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Avril Lavigne -- Take Me Out to the F*@&%+ Ball Game!

5/29/2011 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Avril Lavigne was all smiles when she threw out the first pitch before last night's Tampa Bay Rays game, but she lobbed a few four-letter words at the crowd when a technical glitch messed with her post-game concert.

According to local reports, Avril's mic didn't work at the start of her show ... and she responded to the cavalcade of boos by yelling obscenities at crowd.

Rays rep Rick Vaughn tells TMZ, "The Rays demand profanity-free performances from all of our concert performers and we are extremely disappointed by the language used in last night's show. It is not consistent with the family-friendly atmosphere that Tropicana Field is known for."

Calls to Lavigne's rep were not returned.

UPDATE -- Several of our readers were in attendance last night and point out via our message board ... that while Avril did drop a few F-bombs, they weren't directed at anyone in particular. Her real fans, it seems, enjoyed the show just fine.

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mannequin 3 minutes ago

Well, she has a pretty smile...

LOL oh yes

1243 days ago


Sports fans need to demand better then these carnival acts who show up only because some agent wanted to keep their main act busy while they set up the tent in the next town.

1243 days ago


I was at the Rays show last night. There was technical with the mic at the beginning of her post game concert. But after that she put on a show that I would expect from Avril. She did drop the f bomb after the technical difficulty and but at the end of her concert she did apologies. I did find it amusing that the Ray spokesman who went on to apologies could not seeing that he also had the mic that failed to work at the beginning of the concert. I feel like the Ray who dropped the ball to the Indians also drop the ball in this post game concert.

1243 days ago


I guess TMZ pushed that one "through" their AZZZ. A spell checker doesn't check context.

1243 days ago

PRO US    

Avril Lavigne is the same person who spat at the paps after she got buzzed at the bars in LA. She doesn't have much class.

But she's kinda cute looking with a rocking bod and she has a few hit songs. If you want lip synching, go see great American "singers" like Beyonce or Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna or Fergie or Janet Jackson. They lip synch because they can't sing worth a hoot without Auto-Tune and computerized studio equipment to doctor their off-key voices.

At least, Avril sings (sorta), and doesn't lip synch.

Lip synching in "live" concerts is trying to cheat, fool and disrespect the audience.

I don't know why people stand for lip synching. It's a fraud.

1243 days ago


she is a snaggletooth skank with bad eyeliner. brody shoulda kept banging that hottie kristin. word.

1243 days ago

PRO US    

JimmyCrapCorn about a minute ago

she is a snaggletooth skank with bad eyeliner. brody shoulda kept banging that hottie kristin. word.

Snaggletooth? Very big deal. Avril can get braces or have all her teeth capped (if she wants to)like most celebrities do and have perfect fake teeth like them. And she can use less and better eyeliner. Bet you'd still find some deficiency about her to pick on. So, she's not perfect looking? Maybe, she's human and not made of plastic? Unlike you, I guess. She also gets upset sometimes and swears sometimes, unlike you, I guess.

There's some ridiculous criticisms here by people who must themselves be perfect.

1243 days ago


What has she done in the last few years? Nothing. Abbey Dawn? Please, she' called that fashion? Dated Brody Jenner? Hahahahahaha, funny just thinking that. Go away loser.

1243 days ago

princess ali baba    

man get your teeth fixed trailer trash!

1243 days ago


This twit needs to re-invent herself. She's had the same ole boring look for years. Pathetic.

1243 days ago

No comment    

Which mental midget types the copy? Max or Nina?

1243 days ago


This article is inaccurate, and twisted to present the facts in a way that will make people click on the article.

I was AT the concert. HERE'S what happened: Avril came out and sang, "What the H*ll", but her mic feed wasn't going to Front of House. For you Rick Strouds out there, that means that she could hear herself in her in-ear monitors, but the feed wasn't split to go to where the audience could hear it. They rushed up and gave her another mic--still, no luck b/c the feed was wrong. She took a break so the Tropicana Field morons could fix it.

She came back and made a joke, which included 2 "F" bombs, which was a bad choice at a baseball game. She did NOT "pepper the crowd with expletives." Said it was a live show-she joked that it PROVED she was singing live. She serenaded the crowd with an a capella song, as if saying "Ha, ha! I can sing live." (unlike Ashlee Simpson). The crowd DIDN'T boo her, but the tech crew

1243 days ago


Hey Avril - we were doing the bright green hair in the 1980s - you're a bit late.

1243 days ago

PRO US    


Thanks for clearing this up and giving us the real story. Thumbs down to TMZ for trying to sensationalize the story by actually misrepresenting what happened and making it appear worse than it was.

Bottom line, Avril didn't intend to insult the crowd. She was just frustrated. And yes, she shouldn't have used those F-words in front of the crowd.

1243 days ago


Forget the grammar -- Avril is classless garbage. She hasn't had a hit song in years. Is this the best you can do Brody? Pathetic!

1243 days ago
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