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OctoMom -- BIKINI CAR WASH to Save House!!!

6/3/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanna see Octomom in a bikini again? Got a dirty car? If you answered "YES" to either question ... it's time to make some lifestyle changes ... but until you do, Nadya Suleman is having a BIKINI CAR WASH!

It's the Octomom's latest attempt to fix her house problems -- we're told Nadya plans to hold a bikini car wash fundraiser on June 18  in L.A. at the Melrose Strip Auto Detailing in Hollywood... and she's inviting some well-known D-listers to help her out.

Among the bikini-clad ladies -- Charlie Sheen's porn star Capri Anderson ... and a whole mess of randoms like Reggie Bush's alleged mistress January Gessert, and Mel Gibson's alleged mistress Violet Kowal.

Car washes are $20 ... $30 if you drive an SUV -- and for a little extra, Octomom might just wax and polish your undercarriage.



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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    


1236 days ago


PATHETIC--she is, and TMZ--you're really grasping for a story here.

1236 days ago


Really Octomom...Add former wrestler Chyna, a chimp & a Ferris wheel and you can have a carnival.

1236 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL. I'll swing by if Lindsay Lohan is there.

1236 days ago


Uh, that would require her to actually work so I doubt it will happen unless she's planning on those misfortunate children of hers to do the job. She really is pathetic.

1236 days ago


Yikes, I wouldn't let any of those freaks touch my car or anything else that belongs to me.

1236 days ago


Octomom might get arrested for that. I Los Angeles County and several others, it is ILLEGAL to wash your car at home and then let all that oil, grime, polluted dust and waste water filled with brake fluid, antifreeze & worse drift into the storm drains which empty DIRECTLY INTO SANTA MONICA BAY killin' da fishies. SHe should get a sponsoring Car Wash to help her out with her little endeavor. By Law, they MUST treat their waste water and they don't dump it into storm drains. If anyone see Octomom doing this, call the Dept. of Water & Power and report an active attempt at pollution going on. Also call the local cops. Let them arrest all those dumb puddings and let them jiggle in Jail.

1236 days ago


How much to tap that?

1236 days ago


I may just donate some money so she'll stop wearing a bikini. DIS-GUST-ING!!!

1236 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

to Davpolllis1 -

There's always room for Jello! (in jail)

1236 days ago


Hmm...Can't she get a real job as a housekeeper in a hotel or receptionist, hair dresser, waitress...etc? It's disgusting when such women use their bodies to get quick money. aww!!

1236 days ago


It's becoming kinda sad.

1236 days ago


C'mon TMZ -- enough already with this crazy baby machine. She's not famous, she's not a celebrity. She's a retar.d with a bunch of kids that she can't support -- how is she any different from a million other welfare recipients in the US? Stop giving her all this attention.

This used up headcase needs to get a real job (something she's never had) and learn to support her own! Better yet, get that hack of a fertility doctor to pay support for her litter, since he's the one that wanted fame and fortune bad enough to implant her with 12 embryos. I'm sick of this beeyotch and I wish she'd fall into the ocean.

1236 days ago


Jackie about an hour ago

Hmm...Can't she get a real job as a housekeeper in a hotel or receptionist, hair dresser, waitress...etc? It's disgusting when such women use their bodies to get quick money. aww!!

Your right it is soooo disgusting. Octopu ssy was using her body to make money long before the bikinis by getting impregnated with so many babies. How is this skank able to face the public knowing she has scammed her way through this whole thing. Making the tax payer pay for workmans comp, her childrens disabilities, hospital bills, food, clothing for her (I mean the children), she wears bikinis now, makeup and plastic surgery. WOW, I just can't fathom the audacity of this...........(fill in the blank). Are all these skanks going to work for free and give Octopu ssy the money? Will a car wash actually make enough to save a house? OR is this a way for all the skanks to give out their numbers on the side. You know (wink wink) the money the girls make under the table when they aren't (cough) making movies or (cough cough) modeling.

1236 days ago


another composite ohoto..tmz must have gotten a new toy and is going to wear it out

1236 days ago
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