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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Son Patrick Burger Down

6/2/2011 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger probably would have tried a beer summit with his son Patrick, but since the kid is just 17, Arnold settled for a burger today in Santa Monica.

Arnold and Patrick showed up separately and chowed down at Umami Burger less than an hour ago, and the conversation must have been interesting.  They're still inside the restaurant.

You'll recall ... after Arnold's love child scandal broke, Patrick tweeted with the last name of Shriver, not Schwarzenegger.  So Mr. S clearly had his work cut out for him.


UPDATE: Arnold and Patrick just left Umami TOGETHER -- and got into the same car.



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KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

He's teaching his son to be like him (yuk) ....or bribing him,or threatening him with you ain't gonna get any part of my money in the will/divorce... Trust me. I know.. the man always tries to get the kids on their side to go against the mom. They're pigs that way. The women may try it.BUT men are the ones that can be evil this way.. ARNOLD should go back to the country he came from. PIG. and he has ALSO ALLOWED his other son Christopher to turn OBESE.. what a selfish PIG..

1202 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=

1202 days ago


whoa someone's shakin arnie's hand in the first pic....who would wanna do that after all the hurt he put his family through & the mess he made as gov! btw patrick resembles both arnie & their young-pix and you'll see.

1202 days ago


Patrick's hawttt

1202 days ago


Hmmm . . . How come the gossip media does not report Patrick's tweet from 15 May, about his "new" name?

"Just had my confirmation!Added achilles, Get ready for my new name: Patrick Arnold Achilles Shriver Schwarzenegger. Now that's a long name."

To be fair, the gossip media should post this tweet with their revalation that he changed his name to Shriver. Bet GOSIPMEDIA doesn't even know when or why he listed Patrick Shriver under PSchwarzenegger.

Some of us were "following" Patrick on Twitter BEFORE GOSIPMEDIA started to chase him on twitter . . .

1202 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

That kid is cute!

1202 days ago

JM in San Diego CA    

Sorry to be a downer but I clicked the link just to say I am sick and tired of Arnold. He's a bum on multiple levels.

Stop covering Arnold, except if he gets sued or if he disappears into a volcano.

1202 days ago


Patrick's a nice looking guy and goes to high school - moved out of the big family house and likely likes to hang out with his friends and stay away from all this media hype. I'm sure both his parents have told him this unfortunate happening has nothing to do with the love and care they have for their children - It's an issue between his parents and there is nothing he can do about it -
Patricks life is all ahead of him and meeting with either his Dad or Mom for a lunch is great - I'm glad he's taking the Shriver name as it's one to be proud of - His Grandfather was truly a man to be respected.

1202 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Wasn't he planning to change his last name to Shriver? I heard that somewhere. And how come Arnie never apologized.

1202 days ago



1201 days ago


Oh come on... if they REALLY wanted to talk, why the hell would they go to a public burger joint?

Arnold is probably 'Using' his son for a twist of Positive publicity. I'd put NOTHING past that clown haired, jello boobed, state raping, maid porkin, wife cheating, baby making, family breaking, fugly humping narcissist.

Hide the Help and the children!

1201 days ago


His son is cute. I just hope he learns from his fathers massive mistakes and treats woman with some respect when he's older...

1201 days ago


I don't know how his two rather unattractive parents got together and create him, but...he's sure nice to look at.

1201 days ago


I think all the kids are cute in their own way and hope they survive this mess without too much acting out.

John Edwards was just indicted for misusing and lying about campaign funds -- things that make you hmmmmm.

1201 days ago


@ Observer and QE2 --

Yup. I agree.

1201 days ago
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