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Octomom Doctor

License to Be


6/1/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The doctor who implanted TWELVE embryos inside Octomom -- before she conceived octuplets -- will have his license to practice medicine revoked next month ... TMZ has learned.

The Medical Board of California made the announcement today -- ruling Dr. Michael Kamrava "did not exercise sound judgment" when he implanted the large number of embryos inside Nadya Suleman back in 2008.

The attorney general’s office accused Dr. Kamrava of being grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman.

The Medical Board released a statement -- claiming, “The board is not assured that oversight through probation is enough, and having weighed the above, has determined that revocation of respondent’s certificate is necessary to protect the public.”

The revocation takes effect July 1st.


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lisa villasmil 10 minutes ago

another invetro mess because it costs like $30,000 to do it once so they put a bunch hoping only like one will proceed to make life... something like that ... ? most costs go toward expensive equipment and rent payments... etc...


Ok, but not eight or twelve, and definitely not into someone who already has 6 children.

1237 days ago


Damn. I really wanted to take my girl there so we can have quintuplets. I need a reality show, free diapers, and gerber scholarships too.

1237 days ago


I can't wait till those kids are old and smart enough to tell what is really going on behind those closed doors in La day the first 6 will be able to bust their "mom" and they will...with a peer/boyfriend/hi school counselor...etc. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE CPS FINALLY RESCUE THE LA HABRA 8 FROM THAT INSANE PERSON. I pray one doesn't die before she is exposed....:(

1237 days ago


Rico, Move to Ohio - - Dr. K is licensed there too.

Barbiemacs - - can you imagine the child tax credit for 14 kids?

1237 days ago


He should at least give Oct`o a million buck or so!!
How the hell is she going to raise 14 kids on her own ``in which that WACKY DR. should pay for ALL 8 of those kids `` from birth `` through college! What a crock of ****`e!!

1237 days ago


Barbiemacs - - Oops, I meant the earned income credit.

1237 days ago


He should also be financially responsible for raising Nadia's children. Technically, he is the one who impregnated her.

1237 days ago

Kartrashian Klown bet Octomom paid with her food stamps.

1237 days ago


realist, I am going on the assumption that Ms. Suleman does not receive any form of state or federal assistance's because she said so, now if you have proof otherwise, please put it out there or hush! I am also basing my proof that if she was receiving benefits. tabloids junkies and mainstream medias would have been all over it with evidence by now, like they have in the past because they love to hate, oops gossip. Ask Harvy and company! :)

Now all you folks out there keep accusing that woman of being on benefits. You accuse, you prove, realist.

1237 days ago


Hey team clueless,
Nutya herself admitted to receiving Social Security benefits for 3 of the 6 older kids in her interview with Ann Curry. Social Security comes out of the paychecks of those of us who WORK for a living, unlike the Nutya.

Now that she has been removed from workers comp and the tups are in daycare, there is NO reason at all she can't get off her lazy ass and get a JOB.

1237 days ago

Just Saying    

Let him keep his License and make him pay to suport all of Octomoms kids. If he doesn't we will have to with tax dollars.

1237 days ago


@ Muppet-
Where did I ever say that anyone thought he was the biological father?

What I have repeatedly referred to is the fact that he can not be held financially responsible for support because he is not bio daddy. Even a sperm donor bio daddy can not be held responsible for child support if he doesn't have custodial rights. It's all in how the contracts are written.

Cry, piss and moan all you want about making him "support" those kids, but it ain't gonna happen. Even if the existing laws were changed tomorrow, they could not be applied retroactively.

Her only shot is to sue him for malpractice. But because his actions have been deemed gross negligence, his insurance won't cover it. All she could go after is his personal assets. And since he's being sued by a credit card company and broken his lease on his office, it's a good bet those assets are zilch.

Face it, the taxpayers are going to be supporting those kid for years to come.

1237 days ago


Team nadya, I never made the assertion or the assumption that Octomom was receiving any benefits. Please read my post again. You obviously missed the point. Have you any information on who may have paid the ginormous Kaiser bill?

1237 days ago


TeamNadya and Nadya herself are under the assumption that Social Security is not public assistance for some reason:

From msnbc: The criticism turned vitriolic when it came to light that she had been supporting her first six children with the help of food stamps and Social Security disability payments for three of the kids. (Aidan, her 4-year-old boy, is autistic; Caleb and Calyssa, her 3-year-old twins, also have disabilities.)

From NBC: Suleman told NBC's "Today" she doesn't consider the public assistance she receives to be welfare

1237 days ago


@Ilovegossip. Thanks for the MSNBC info. In other words, your tax dollars and mine.

For those who may not know - - food stamps are part of the "Transitional Assistance" department of the County of residence, funded by the State. So they don't call it "welfare" anymore - - - tomato - - - tomahto.

1237 days ago
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