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Gloria Allred's Casino Case -- The Angry Waitresses

5/31/2011 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The waitresses who claim an Atlantic City casino fired them for being too old went public today -- blasting the place during a news conference ... in which Gloria Allred literally served up her lawsuit on a silver platter.

Gloria put the legal docs on the silver plate, mocking one of the casino's sexy new "Let us serve you!" advertisements -- declaring, "We will be serving YOU today. Not with a cocktail, but with a lawsuit."

As we previously reported, Gloria represents 9 female cocktail servers -- aged between 40 and 66 -- who claim Resorts Casino in Atlantic City fired them to make room for sexier, younger waitresses.

The women are suing for unlawful sex, age, and race discrimination -- demanding back pay, lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering.


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Why can't a business decide what it wants it's employees to look like? They have no problem dressing up in "theme oriented" costumes?

1204 days ago


Silly TMZ censorship can't have c*o*c*k in c*o*c*ktail.

1204 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

It's all an illusion anyway.

Female casino staff are usually told not to wear engagement or wedding bands so that they look "available" even though they really aren't. It's part of the game but it's a stupid game and the rules need to change.

Whether you agree or not this is age discrimination and it's illegal. The one loophole their employers might be able to exploit is that it's NOT illegal to discriminate based on appearance. If the employer were to hire and/or retain an older but still pretty girl, Gloria would be hard-pressed to prove that age was the deciding factor.

Discrimination is an odd, often tricky thing. If I want to hire nothing but big-breasted blondes, I can BUT if a man applies and I turn him down, it then becomes gender discrimination. I can still turn down all brunettes and redheads and discriminate against weight or height as well so long as the basis of the discrimination isn't a protected class.

Not that I would ever do such a thing but it's certainly within my rights as an employer.

1204 days ago


'Glory Hole' Allred is a two bit 'Hack' and I don't know why the illustrious TMZ keeps putting this race bating, gender tweaking narcissist on they're site.

She cares more for 'Her' publicity than she does the clients. She's soooo politically correct she gives the sensibility of it a bad name.

She believes every woman is oppressed and getting a raw deal and every man is an insensitive troglodyte. She never met a camera or microphone she didn't like and she uses her sharp mind to serve the lowest common denominator.

Starve her from the public cameras and microphones and in days she'll create a new reality show called, 'Wanna Be Publicity Rehab'.

The woman is a 'Joke' and we should starve this attention whore from any recognition and watch her verbal chooch dry up and wither away.

1204 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Who care's! When last call comes, and all the guys are wasted, they all look good!

1204 days ago


Then Chippendale's should hire a guy with a beer belly and no teeth.

1204 days ago

andrea P    

I worked for Taj Mahal as a ****tail server in 93 to 95...the casinos are VERY discriminatory. They weigh you every few months, if you gain 5 pounds or more, they let you go, if you become pregnant, they let you go, if you change your hair color without permission, they let you go, tattoos? they let you go...they have been doing this for YEARS. This isn't surprising.

1204 days ago


9 ****tail waitresses between 40 and 66 years old. That tells me these old bags have been waitressing for approximately 18 to 44 years. They look like 9 disasters standing behind her. These casinos are hurting for new customers and young people don't want to waste their time and money and old bags. I think Gloria Allred is a disgusting slob herself and I wish the media would ignore her. Since the media keeps putting her on its up to the rest of us to badmouth this nasty old bag. I know her man must bang a lot of hookers.

1204 days ago

Zach Swan    

If I walked into a casino and found that bunch of hags were the ones who were to serve me, I'd turn on a dime, head straight out the door and directly to the casino next door. Eventually that would mean that it wouldn't be just the hag crew that would be out of work but EVERYONE at the establishment. Sorry ladies - ****tailing is a young woman's game.

1204 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Gloria, damn....take a seat. The sad thing is after she runs out of fuel, she has a daughter who will carry on her fame for chasing.

People can hire and fire as they please. Give them a job in your office since you spend your time chasing and begging for off-color clients.

1204 days ago



1204 days ago


I feel sorry for these ladies, but we ALL get older eventually and they knew from the start what kind of business they were into. No one stays young and beautiful forever, but this kind of job requires the employee to be young and beautiful. If you insist on having this type of occupation where your job is to be eye candy, then EXPECT to be replaced eventually because men will naturally want to look at the younger models. It's nothing against YOU personally, it's just the way it is. You had your time in the sun, now let go on and move onto something more age-appropriate for you. You simply can't expect to be able to stay in this line of work until you're a senior citizen because you're no longer able to fulfill the role that you were originally hired for.

The moral of the story is that if you want a job that you can keep for more than a few years, don't get one that focuses only on your physical appearance!

Kathy, personally, I couldn't care less what the person serving me looks like, but having beautiful women adds to the attractiveness of the casino which means more money for the casino. Sad but true. I really do pity these ladies, but everyone has to face the facts of life sometime! Prostitutes, porn stars, strippers, dancers, athletes, and actresses all have to deal with the exact same dilemma. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is.

1204 days ago


The casino should pay these women full retirement.

1204 days ago


I do not like Gloria Allred one bit I think she is in it for the money but in this case I have to agree with her As a man even I am offended by the casino's actions firing those women because they did not want to wear the new outfits because they did not feel right in them, well I would have done the same thing if I was a female it's very sexist what and just because they are older women don't give the casino the right to do what they did to them that being said I hope that these women win this case it's very wrong what that casino did to them.

1204 days ago

dutchess k    

I've been to many casinos and they have waitresses of all ages but if your going to wear something like the new outfits i see why they are being let go. im in my late 20's and certain casinos are trying to bring in more younger crowds cause they are the future spenders. A lot of casinos have clubs, bars, etc. They are probably trying to upgrade their casino to bring in more people. Those older ladies definately should not be wearing the new outfits. The casino should have moved them else where maybe to customer service, housekeeping, kitchen or restaurant servers. Give them a choice either take the other position or lose your job. I do agree with the casino for letting them go on that drink server position cause of new outfits but at least offer another position in casino or hotel. If they dont want that then job will definately be filled with another person who NEEDS a job.

1204 days ago
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