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Nude Photos Leaked

6/2/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hacker who claims to have naked pictures of Blake Lively has just upped the ante, scoffing at claims the pics are photoshopped ... and he's posted more pictures to prove his case.

Blake Lively More
The hacker just posted 17 additional pics. Many of the pics show a nude woman whom the hacker insists is Blake.

Blake's people are adamant ... telling TMZ the person in the pics is not Blake.  The denial apparently incited the hacker, who posted the new pics, with this warning:  "Oh, yes, Blake's rep. These are totally fake.  We really, really believe you.  Want moar?  BTW, thanks for all the faps." (FYI: "faps" is a reference to pleasuring oneself)

Two of the pics show a woman clothed, holding an iPhone, and it sure looks like Blake.

Several of the nude pics show a woman's body with tattoos (no face).  Several TMZ users contacted us with an interesting point ... Blake's character in "The Town" had star tattoos on her upper-chest area.




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Charlie Fan IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT..Rihanna did this, Vanessa Hudgens and so did many's a pr people who have never heard of her before, such as me..-now know who she is!!..a lame way to get attention..imo

1151 days ago


I don't think its a PR stunt. She's trying to become a serious actress and she's dating a man who hates being in the press. She's in some deep doo.

1151 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Many people say that you know you are a celebrity and should be more careful (i do agree). But in my opinion that is exactly the problem. This is just my opinion based on the behavior of celebrities and human nature in general. Celebrities often have people falling at their feet and treating them like they are better than your average person. Many buy into this and their egos grow out of control. From diva behavior to run ins with the law there are too many examples to count. When you are treated like you are better than everyone else and get away with things that most people cannot it creates a mindset that you are special or above it all. And of course that often means "it will never happen to me, i am special". Add to that the natural urge to show off or feel wanted and this is often the result. Insecurity can play a huge part in this behavior. Or sometimes it is simply someone wanting to share something intimate with someone they are attracted to. Maybe it is someone who talked her into it, some people are very persuasive. Regardless of the many reasons, celebrities are just human beings and are just as open to mistakes as anyone else. Granted they should know better, but honestly everyone has made a mistake, and we all should have known better at one point in our lives. I am not defending or condemning this or any celebrity, just making an observation.

1151 days ago


These were taken in her trailer during "The Town". The tattoos she has were fake, used during filming. I wonder if the pictures were for Ben? hm..

1151 days ago

Tammy LM    

My God don't you people recognize a damn publicity stunt when you see one? There is NO hacker. Blake is leaking the images her damn self and crying hacker for the attention. This little trick's been pulled before.... too many times. Get a job Blake and earn a living the regular way.... by WORKING. Nobody wants to see your trashy ass standing there doing nothing anyway. You're about as a usless as Kim Kar-Crash-ian.

1151 days ago


its her

1151 days ago


There is a blind item from Ted Casablanca about a starlet that hasn't been very successful (so far) that had all the fat sucked out of her body and put in her breasts. That is exactly the kind of breasts that are in these pics - not silicone, but "enhanced".
The mole next to her nose matches....

It's her.

1151 days ago


What tattoos?

I looked at the uncensored photos literally 60 seconds ago, and out of the five I saw, NONE contain any kind of tattoos.

1151 days ago


Seriously, look at this photo and tell me it's not her.

NSFW, obviously

1151 days ago


Maybe it's a moot point, but why wait to post the other - albeit, less nudielicious - photos? The other ones were grainy and it was hard to discern for certain that it was Blake in the photos. I just wonder why a person trying to sell the photos would leave the more convincing photo(s) out in the first place? Not saying they're not real, I'm just wondering aloud.

1151 days ago


Sometimes actors and actress poise for publicity but get naked and are doing things for their pals or the rich client they don't want anyone else to know about; for cash and uh oh they get outted on their sideline naughty business. See Parasite and Kim Hump ya' babies! for details..

1151 days ago


It's become kind of a generational thing to snap naked pictures and send them to a boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe some of those photos being seen by an unintended party is a part of life for some people, but celebs should really be more careful of these "accidental" leaks. Lively is old enough to know she has a responsibility as a role model to young girls - a responsibility to not kill puppies, take nude photos of herself, smoke crack, and... that's pretty much it.

1151 days ago


So in summation I think either a) the pictures are incredible fakes, b) it's an Illuminati conspiracy, or c) Blake Lively just plain doesn't give a #*@$.
And that's all the time I'm going to waste on this ridiculous topic.

1151 days ago


Here's my stab in the dark: assuming that this series of photos was taken while Ms. Lively was filming The Town, she could have snapped herself in these various poses in preparation for her sex scene with Ben Affleck. In none of the shots does she wear the cloying kind of seductive expressions that Vanessa Hudgens sported in virtually all of her sexting pics that were released online. We haven't seen any graphic/porno crotch-shot a la Vanessa.

In fact, none of these photos bear resemblance to the ubiquitous images of naked nubile women that are hacked (or voluntarily shared) from a personal recording device. Each photo of Blake looks to me to be "test shots" she took, so that she could have detailed views of her exposed body from the various angles and in the numerous poses she might have anticipated to film in that physically revealing scene. Knowing how the camera magnifies every flaw on a person's body, it's not unreasonable to consider that Ms. Lively wanted to be aware of any perceived flaw (i.e. a blemish or spot of cellulite) before disrobing in front of the crew, under harsh lighting.

Still, regardless of whether or not she took these self-portraits as a professional aid or as intimate pictures to share with her significant other, from everything I've read about this young lady and learned from her warm interviews, she is an unaffected actresses whose level of small-screen fame and blossoming big-screen success would cause other less-grounded starlets to lose themselves in the Hollywood lifestyle that swallows up so many young actors. We don't hear about her getting drunk, doing drugs, having indiscriminate sex or crashing cars. So what if she panicked and had her representative deny the authenticity of these very personal photos? Give Blake a break. She didn't hurt anyone and has always conducted herself professionally. She has a big future ahead of her. This violation of her privacy will be a blip in her IMDb biography.

1151 days ago


please, @HM, this girl can't even act. if she had any talent, i would understand your comment but the fact is, she's nothing but a fame seeking whore who sleeps with men to get to the top. if she were totally grounded, she wouldn't resort to leaking nude pics of herself. it's so obvious she's doing this for publicity.

1151 days ago
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