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'Sparah' RIPS Heidi & Spencer

They're FAKE Celebs!

6/1/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgin Mobile spoof couple "Sparah" just turned the tables on Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag -- telling TMZ, feuding with Speidi is a GIANT waste of time ... because the former "Hills" stars are not even real celebs.


As we previously reported, Pratt went on the rampage recently -- calling "Sparah" a blatant rip-off ... and demanding Virgin Mobile pay him and Heidi money for bogarting Speidi's likeness in their new commercials.

But reps for "Sparah" -- the spoof celeb couple who stars in Virgin Mobile's new ad campaign -- tell us, Virgin's new duo has zero time to respond to Spencer's diatribe "due to their pressing endorsement commitments with Virgin Mobile and their frequent interactions with real celebrities."

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fakest of them all?



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1238 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    


1238 days ago


I really don''t like spencer and I think Heidi just needs to make up with her Mom....but I have to say the first thing I thought when I saw Sparah was how funny they are spoofing Speidi. I actually agree with Spencer. I think virginia mobile came up with Sparah because of Speidi. And then I thought where has old Speidi been don't see them much lately, i guess we have Sparah now and they are so

1237 days ago


Heidi and Lug Nut Spencer made their money and blew it out of their butts on Crystals,Rentals and Bad Voice Lessons etc.
They are on the "G List" now GRUESOME and Pathetic!

Maybe Mommy and Daddy will buy them some Ice Cream if they're good-lol

1237 days ago

Through My Eyes    

"Sparah" are paid to act. They get paid to do what they're doing unlike "Speidi", who aren't getting paid at all.

1237 days ago


The fake couple is much more attractive than the "real" couple.

1237 days ago


They are NUTS for sure. There are lots of celeb couples that have been branded by both names together (brangelina). Spencer is so full of himself that he can't see anyone else. It's not all about them. GO AWAY and STAY AWAY. Heidi may have been able to have some sort of career if she had just dumped that crazy man...but...she's a hasbeen now.

1236 days ago


And boom goes the dynamite.

1234 days ago


Had no idea how revolting spencer is. By proxy, she probably would have been alright by herself, can't bear to look at the heidi thing without a pressing urge to throw up. Talk about narcissistic and despicable.

Only other entity in this league (vile things) would be the kardashian [the oldest one] girl's partner who was stuffing dollar bills in the mouth of a waiter.

The phenomena of thinking they can do no wrong is common amongst lottery winners or what they call neuveau rich in europe.

Delayed gratification is an insult to their psyches. They fail to understand at this stage, the money 'is still young' or give it the right weightage (is that a word?) in things that define them. Things like relationship with GOD, relationships with associates and colleagues - general descent human consideration of the world around you.

The money is not anchored yet. As easily as it came, with a couple of mis-steps [and they've started down that path], it shall be gone.

Just ask some artistes [Braxton - 'that's my girl' and really needs all the support she can get -awesome mother too. God keep her and her child]

S. Morgan (...her ex has all kinds of money) or better yet, Ms. P. Kluge (had it made, couldn't keep her legs shut) but Kluge R.I.P Left her established.

We are talking a home valued at $100m + a winery [both of which she's had to sell off or is trying to unload for peanuts. Been on the market a while and no sign of interest from anyone but the millionaire with visions of being a billionaire [the one that had 'a team of lawyers in HI investigating Potus' the one with the penguin haircut - the sleaze ball that starts ALL his statements with 'excuse me', the one that thinks his background of 'making deals' prepares him for prime time as potus - yet his filed bankrupty on almost all his dealings and now, doesn't even own the businesses but contracts his name for use to the businesses.

We are talking real money here not the real housewives' ghetto change of $30 to 60 million change - except the Maloofs or the Kelsey heifer before she was the ex. Goes to illustrate how listening to certain psychics [ Allison Dubois - She claims that it was a case of bad editting! I guess BRAVO edited all those words into her mouth! She is an innocent victim!] can be hazardous to your mental and marital health.

RHOBH certainly not the NY or NJ (hint at gangland affiliation) variations. That thug that screams at people - Teresa Guidace or the pseudo godfather of that crew - Caroline Manzo.

Something about that whole 'getup' that gives one the mightiest of hibbie jibbies. It's the only version i can not bring myself to watch.

Short response > Spencer is BAD PEOPLES. Seems those crystals he is into have no effect. Methinks this is a function of the fact that he is too wicked.

Slams virgin indeed. Has he any idea how hard or fast they can short circuit his 'acting career?'

1221 days ago
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