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Disney Star

Released from Hospital

After Ducati Crash

6/8/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Camp Rock 2" star Matthew 'Mdot' Finley has finally been released from UCLA Medical Center following a bone-shattering motorcycle crash in Malibu last month ... TMZ has learned.


Finley -- who SNAPPED the tibia and fibula bones in his right leg -- is not walking on his own yet and will use a wheelchair to get around for a while ... but we're told doctors are happy with his progress.

Mdot's rep tells us the actor will undergo daily treatment at home while continuing on an "extensive" physical therapy program.

Despite his brutal injuries, we're told Mdot -- who's a bigtime Ducati enthusiast -- is determined to ride again as soon as he's healthy enough to get back on his bike.



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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

No Dancing for a while..

1235 days ago


Read Reality!

1235 days ago


hey moron, if you are reading this. DO NOT EVER ride a motorcycle again. You lucked out. Most people aren't given a second chance. I know you are young but take that as a gift you learned a lesson early.

1235 days ago



1235 days ago

There's a problem here    

Sorry if this sounds racist, but I'm thinking these black guys maybe ought to think about leaving the white boy toys like jet skis and Ducatis alone and stick to things that they know like big ass SUVs and Cadillacs.

1235 days ago


That statement isn't racist at all. Everyone knows a white person has NEVER crashed on a motorcycle, jet ski, nor ever driven a Cadillac or a huge SUV. You're just stating obvious facts that only a small certain segment of, *ahem*, more "intelligent" folks are aware of.

1235 days ago


There's a problem here 52 minutes ago
Sorry if this sounds racist, but I'm thinking these black guys maybe ought to think about leaving the white boy toys like jet skis and Ducatis alone and stick to things that they know like big ass SUVs and Cadillacs

Sorry to have to call you aDbag racist. WTF Since when are these exclusive white boy toys anyway? You do realize there is a HUGE segment of the population IN THE WORLD that isn't white right? Oh ya they only sell white boy toys in the States that's right I forgot. White guys NEVER wipeout there bikes and Jet Skis with their God blessed white boy balance and driving ability that God somehow forgot to give to people of colour.

You're a f@#king MORON.

1235 days ago


The joys of riding a bike... I'm glad to see him back up and at it again. from -

1235 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

He's got a fast bike. But true speedsters do it on the track. Rent some time, race some buds, have fun there. Let the slow, quiet people live free of interference from fast, noisy people.

1235 days ago


Wow.....what a dumbass! I think you sir need to stay away from the motorcycles. I hope lesson'd learned...hell i have never spilled my motorcycle and im a female....shame shame.

1235 days ago


hey theres a problem here and Josh, ******ticks if you think its racist dont say it you clown...your whats wrong with the world, if you are going to say something like that your opinion is therefore mute keep that **** to yourself guys doesnt matter if hes white or black he wrecked his motorcycle. **** happens. we should focus on the fact hes ok and hes a kid hell he'll probably sell the bike now hes scared to death of it.

1235 days ago


What an idiot, next time he may not be so lucky. If he wants to kill himself, let him hopefully he doesn't take someone with him next time!!!

1235 days ago


I'm no doctor but that looks more like a femur than a tib/fib fracture.

1235 days ago


And why does this kid need a Ducati anyway? Use your head. My cousin told him mom and dad "I promise I'll always wear a helmet and I'll never speed" and then he went out and bought a hayabusa bike, the fastest, street legal one available.

While I was finishing my motorcycle training course and signing my final paperwork, I received a call from my dad that he was killed on him motorcycle. The police said the accident was caused by, and witnessed by numerous people, because he was speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, didn't have a helmet on and he slammed into the back of a car stopped at the stop light because he thought they would go quicker when the light turned green.

While I feel bad, everything he did on his own. He never should have even had that bike to begin with. Same with this kid.

1235 days ago


On what planet do you live since when are ducatis and jet skis strictly for white ppl( i c in your world you are not racist but you tend to say racist stuff) hmmmmmm if you have to start by saying "this may sound racist" then what you say after is completely discredited

1235 days ago
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