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Gabrielle Union

I Tried to SHOOT My Rapist

6/7/2011 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bad Boys 2" actress Gabrielle Union claims she can understand why Rihanna portrayed the killing of a rapist in her new music video ... because Gabrielle says she tried to shoot the man who raped her when she was 19-years-old.

Gabrielle Union

Union opened up about her past after watching the video for "Man Down" -- saying, "Saw 'Man Down' by @rihanna. Every victim/survivor of rape is unique, including how they THINK they'd like justice 2 be handed out."

She continued, "During my rape I tried 2 shoot my rapist, bt I missed. Over the yrs I realized tht killin my rapist would've added insult 2 injury."

"The DESIRE 2 kill someone whose abused/raped u is understandable, bt unless its self defense n the moment 2 save ur life, just ADDS 2 ur troubles #mandown."

Union -- who has talked about the experience in the past -- says her attacker was a "stranger who robbed the store I worked at. He put his gun dwn durin the rape & asked me 2 [hand] it 2 him."

Gabrielle UnionGabrielle provided a link to Oprah's radio show -- where she talks about the incident in depth.


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If a dude has a gun on you and puts it down to rape you and you grab it an shoot him.Your a are you to know that when he is done 20 seconds later that he isnt going to kill you what she says makes no sense

1236 days ago



1236 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

So a guy walks in and robs her store at gunpoint then attacks and rapes her. But he couldn't get his groove on while holding that gun, so he set it down. Then he said "Hey baby, hand me that gun will ya?" So she said "I'll hand you this gun...bullets first bitch!!" A shot rang out. And even at point blank range, she was able to miss the side of a barn. Then she turned over the gun, gave him all the money out of the cash register and gave him her cell phone number. He zipped up and went home to shower. They now live in the valley in a split level contemporary home and still laugh about how they met. You go, Gabby.

1236 days ago


@MIDNIGHT TOKER: Consider yourself lucky that you've never been put in that position so you have no idea where she's coming from.

1236 days ago


i give her full respect and props for being a strong woman, many actual rape victims should look up to her

1236 days ago


Smells like self promotion.

Sympathies for the situation that she went through, but there are times when spelling does count. Chat writing hurts the cause.

BTW, Bad Boys 2 sucked.

1236 days ago


Typical ***** to exaggerate. Was Rihanna a victim of rape also? or did this betch wanna rant about herself. We are so many women and men who have been abused. Did we all go and murder our targets?....Get a shrink....the wound will take forever, but murder is the best choice.

1236 days ago


I don't think anyone disputes the fact that victims of rape (and other serious crimes) might desire their attacker's death in the midst of their trauma. That's understandable. The problem is that the video doesn't show that this sort of vigilante justice is wrong, even though we might sympathize with the victim.

1236 days ago


It's a reggae should be interesting to see how it does outside of the Caribbean. It has that echo sound that their music has. What' the difference btw this song and "I shot the sheriff"?

So it's ok to shoot the sheriff but not the guy that raped you? I don't think it's a MUSIC VIDEO people. It addresses a real issue and real emotions.

1236 days ago


"Murder isn't the best choice" i mean

1236 days ago


Sad for her and anyone else whose been raped. Sad also for the dumb comments people put on here. People should think before they talk. I honestly don't get why people find this funny. I'm sure ya would be singing a different tune if this happened to you or anyone of your loved ones. SMH.............

1236 days ago


I don't get why she called the video "Man Down" A rapist is a punk coward, not a Man. Why is any status given to someone who's nothing more than a weak lowlife thug?

1236 days ago


Midnight toker- She's ignorant and has no clue what she said. In the words of Iniguo Montoya, "Those words that you are using...I do not think that they mean what you think that they mean."

1236 days ago


The situation Union was in does not synch up with the situation in the videol. Her comment is, thus, pointless and I think she just wanted to make the news.

1236 days ago


At 17 I tried to stab my rapist, many, many times. He would lock himself in the bathroom and crawl under the sink crying like a little byatch. There's nothing wrong with what Rihanna is saying but if a person can'*****ch the video, they won't know what's going on.

1236 days ago
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