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Brooke Mueller

Cry for Help

On Paris Hilton Show

6/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller had a dramatic emotional break down on Paris Hilton's reality show -- literally crying for help during a real-life confrontation with Hilton's mother.060211_paris_mueller_still

The clip ran during a tease for next week's episode of "The World According to Paris" -- and it's unclear if Mueller was referring to her ongoing substance abuse issues.

Shockingly, the show seems to contain some very real moments from Brooke -- including a fight with her assistant over Mueller's struggle with alcoholism.

She also mentioned her turbulent relationship with Charlie Sheen several times throughout the show.

As TMZ previously reported, during the time Brooke was shooting the show, she was in a nasty custody war with Sheen over their twin boys ... and eventually fell off the wagon. She checked into a rehab center following the relapse in April.


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Paris Hilton is so 2006. I watched the show to give her a chance but she comes off as a b*tchy snobby ditz. Wont be watching again.

1238 days ago


what people will do to get ratings.....its all me me me me to these losers.Thye will sell their own souls and anyone who gets in their way better watch out,even their children....hollywood is a tough town

1238 days ago

artie help    

paris AND her mom both qualified for obamacare waivers.

1238 days ago


Good luck, Brooke. I hope you conquer your demons.

1238 days ago


Alcoholism sucks.I applaud Brooke, this is really what it looks like-she has been so sick for so long, she doesn't even know who she is or what she wants.I feel bad that the Hilton's would even put her on the show knowing this. However,the world needs more honesty/info about this disease and this does help.If youre not an addict you have no idea, it sucks out your soul. Judge the Hilton's if you must - but don't judge Brooke.

1238 days ago


How does Brooke Even know the Hiltons???? Where did She even come from, like where did charlie get her from... IF she was smart she would take ques from Dennis??? She's gonna be the one really sitting pretty... You know the Sheen Family LOVES her...

1238 days ago


The World According to Paris, don't miss the drama, intrigue and the stupidity.

This commercial was brought to you by TMZ.

1238 days ago


So far Charlie has taken all the heat for the problems between them, Charlie has been trying to say all along that it is not just him.This proves that Brooke is as messed as Charlie. If you recall during their initial fight that went public, according to police Charlie's blood alcohol was only .02 Brooke's was way over the legal limit. At first Brooke tried to retract her story saying she was drunk but was then faced with the possibility of being brought up on criminal charges for filing a false police report. I think it is ridiculous that the boys were removed from Charlie's care because of lies Brooke made up then the judge orders them both to take random testing. Charlie keeps coming up clean but Brooke refused to take a test and was given a total pass on it by the judge and the boys remained in her care despite video evidence Brooke was under the influence of crack. I just don't get it. Neither should have the boys until they have done the addiction courses and have a consistent record of coming up clean and not refusing to take the tests.

1238 days ago


Addiction sucks. I hope Brooke is able to win her battle with it. She has 2 beautiful boys that need their mom.

1238 days ago


Brooke Mueller is such an ugly woman. Complete degenerate. Any woman who is a serial drug abuser like this when she is pregnant should be jailed for life.

Makes you wonder why she would allow herself to be seen on reality TV in such unfortunate situations that only make her look worse then her reputation (if that is possible.)

1238 days ago


This is not what Hollywood is meant to be. These are not real actors and actresses. People are more interested in drug addicted slime than watching high caliber acting for entertainment.
There are hundreds of drug addicted moms in any town. A real actor is one in a million.

1238 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Brooke is such a POS! Contributes absolutely nothing! Says something about this "show" that she's on it.

1238 days ago


She is to have shared custody with Charlie?? Someone needs their head examined!!

1238 days ago


this is the reality that many feminist try to continue to deny and place blame on the Man instead of BOTH parties..

the time has come, you cant deny the fact that this lady has some serious issues and the family courts need to be revamped since Best interest of the child still seems to be a popularity contest.

I hope Brooke and Charlie get themselves together and sober up.. brooke needs to stop the lying.. charlie ooh bro how i feel for you.. but im concerned more than ever on the im even more concerned on his behavior and antics.. i like the guy think he's freaking hillarious.. but knew it was only a matter of time before some vixen took him down.. and he fell pretty hard over the Denise Richards incident and now on-going with Brooke the baby-mama drama... yea you need a couple of goddess' nutpockets to get over these 2 anyday!.

you cant say since you can afford a nanny that the child is safe.. thats B.S or paying $150,000 in child support gurantee's the childs safety and mental stability.. BS!~ BS! BS!

she used it to get her an even bigger HIGH than her own ego itself.

1238 days ago


Perhaps she finally realized that the boys have inherited the
addiction gene from BOTH parents!!! Maybe she figured out that
Bob and Max have a 50-50 shot at growing up to be crack headed porn star lovin' losers like their dad. Or could it be she's
freaking at the notion that her ex is going broke!!!

1238 days ago
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