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Jeff Conaway Autopsy Taking Place Today

5/28/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 2:55 PM PDT: The autopsy has been completed and, as expected, the cause of death has been deferred ... awaiting toxicology results.

The LA County Coroner is conducting an autopsy on "Grease" star Jeff Conaway this afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, the coroner is expecting the results to be inconclusive and a cause of death will not be able to determined until toxicology results are in ... which take about 4-6 weeks.

Conaway passed away yesterday at the age of 60 after he had reportedly fallen into a coma earlier this month.


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I thought Doctor Drew told us what he died from / Posting on TMZ.
So where did he get his information from if there had been no autopsy yet?

1242 days ago

two cents    

Do they really need an autopsy? He's been ill all month, in a coma. Just bury him so he can finally rest in peace. The report will not show anything we don't already know. RIP Jeff.

1242 days ago


Dr. Drew went on the medical information that he had (likely from the physicians in the hospital( in conjunction with the patterns he usually sees in addicts and what he knew about Jeff personally. More often than not an autopsy is not performed and the physician is left to determine the cause of death by what happened in life.

1242 days ago


Expects the results to be inconclusive.... it doesn't take 6 weeks to get a toxicology results... California star studded system is up to its same old celebrity bending/breaking the rules shana****ns again.

1242 days ago

No comment    

I suspect he died from complications of long term drug & alcohol addiction. How can the reality tv Dr. Drew disclose information about Conway given the THIPA laws. Is he speaking on behalf of the family, or was he butting into Conway business because Conway appeared on his show? Did the family give permission to Drew to disseminate info to the tabloids, and to sell this info to TMZ?

1242 days ago


He's dead, let it be....

1242 days ago


when they cut him open pills are gonna fall out of his stomach and hes gonna have the brain the size of a walnut.

1242 days ago


I'm not sure what they are expecting the toxicology results to show. He's been in the hospital for weeks and didn't have access to illegal drugs while he was in a coma.

Honestly, does it even matter at this point?

1242 days ago


They should mummify him and use him to do Weekend At Bernies 4 and 5.

1242 days ago


I know Jeff shouldn't have been doing the street drugs and drinking, but Jeff suffered from chronic pain due to all his surgeries on his back, neck, etc...... I feel like if they, the doctors, had had his pain under control maybe he would not have used the street drugs or taken too much of his meds the doctor gave him. I feel like he was only trying to stop or lessen the pain. If you were in pain 24 hours a day you would probably do the same thing he did!!!! I am very sad to hear of his death but I am so glad he is not suffering any more. He is finally at peace.

1242 days ago

another explanation?    

agree with the posters who question this autopsy. he was in the hospital and has do***ented health issues. Why waste l.a. money on an autopsy? my dad died suddenly of a heart attack at 61. he had health issues, so they said no autopsy. guess he wasn't a celeb.

agree with grace's point too. i think jeff had responsibility for his life, but yet the doctors' really let him down. too many people getting addicted to pain killers. there are better ways. once you go down that road for chronic pain, very hard to get off it. we see it with celebs the most (anna nicole, michael jackson, judy garland, ETC.) but it happens to regular folks too.

Sad. just a waste.

1242 days ago


Jeff has wanted to die for a long time. You think it's fair to ask someone who was living in that much chronic pain to stick around. Society would slap a 'cruelty to animals' charge on a person that left their pet live like this yet there is no euthanasia system in place for people. How barbaric a world we still live in.

1242 days ago


It is disgusting how these butchers make up any reason they have to in order to tear up your loved ones bodies. I hope when they themselves die, they get the same treatment...and with dull/rusty implements.

1242 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Nof said now STFU and go blow atroll ..oh wait if you could (like a dog) you would never leave your house..

1242 days ago


RIP Greg Bosworth...

1242 days ago
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