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Gloria Allred's Casino Case -- The Angry Waitresses

5/31/2011 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The waitresses who claim an Atlantic City casino fired them for being too old went public today -- blasting the place during a news conference ... in which Gloria Allred literally served up her lawsuit on a silver platter.

Gloria put the legal docs on the silver plate, mocking one of the casino's sexy new "Let us serve you!" advertisements -- declaring, "We will be serving YOU today. Not with a cocktail, but with a lawsuit."

As we previously reported, Gloria represents 9 female cocktail servers -- aged between 40 and 66 -- who claim Resorts Casino in Atlantic City fired them to make room for sexier, younger waitresses.

The women are suing for unlawful sex, age, and race discrimination -- demanding back pay, lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering.


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not much of a life = old wrinkled waitress
awesome wonderful exciting life = hot young waitress


1241 days ago


Waitresses are not whores on display for your approval, nor are they showgirls who are paid to look good. No, they are there to bring you watered down free drinks, nothing more.

1241 days ago


hmm, anybody seen that Oceans movie with the only-hot waitresses? I wonder if they were hired as "waitresses" "servers", or the key "models who serve"(Where it's perfectly legal to fire them for being old hags) :) .

1241 days ago


Well, unless they sign a contract that says you will be fired when you get all old and wrinkly and have saggy boobs-they do have a case. When you are an employer, you need to be very specific or you can get into some deep sh^t.

1241 days ago


I ran a test. I turned on my video camera and Gloria Allred showed up. If there isn't a camera, just doesn't care.

1241 days ago


These woman probably have raised family and are mothers and wives...all they want to do is work in an environment that was grateful to have them when they were if you jackasses think a drink served by a mature woman tastes different than one served by a younger woman, are all ready to drunk to know the difference. I love the attitude of use them up while they are young and then kick them to the curb...some of the best servers we've had, have been mature and experienced.
Get'em Gloria and get good.....

1241 days ago


Am I the only one who is sick of looking at Gloria Allred????!!!

1241 days ago


Kathy, you sound fat and old.

1241 days ago


If I'm going to spend my money in a casino I want a YOUNG, SEXY waitress, same as I get in Hooters. Otherwise I might as well go to the local bar. Allred is really All Washed Up.

1241 days ago


Gloria Allred is a bad ass!! These servers will get money..Gloria Allred=Money in the bank...

1241 days ago


How many professional athletes do we have within that age bracket? How many strippers? With the exception of MILF work in adult films, there comes a time where you must simply hang it up.

1241 days ago


Having worked in the service industry for 30 years, I must say that the physical demands are incredibly hard on your body. Walking in high heels serving drinks for 20 years or more would ruin your feet. Bless these women for hanging in there.

Reading the posts about wanting hot ****tail waitresses makes me very sad and disappointed that even the women are agreeing. Why do we continue to support the double standard? I have never been a prude by any means, but I grew sick of being exploited for my sexuality when I worked in bars.

I once worked as a bartender and had to wear a very sexy uniform while the male bartenders wore black pants and a black shirt. We were performing the exact same job for the same pay, but my uniform was a blatant act of exploitation of the females. When I refused to wear it, I was told that I would not be on the schedule if I didn't cooperate.

To this day, I regret that I caved in and wore the uniform. One night a female customer was angry with me, because I wouldn't put her drinks on someone else's tab. Knowing that I was doing the right thing, with nothing else to say, she yelled, "You're dressed like a whore!" In that moment I knew that I had sold out, because she was right.

Ladies and gentlemen, stop supporting this type of discrimination. I'll bet you will find older men bartending, hosting, managing and waiting tables in Las Vegas with no complaints. Why must women be tossed aside when they reach a certain age? What is wrong with this country?

1241 days ago


who the hell wants see, old ass waitresses? all saggy and baggy and OLD....

1241 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

As much as I hate her guts, I'll take her side on this one. How'd you like it if they only wanted to hire tall, blonde, white girls between, say, 21 & 29? What then?(rhetorical) WOW how the screaming would start!

Besides you drunk ugly pig lushes: What's the difference if you get served by an ugly old lady or a young pig? You know you'll still spend your money, because you're idiots for gambling in the first place.

1241 days ago


The way these women were treated wasn't right. But I do think they are too old to work in a casino. Let's be real. Younger, hotter waitresses bring in customers which equals more money for the casino. Yeah, anybody can serve someone a drink. But when you are in that type of environment, you want to relax and enjoy the scenery.

But the casino will probably end up settling with the women which they should.

1241 days ago
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