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Arnold and Maria's Ex-Nanny: 'He Never Touched ME!'

5/30/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger was strictly a one household staffer type of guy -- this according to a former nanny who claims the governator had a wandering eye, but never got physical with her or any other female staffer.


The nanny -- who worked with Arnold and Maria Shriver during the Mildred "Patty" Baena years -- tells TMZ Arnold "was a flirt, but he never touched me inappropriately, or anyone else that I could tell."

The former staffer believes Patty must have aggressively pursued Arnold since -- as far as she could tell -- he was "respectful" of all the other female staffers.

The woman says many employees realized the resemblance between Patty's young son and Arnold -- but says Patty would only admit her husband was not the daddy.

BTW, by all counts ... the ex-nanny was more, umm ... attractive than Patty back in the day. Whatever that's worth.


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@ know I hadnt thought about Patty having some dirt on Maria...hmmmmm I guess now we have something new to think about. I do know that no one person is to blame for a failed the two of them Maria and Arnold need to share the blame....

1242 days ago


Regarding the Gore marriage --

There were huuuuge allegations from a masseuse that Mr. Gore 'attacked' her. After she disappeared, no doubt suitably compensated, Mrs. Gore filed.

How much did that little extortion scheme cost?

1242 days ago


Don't forget that Arnold has heart surgery and back surgery in 1997 when this child was conceived. Mildred was probably taking really good care of him, and maybe Maria was not near his side and being there by his side often b/c of her busy schedule?? Maybe Arnold was pissed off, and took revenge.

1242 days ago


User1 - Yes some couples grow apart and others grow closer together after 25 years as they look forward to their children's marriages and having grandchildren - each couple is different -

In this case it seems unlikely that they grew tired of each other since both Maria's son and Mildred's son were born a few days apart so old Arnold was spreading his sperm around in both women at the same time - So it wasn't a lack of sex in his marriage -

It was a lack of love, honor and commitment to his marriage and his family - abandoning his vows.

Hope his doctor gives him a placebo instead of viagra - his humping days should be behind him as apparently he doesn't take responsibility for his actions.

1242 days ago


Re: "The wife is usually the last to know "

Maria already knew Arnold was a cheater!! During the campaign, when 16 women accused him of groping, and provided dates, details and witnesses, she went out and said not to believe them. Don't believe the evidence beleive me because I am the daughter of Sargent and Eunice Shriver.

Please. Now her minions are saying that Patty is the one who ruined her marriage! The one who pursued Arnold! LMAO When you live a lie it bites you in the arse.

If it hadn't been Patty who got pregnant, it would have been somebody else. If a man cheats non-stop, it's only a matter of time before somebody gets pregnant.

1242 days ago


@ user --

So the circular logic goes: if someone lies, it is someone else's fault because they should have known that person was a liar; if someone cheats their 'marks' should have been more suspicious; if a married person cheats, it is the other party's fault for not fulfilling their needs; if a child misbehaves, the parents did not tell them no or told them no too much; and on and on and on.

How about who is taking responsibility?

1242 days ago


middleagedcrazy, it takes two people for a marriage to work.

Arnold's at fault too- no doubt. But why blame it all one person? Do we really know what Maria Shriver was like to live with? You can't judge a person by the way present themselves in the public eye. Those people who deal with her in her own home know her more than any of us do.

1242 days ago


Angeleyes, Maria had been thinking about getting the divorce in 2009 too. I read articles. I doubt it was all because of the love child- but that was just the final nail in the coffin- in this whole mess.

1242 days ago


If the gendarmes show up at you door accusing your child (family member) of something or anything -- what do you do? Demand that family member accept whatever allegations are out there or do you post bail and keep your mouth shut?

Nonsense. If it is your family member, you can not accept allegations. Loyalty demands that you defend your family member.


Oh, I forgot, that family member set you up for big time flat-footed embarrassment. So, loyalty is a great thing UNTIL THE LIARS ARE HURTING YOUR OWN CHILDREN. Which is more important -- your marriage or your children?


1242 days ago


How could Arnold hurt someone who clearly was an excellent mom and I would take a guess to be a pretty great wife as well? With THAT woman? Everytime I see that pic of that woman shown here, all I can think of is the many pages of celebs and such that have the headline of "Plastic Surgery Gone so WRONG!" She's a mess! It's what inside that counts, yes, but 4 children this 'Patty' ADMITS are not her husband's gives you a clear picture that her insides match her nasty outside!

1242 days ago


Well even before reading that I always got the impression that it was SHE who was the aggressor in the situation. Unlikely that he would have been the one doing the persuading. Some close to him have said that he preffered having sex with unattractive women cause they would "worship him more". Besides being a homewrecker in someone'e else's home, bitch also cheated on her husband, Rogelio Baena.

1242 days ago


re: " Unlikely that he would have been the one doing the persuading."

Yeah, because Arnold doesn't have a history of groping or anything like that. Patty was probably able to corner Arnold in his own home because it's not like he's powerful, or physically strong. In fact, Arnold was probably AFRAID of Patty. You know how much power Guatemalan maids wield in Hollywood and Sacramento.

1242 days ago


Angeleyes -- If you see this: your comment earlier, I totally agree with except for this part where you said "Maria lived the lavish style before Arnold came into her life and she will live it again with him out of her life - IMO as it turns out he didn't bring anything of true value into the relationship" Arnold DID bring something of true value into the relationship - 4 beautiful children..unless you meant first going in..In any case, great post!

1242 days ago





1242 days ago


why is Baena hiding?
b/c she is the one who sold her story to media?
what she is up too?

on Christmas picture
are Baena and Arnold with his son Chris (with Maria)
not son Joseph (with Baena)

1242 days ago
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