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6/5/2011 12:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Airbus 320 surfaced in Newark, NJ yesterday, looking grounded.

The plane is being taken to an aviation museum in North Carolina, where it will go on permanent display.


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do i want to see a plane that landed safely?

1235 days ago


That was one of gods miracles , thank you for some good news .

1235 days ago


Wow, she has really let herself go over the years. :/

1235 days ago

Brian Austin    

Hey Jim, that had nothing to do with God or a miracle. It had to do with the skill of Sully the pilot. Give credit where credit is do. Get out of here with that garbage.

1235 days ago


AGREES``````````````100% with Brian!!!!! Sully is the only HERO in this story!! ☺

1235 days ago

not available    

Hey Jim, where was god on 9/11 or any other aviation disastor? Was that his day off or something? Sully is a magnificent pilot and deserves ALL the credit.

1235 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

snazzy comment, reference to religion, snide remark about religion, congratulate the pilot. The end!

1235 days ago


wow.... the God non believers really get fired up, I pray that he helps and saves you from yourselves @ Jim, the spat, cursed and disowned Jesus but we both know he is the Living and TRUE GOD, continue to pray for our non believing brothers and sisterd.

1235 days ago


It has EVERYTHING to do with GOD!!!! Sully is a hero & had God by his side the whole time.

1235 days ago

Mr Impressionable    

Ms Maddz,
Lol, your ignorance is completely and utterly abundant with your so called preach to the non-believers. Your limited view of reality is so distorted because of that book called the bible that it has fogged your perception of other people. Live your life to the fullest, but don't wish something like your faith upon anybody, its a personal opinion. Sully's actions is what saved all those peoples lives. He is a true hero in our time. I am in complete congruence with Brian.

1235 days ago

who cares    

God/Jesus is dead you idiots he has no control over anything but believers minds.

1235 days ago


Jim and his myopic stupidity nauseates me. When disaster is averted through the skill and sheer talent of humans his ilk instead thanks some mythical fart in the wind and yet when atrocities take place on a nearly hourly rate they simply look the other way, shrug their shoulders and say it was "god's will".

Jim, I really hope you get a massive dose of "god's will" as soon as humanly possible.

1235 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

the truth is he made a significant mistake. the plane had enough energy to glide back to the runway. that's most likely a standard training scenario and that's why they climb so hard on take off, exactly to have enough power to return if there is engine failure.
he was fixed on that river and it could easily have gone totally wrong.
it's an unfortunate american spirit to make heroes out of people who are anything but. soldiers who fight wars based on obvious lies for instance.

1235 days ago


That, my friends, is the only time an airliner made a water landing without loss of life.

1235 days ago

Jon Vosburg    

Dan Frederiksen..Thankfully you were not piloting that plane..chances are every one would be dead..there is no proof at all that the plane could have made it back to the airport none at all. yes with one engine failure he could have gone anywhere. I flew for an airline for many years..we don't practice total loss of power in the sims. Don't second guess someone who had a second to make a choice. the river was the best..he never put any people one the ground in danger.

1235 days ago
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