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Rep. Weiner

YES, the Penis Bulge is Mine

6/6/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NY Congressman Anthony Weiner just confessed ... he IS the owner of the penis in the infamous  underwear pic and accidentally posted it on Twitter while trying to send it to another woman -- and he WON'T be resigning.

Rep Weiner

Weiner addressed the media in Manhattan this afternoon to take responsibility for the picture -- telling reporters, "The picture was of me, and I sent it" ... and he planned to send it to another woman.

The congressman says he will not resign from office because of the scandal -- and plans to return to his work following the conference.

As for his explanation, Weiner says he accidentally posted the pic to his Twitter account last month -- panicked when he realized what he did ... and falsely claimed he had been hacked.

"At the end of the day ... I lied because I was embarrassed."

Weiner adds, "I take full responsibility for my actions ... I have made terrible mistakes. I have not been honest with myself, my family , and my constituents."

According to Weiner, he engaged in several "inappropriate conversations" online -- and exchanged sexually explicit photos with "at least six women."

Weiner adds, "I have never met with these women, nor have had physical relationships at any time."

Weiner says he and his wife don't have plans to split over the controversy.


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"At the end of the day ... I lied because I was embarrassed."
Not because of the picture, but the fact he was trying to send it to Rick Santorum.

1234 days ago


So true Trish, well put!

1234 days ago


Now he's gone full disclosure, including things not previously known about I feel sorry for his wife first and second for him, because it's such a stupid thing to have happened. I don't think congressmen are somehow any less fallible than other people, even if they may, occasionally, be bigheaded. The only difference between this story and a politician being caught in an affair is the internet and that there was no physical contact. IMHO, regardless of his party (I'd be saying the same if it were a Republican), if there was no physical contact it's just stupid and he shouldn't resign. They were all adults. I think the embarrassment and thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Weiner jokes in his future are punishment enough.

1234 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

Men are just so disgusting...

First we have Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho)who trolls men's bathroom looking for sex. Then we have Chris Lee (R Congressman , the Craigslist Congressman looking for cross dressing and transsexuals prostitute so that he can "spoil them". Then Arnold...... Now Weiner, out all of them, I would have thought Weiner would've been the more loyal to his wife, but he turned out to be another pig. But I don't feel bad for those women since all stand by their men, especially after being caught looking for sex with another man! Not that it matters who a married person cheats with.

1234 days ago


forgive Wiener? Yes. He covered this up out of shame and embarrassment and we have all been in times like that before.

Should he resign? Yes. Covering this up and verbally attacking other people for his own personal issues is truely shameful and is not the kind of thing we should be tolerating from our public officials.

Should his wife dump him? No. He claims his wife knew about these relationships with other women, some of them from before he was even with his wife. He claimed he discussed this openly with her. If those things are true and she was okay with this, then it wasn't cheating and therefore there's no reason to dump him now just because it's become public. Agreements about sexual activity are between him and his wife. I and none of us should be jumping between them and telling them what sexual issues are and are not okay in their marriage. Those are their decisions to make, not ours. Who are we to tell them what they can and cannot do outside of THEIR marriage?

The real problem here was the deceit and sliminess of his character by repeatedly denying all of this until he was backed into a corner and had no other choice but to come clean. We should hold our public officials up to a higher standard.

1234 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, and i'm sure he's totally embarassed to have such huge junk in his trunks!! i bet all men would be. shame on mr weiner. you are a really bad boy!!!

1234 days ago


As far as I'm concerned it's no big deal. He should keep his congressional office and he also should be proud of his bulge!

He didn't cheat on his wife by having sex with another person, he simply did a little soft core porn on the net with another adult.

Remember for some reason we now try to hold our representatives in government to a much higher scale than is common for any normal man.

Remember, F.D.R. had Missy LeHand for around 20 years and then after she died he had Lucy Page Mercer Rutherfurd as his mistress all the time being married to Elanor.

Dwight Eisenhower while married to Mammi, had Kay Summersby Morgan as his driver and mistress during WW II, and simply as his secretary and mistress all his White House years.

JFK had both Marlyn and a fella named Lem in his life from when he was around 15years old. Lem even had his own adjoining connecting bedroom to JFK in the White House.

History values the above three Presidents. We overlook their faults. We need to give Mr. Weiner a break and do the same.

1234 days ago


Shouldnt we be a little more concerned that someone has hacked into his account, stolen private pictues and looked at private emails he has sent to someone. He was not using government computers or an government accout. So this is his private things being taken and shared with the nation. There is something wrong with this. This can happen to anyone private or public citizen. We need to focus on how to stop this from happening.

1234 days ago


Now that we have seen an up close shot of his penis bulge there is no way anyone can look at him and not think of it.

1234 days ago


@Trish you sound like one of those self-involved women that thinks every man wants her, and every woman is jealous. Sad sack divorcee would be my guess.

1234 days ago


What a tool. Pun intended. Why hasn't anyone pointed out the obvious: clearly the man is mentally ill. He actually thought it was ok to go online AS HIMSELF, A MARRIED, SITTING CONGRESSMAN, and do this stuff. He has to be mentally ill, and a mentally ill person should not be in the congress. Dude didn't even try to conceal his identity. Mental...

1234 days ago

Rob Base    

Time to bring out the Democrat media playbook.

1. Try to hide story.
2. Say that the story was from a right wing source to lower the credability.
3. Mention other republican scandals in the past to make it seem like everybody does it.

After press conference admitting wrongdoing

1. 1 day of full coverage.
2. Day after no mention of story if any make sure that you state there are more important things going on.
3. Blame right wing machine for keeping story alive.

Let's say its a republican

1.3 weeks of coverage or until they push them out of office.

2. Interview all the woman that photo's were sent to including backround pieces making sure they put a personal face on them.
3. Interview the wife and if they can't follow her around until she is forced to make a statement.
4. Camp outside his house and show who comes in and out of the residence.( Maybe a helicpoter over house if possible)
5. Try to tie his actions to all of the policies currently in his party.
6. Thus destoying him, his family, and everybody in his party.

Congrats Weiner you are a democrat so all is forgiven. The democrat creed,"Do as I say not as I do".

1234 days ago


Sonya from TX, Weiner didn't "stand up and take responsibility" until he knew that ABC News was going to show an interview with one of the women he was sexting who had records of the messages and pics. You are giving him way to much credit, probably blinded by your liberalism. This is a resume enhancement for a liberal, anyway.

1234 days ago


Trish 8 minutes ago
To Ray, you look pretty young. In your 20's? Get back to me in about 20 years and see if you can say the same thing. I have had all kinds of men hit on me since I was 14. Married, religious and married, teachers, husbands I babysat for when the wife wasn't around. I could go on but you get my point. Men are different behind closed doors. As someone else said, it's not about loving the person you are with. Men are really good at keeping that side of them seperate. Doesn't make all men bad, it is in their nature. Going WAY back men have always cheated, women too, but majority men. I wouldn't go as far as to say every single man, but most of them. Just because you haven't been in the situation yet that you haven't been able to resist doesn't mean you won't ever. Never say never because no one knows what the future holds.


OH please human beings are as faithful as their options and women have more options. So don't give me that crap that it's mostly men who cheat.

Face it, your an embittered man hater.

1234 days ago


He has to resign. How can an adulterer, who lied repeatedly to the media over the course of days, be a trusted government official? There are enough lying crooks in Congress.

That's not even mentioning the lack of judgement required to engage in what he was doing with these young women.

1234 days ago
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