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MC Hammer

Juggalo Death Wish

6/7/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MC Hammer is risking serious bodily injury -- because the rapper has agreed to perform at the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos ... just one year after TWO performers were brutally attacked by fans.


The Insane Clown Posse -- the group behind the GOJ -- just announced the return of the 4-day concert via YouTube ... with a line-up that includes MC Hammer, Psycho Jesus, and Lil Wyte.

Tila Tequila and Method Man were featured performers at last year's Gathering -- but each left the stage dripping with blood after fans went ballistic ... and pelted them with rocks and beer cans. 


The concert is set to go down in August -- leaving Hammer with a whole 2 months to change his mind ... unless he really needs the money.



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Mel Zipskin    

Hammers a family man one of the good guys he'll be okay.

1234 days ago


too bad i'll be busy that night.

1234 days ago


Proving my point that.....Americans are the most screwed up people on the planet. Throwing bottles, rocks and firecrackers on to the stage, causing people to be seriously injured, that's pretty freakin' ignorant even for Americans.

1234 days ago


I think Hammer will be safe. As long as didn't get any twitter messages to stay away he will be fine.

Tila was told to stay away but she didn't listen. She could have left the stage but she stayed on and was taunting the crown so they taunted her ass with a beatdown. As far as I'm concerned she didn't get beatdown enough.

1234 days ago

Sin D    

Tila is going back ain't she, will she please go back on stage again Tila is going to do it again right?

1234 days ago


Hmmm pretty classy.

But I won*****ch unless Chuckles the Clown shows up and gets punked.

1234 days ago


kitnplayn 3 hours ago
Proving my point that.....Americans are the most screwed up people on the planet. Throwing bottles, rocks and firecrackers on to the stage, causing people to be seriously injured, that's pretty freakin' ignorant even for Americans.


Yes your right. We're much less civilized then countries where women are stoned to death for adultery and Sharia law is the order of the day...among other atrocities.

1234 days ago


Next time the thuggalos get out of hand they should send the cops in wearing full riot gear and swinging clubs like it's Chicago '68 all over again.

1234 days ago


Noooooo! Don't do it HAMMA. lol

1234 days ago


Hammer has officially sold out his entire life. He ha***** a level lower than rock bottom.

1234 days ago


Here is what a lot of the performers in this show miss...most juggalos are RACIST. There are TOOOONS of them around here, all as racist as can be. They love "rap" but HHHHHAAAAAAATTTTEEE black people...Disgusting useless,ignorant,racist juggalos...

1234 days ago

Jason Moore    

Wow, uneducated, thug? Don't group us in as a whole. I am proud to call myself a Juggalo. What else am I'm known for? Lets see... I am a happily married 36 yr old with 2 wonderful children. I'm a 18 yr Army vet who has spent a year in Iraq. I have also been in Law Enforcement for 12 years. I also have a degree in Criminal Justice. This will be my 5th Gathering. Yes they are stuipd people there, just like any other music festivial. Go to Bonnaroo, they are there also. They tried to get Tila off the stage and see was cussing at the crowd and telling them she didnt care if they threw things. This was after she was over 2 hours late. I'm not saying it was her fault, but she didn't help matters any.

1234 days ago

No comment    

Funny how blacks call Hammer a sellout when that is exactly what Diddy and Jay Z has done. The same thing, crossing over ethnic lines and having mass appeal which helps selling records. Oh yeah, he wasn't about killing people like those dead 90's hardcore rappers. Nor did he sing about how to stick your weiner into a woman and then throw the whore out.

I think Hammer should be on Dancing With The Stars.

1234 days ago


I'm in the area of the home of Faygo (Detroit). There's always a shortage of that crap come the gathering of the Juggalos. Funny I was watching You Tube videos last night of this ****hole neighborhood in SW Detroit, Del Ray. I mean, real ****hole even by Detroit standards. According to a pissed off Juggalo, they were BORN in the suburbs by RAISED in f-ing Del Ray. There's conflicting reports on where they are from but how do I know, I'm not a Juggalo. So what's the deal at the gathering? I think if the Juggalo's don't like you they just go to town on you? Maybe once I'll go to this Woodstock of angry white trash.

1234 days ago


"Please Hammer Don't Hurt'em!" LOL =P

1234 days ago
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