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Ron Artest

Peacemaker in

L.A. Nightclub Attack

6/1/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest helped break up a ferocious man vs. woman fistfight in front of an L.A. nightclub this weekend ... and TMZ obtained footage of the entire incident.

Artest had just left a club -- and was walking down Hollywood Blvd. when a woman and a man began to throw punches at each other RIGHT NEXT to the NBA superstar. 

After some bobbing and weaving, 6'7", 260 pound Artest stepped in and quickly separated the two combatants. Once both fighters were restrained, Artest got into a waiting vehicle and went home.

TMZ spoke with Artest who told us, "Unfortunately there was a situation at the club and some people had too much to drink, and got unruly and aggressive. I tried to diffuse the situation. Some people just don't think clearly when they've had too much to drink -- it's an unfortunate reality. "

We also spoke with the female fighter -- who admits she was "wasted" ... but insists the other guy instigated the violence.

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Lander - it's the old "logic" that two wrongs make a right. Combined with a woman who can't hold her alcohol and feels entitled, by virtue of having a vagina, to hit other people.

I used to see this stuff all the time when I worked at a club. Drunk Bs getting in the middle of fights and starting fights between guys. It's what they do for fun when they're not lying about something.

1238 days ago


This is 2011. The "Don't hit a women card" no longer applies to most anymore. The card been max out!

1238 days ago


lander 7 hours ago
>>As for who threw the first punch I can't really tell from this video since I believe it's incomplete!!!

if there was video captured of the man throwing the first punch, TMZ would have put it up. TMZ loves to man-bash. the video was edited because it probably showed the psycho screaming and throwing things at him before she went in with her punches.

your shaming language is typical of your average fembot, so there's really nothing that i can write to penetrate your brickwall mindset that all men are violent aggressors.


You couldn't be more wrong! I do not believe that all men are violent aggressors at all. I said you seem like a violently agressive man. You seem very angry, why is that?
All I'm saying is I think there is more to this than is shown on this video. It looks as if Artest is holding the man back at the beginning of the video. At the end the woman seems to go after Artest's vehicle. I wondered if the man that was fighting with the woman was a friend of his, and got in the vehicle.
You don't want to offer up any information on this, which is what I was looking for. You just want to have a go at me because you think I'm female, so I must be worthy of your BS attitude. *yawn*

1238 days ago


muppet, you are worthy of your name.

1238 days ago


ron artest a G.

1238 days ago


Great! But honestly, who ever thought Ron Artest would be the sane one???

1238 days ago


the dude jumped into artest's car, but supposedly ron walked up to the fight? thats some bulsht. stop kickin it with punks ronnie and start drinking before games again you played better back then. o one more thing either the girl can take a punch or that dude punches like a btch.

1238 days ago


Perception is reality people. This story is highly spun by artest and his pr and crisis management team. I know the people involved and the truth will come out. Things are never what they seem. There are a ton of more videos showing the truth.

1238 days ago


@truth>> Hey buddy? If you want people to believe you it's probably best you keep the racist stuff to a minimum... as in none.

Just saying.

1238 days ago


Human garbage.

1238 days ago


the only reason why that went so well, because it seemed to me him and the guy fighting were the only black guys there and artest being 6'7'' i do not think any of those white folks looked like they wanted to jump in.
white people act black till the cops come

1237 days ago
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