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Blake Lively:

Nude Photos NOT Me!!!

6/1/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The photos circulating around the Internet purporting to be Blake Lively are fake, phony, Photoshopped, fabricated, fictional, false ... so says Blake and her people.

Sources with intimate knowledge of the actress' physical features tell TMZ ... it's simply NOT Blake's body ... and there are definitive markers proving the pics are fake.

Blake Lively Leaked Photos
Blake has hired a lawyer who is sending threatening letters to anyone who publishes the pics and implies it's her.

We did notice a 2008 photo of Blake holding the exact same phone as the one shown above, but the phone is pretty common.


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It is possible to match grain, jpeg compression artefacts, and lighting etc., then blend back in. It is possible they're faked. However IMHO they're not faked. Everything about them is consistent with an iPhone shot, including the bits that would be layered in with a forgery (taking a face from elsewhere would have to match the amp 'grain'/jpeg artefacts/potentially angle, retrospectively). Whether they're her or another lady is another question, because it's kind of a generic look. Misidentification? No idea, hadn't bothered to google her name before. But fake? Probably not. I'd bet on that.

1242 days ago

Evan Benz    

My boy - P. Hilton never fails.

1242 days ago


@Sociopaths are Sad - Each of those is highly likely. But I'm not so sure she officially landed the Leo gig yet. But even if she did (as opposed to just being in a trial period), I think she can kiss it goodbye now. It would explain why her people are scrambling to make everyone think it's fake and not her. Leo doesn't do cheap skanks...he likes to engage the clean, girl-next-door type. Which she previously had going for her, despite her widely-discussed casting couch romps with Weinstein and Affleck (and most likely others). I think somebody definitely decided she did not belong with Leo. (Maybe Leo himself? "Thanks, Ben, you're a good pal."?)

1242 days ago

Evan Benz    

@ Annoyed in MD.

1242 days ago

Timmy Boy    

mediatakeout has the pics uncensored, unfortunatlly they have their stupid banner right in the middle. Stupid, but not worst than TMZ's big azs watermark.

1242 days ago


Even with the black boxes, whoever she is looks hot. Who's this Blake person anyway?

1242 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Amy: You have some valid points here. I'm more interested in who leaked those pics than the pics themselves. Throwing Kate Winslet into the mix for the leaker. I've heard for a while now that Blake's amassed some serious enemies.

1242 days ago


what a nightmare. I would imagine something like YOUR pics displayed at a world cup game in front of millions. think about that next time you shower.

1242 days ago

Illama Chavez    

like shed really have the same phone 3 years later lol

1242 days ago


It's clearly her. The first one is obviously in an actors trailer....the type used on sets. And the second is in an expensive hotel.

The first one for sure is her....and this is coming back out in the press because???? She wants it to! She's been working the Leo thing real hard and now this? She'll be A list in a year!


1242 days ago


Clearly NOT her, this body has a large mole on the chest, look up pics of Blake on the beach and stuff, she does NOT have this mole... and she has way bigger hoo-ha's than the chic in the pic... good phpto shop though

1242 days ago

Jessica R.    

I just looked up photos of her and i dont think it is her...

1242 days ago

Brook Langston    

So you are saying my hand was lying to me?

1242 days ago


You telling me she has not gotten new phone since 2008?

1242 days ago


No, it's not her. Except for the fact that IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER. I just wish these moroninc actresses would just own it when pictures like this just happen to "leak" out. But then again, "they" do say that "everyone has a twin".

1242 days ago
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