are in your antics for Lindsay.

1181 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Very few people want to see harm come to Lindsay Lohan. They are the exception and not the rule. Many of us are frustrated with her. We want to see her overcome the predicament she is in. We yell out suggestions in hope that she will listen. Unfortunately I think she is listening to people who are giving her bad advice. People like grandma cracker, jeebus, I love gossip, and dreamon do not want to see her come to any harm. I would like to live long enough and say "Son of a gun, Lindsay turned herself around and made something of herself." Unfortunately it does not seem to be happening. Devine intervention may be her only hope.

1181 days ago


cracker, your statement is incoherent, but from what I can make of it, the wiccan is 26 which makes her 3 years older than Lindsay and from what I am seeing the wiccan is picking on the pretty young girl , so your post besides being incoherent, seems to be be misguided towards the wrong people. Typical TMZ.

And Seeker, I am still crying laughing over the post about the caked on makeup and the wiccan symbolism, that explains the motives of jesus, I mean jeebus, LOLz.

1181 days ago


You're right chuck. I remember seeing Lindsay in the Parent trap and I loved that movie it was so cute! and I loved Mean Girls.. not so much for HER but the movie in general. she can be a great actress if she really tries and a true beauty IF she stuck to her OWN looks and not someone elses.

But it doesn't happen and that's the most frustrating thing about the industry PERIOD. You have to change who you are in order to become hot and sexy enough to make it in the business. What happened to natural beauty? What happened to a woman having curves, and a figure? What happened to imperfections is what makes a woman perfect?

1181 days ago


@the truth

What you don't if you at one time were an alcoholic or not? Lindsay was in rehab and failed a test 2 weeks after leaving rehab. And since that time, she has been shown in clubs, falling on sidewalks, etc...

As I'VE said repeatedly...she needs to lay low. Stay home (not on forced house arrest), go somewhere and disappear for a while.

This is what you should be telling her too, if you truly cared for her. It's enablers like you that are the real problem.

1181 days ago


speaking of being incoherent...the truth... Lindsay will be 25 in about a month. least know what you're talking about before you go putting someone down. You just look like a fool otherwise!

1181 days ago


ILG *waves* I haven't talked to you in a while! and I was wondering about that too, but i wasn't going to correct him and incur his "wrath" again lol

1181 days ago


While your post seems very sincere, if people like jeebus did not want to see harm done to Lindsay , the comments would be profoundly different. Jeebus is a snitch, a town crier and a phony, look at how all her posts are contradictions of one another, it is almost better than a Ren and Stimpy cartoon.
She is taking cheap shots and I am calling her bluff and watching her become unglued in the process.
People that want to see Lindsay get better either stay quiet if they have nothing good or encouraging to say or say something that can help keep Lindsay motivated.
If Britany can do it, so can Lindsay.
Look how many people bashed Brit, TMZ was one of the wolves naturally and comes to find out it was that evil man sam Luft that was drugging her up on a daily basis causing all this irrational behavior.
Lindsay's parents are from hell and how many countless times has Lindsay tried to distance herself from them, only to be sucked back in, because bottom line, they are her parents and she loves them.
It is unreal that jeebus comes on here to spew more negative energy and then tries to cover it up by acting like she has good intentions, just look at the progression of her comments--phony is as phony does.

1181 days ago


TRUTH 49 minutes ago

High fives Seeker!

Wow Truth High fives himself. We adults call that "patty-cake".

1181 days ago


hmm. Obsessive much Truth? Seriously out of all the people out there to obsess over you choose my comments to do that with?

So sad, and you have obviously become unhinged if you think I'm becoming UNGLUED.

1181 days ago

H Calahan    

Who cares! Stop giving Lindsay media coverage. She loves the publicity and the fact she is on TMZ all the time. I'm frankly sick of it all. No more Lindsay. Please stop. Same thing goes for Kim Kardashian. Both of these "girls" have really no accomplishments, yet you seem to glorify them.

1181 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hey Vorlon,

How are you tonight? Ever seen more of a non-story? Seriously WTF?

1181 days ago
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