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Designer Roberto Cavalli

In a Pinch

6/3/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Roberto Cavalli proved he's a very hands on fashion designer while on vacation with his hot younger girlfriend in Sardinia on Thursday

The 70-year-old has that magic touch.


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I don’t know who I’m more disgusted with: him for being such a lecherous ba*tard or her for degrading herself to be in his company. That’s what happens when you value looks over anything else. Girls have no self esteem and don’t value themselves unless they are hanging over some old goat with money. Sickening.

1241 days ago


Thats cute

1241 days ago


MightyMad: Didn't you tell me not to judge people earlier when I made a comment about Korvorkian? Look whose the hypocrite now!

1241 days ago


Gross. That an attractive young woman would be with something old and disgusting like that simply because he is wealthy. The thought of his crypt keeper like face and body entwined with hers makes me want to puke.

1241 days ago


Do men ever NOT think about pus-y?
Daaaaaag, it’s obvious they'd screw a comatose victim!!!

1241 days ago


Lisa villasmil: You don't need to be a crazy Euro girl to shack up with someone that old...just crazy. i.e. Anna Nicole Smith with the 87 year old; anyone with Hugh Hefner; Jack Nicholson and Lara Flynn Boyle...etc, etc. Crazy in general is all you need. :)

1241 days ago


That's sooooooooooooo gross!!!! Ewwwww!!!

1241 days ago


women commenting here are idiots.

1241 days ago


Dating a old man like this really shines a bad light on some women. Obliviously it is for his fame and money. Otherwise, the extremely young woman would probably scream “He is gross, perverted, and way too old”, and date someone her age. Women like this want respect and to be taken seriously. How? Bottom Line: Money.

1241 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

themare I think about this themare it makes me sick to my stomach!!!

1241 days ago

The General    

Viagra has contributed to the downfall of society. Who said "money can't buy me 'love?' I guess it can and does in the form of a little blue pill and a fat wallet.

There's not enough money in the world to make me get with that rotting old cadaver.

1241 days ago


YEEE YUCK.....look at that GLOB of saggy grossness in his armpit. where does that go when he stands up. yeeesh

1241 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Caption should have read:

She takes an inch, while he get's a pinch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1241 days ago


I am 25 and my boyfriend for 8 years is now 40 years old. I am realizing more as time goes on, we are in 2 different stages in our lives. I always want to bring him to events I am invited to but he's past the party stage and I felt so alone when I did go by myself that I just stopped going out. Now I sit home and do nothing with him and its okay at times but this is not me. I don't even know how she is comfortable being seen holding hands and kissing him in public. My boyfriend looks 30-ish but I think what bothers me is that I know he is 40. I always feel like people are looking at us funny because they can tell our age difference. I think its better for most people to stick to dating people within a 5 year age range, because it just comes to a point where you will be going through different things and your partner will not be able to relate.

1241 days ago


If girlfriend wants to sell her soul that's her business....
More power to the old coot with the big wallet!

1241 days ago
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