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Ultimate Warrior to Hulk Hogan -- I STILL Hate You!

6/3/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Ultimate Warrior is PICKING A BRAND NEW FIGHT with Hulk Hogan -- and honestly ... we can't seem to figure out why.

Warrior just uploaded a couple of new bizarre, ranting videos to YouTube ... trashing Hogan -- aka Terry Bollea -- for allegedly being rude to Warrior fans on various social networking sites recently ... we think.

One of the videos features Warrior in his gym -- all fired up -- telling Hogan he was hoping Hulk would welcome Warrior back into his life with a hug or "one of those womanly handshakes" ... but he seems upset that Hulk continues to ignore him.

For the record, Hulk and Warrior haven't faced off in the ring since 1998 ... and Hogan won.  Bitter?

0603_macho_man_launch_miniBut Warrior still has heart -- in fact, last we heard from him, he was all choked up over Macho Man's death.

UPDATE: Hulk responded on Twitter -- saying, "Don't worry about the warrior he had his chance and couldn't perform right anyways. Trying to get his one last shot."

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No Avatar

sloppy seconds    

since 1988 and hogan won?! WTF?! wrestling is FAKE dummies! so the person who wins the match is decided before hand! geez! fail!

1236 days ago


Charming and funny in their day -- 20 years ago.

Am not going to pay to see 60yo guys hurting themselves, no matter how well-maintained and professional. The wear and tear on those poor old guys -- nope not gonna bite.

1236 days ago


His comeback in WCW was a big flop, if they are setting this up for another comeback they might as well forget it, no one can control this guy, his brain is too fried.

1236 days ago


UMM wrestling is fake. This is all BS

1236 days ago


Way too many roids... he still think he's relevant

1236 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

Fake Fake Fake

1236 days ago


Why? because they are ACTING, that's why. They might be planning a reunion and this is the first part of the scripted show

1236 days ago

todd lee    

Dude needs to get over it. Nobody cares anymore. Is wrestling still around anytmore?

When i used to watch WWF back in 1986-1990, The Ultimate Warrior was my #1 favorite wrestler and i hated Hulk Hogan, but its time to grow up and move on.

1236 days ago


He ain't gonna win no award for that performance.

1236 days ago


It wouldn't surprise me if this is all to build up hype for him to come back into wrestling in tna to feud with hogan.

1236 days ago


aww- no one payin attention to you any more?
sic em'

1236 days ago

a mere mortal    

from this:

to this: http://www.almightyphilly.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ultimate_warrior1.jpg

Alright. So apparently a number of things have happened since this man retired from the WWF.

He has legally changed his name from James Brian Helwig,
to ‘The Ultimate Warrior’,
to the more catchy and easy for him to remember/spell, Warrior.’

He has been touring the country as a political speaker
attempting to spread his ultra-conservative views.

He is still bat**** crazy.
Here are the highlights of the Warrior speaking to students at the University of Connecticut....

Things individuals who want legitimate respect
from their peers and others shouldn’t say.
At all.....
In any situation.....
Let alone in public to actual people:

“Who raised you? Who changed your ****ty diapers? Who fed you and stuck a nipple in your mouth?”

When dominated in an arguement, just yell out “What are you smoking?”

“You’re entitled to your wrong opinion about things.”
“What country do you live in? What are you doing here? Somebody else please.”

“Don’t have an orgasm on me honey.”
“Queers are as legitimate as homosexuals? Queering doesn’t make the world work”

“I have a guy here shooting the biography of my life, lets get him to videotape of you (a homosexual in the audience) hooking up and see if it (produces) a baby.”
“I don’t care if you kiss another man, you can do it right here.”

“I just told you, queering doesn’t make the world work.” (needed to be repeated because the first time I’m pretty sure people couldn’t believe their ****ing ears)

“15 years from now don’t let the tin cup I hit hit you in the mouth and knock your teeth out.”

to the homosexual, “I can’t hear you, you’re gonna have to take that object out of your mouth.”

1236 days ago

Tom C.    

If they get in the ring again that'd be like Super Bum Fights...

1236 days ago


The guy is a far right wing nut job. So the fact that he goes on diatribes and is full of anger and hate is hardly surprising.

1236 days ago


Blame it on the brain damage the muscle head steroid using jugheads have experienced in this pathetic excuse for entertainment. WHO CARES? IT isALL just B/S!!!!It is all just a staged act for attention and the publicity that TMZ gives em so willingly. (FOR THE STANDARD FEE!)

1236 days ago
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