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Victory for Gay Cop

at Gay Pride Parade!

6/7/2011 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred knows how to get results.  The California Department of Corrections has just folded like a cheap suit and will now allow a gay corrections officer to march in uniform in Sunday's West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade.


Officer Andrew Johnson and Allred held a news conference today and filed a complaint, alleging the Department was guilty of discrimination based on sexual orientation when it refused to allow Johnson to march in uniform, on grounds it would be a "discredit" to the Department.

The Department now says, "CDCR acknowledges that [its policy] is outdated and requires careful revision.  Therefore, Correctional Officer Andrew Johnson will be allowed to wear the CDCR uniform in the upcoming Gay Pride Parade..."


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Well at least she didn't bring a baseball bat to her latest gay rights press conference and simulate sex with it in front of children. You know, like she did before.

1200 days ago


I'm sure they'll find a legitimate looking reason to fire him at some point which is when Gloria will reenter the picture. Well played Gloria your looking 2 steps ahead to your payday. This is just the setup, the payday is still to come.

1200 days ago


So, if a correction officer wants to attend a KKK rally in uniform, it will now be okay. WTG

1200 days ago


What a disgrace! This department should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this type of perversion within their ranks. Further, this person should be placed on leave and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Anybody with this type of unnatural mindset should not be allowed anywhere near a weapon.

1200 days ago

PRO US    

Good for him for sticking up for his rights to be treated like a human being by the obviously puritanical and prejudiced California Department of Corrections. As long as he behaves honorably, he should have the right to wear the uniform. The people who hate gays and want to deny them equal human rights should move to Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria or Saudi Arabia. We'll see how much you like it there when you will be denied equal human rights just because you're a Christian. Maybe you'll learn the meaning and value of tolerance, compassion, dignity and peace. But if you're too stupid, you won't.

1200 days ago


Oh snap, they're allowing him to march in a parade, I guess that's gonna make it slightly harder for the flaming homo to sue. Which is what this is all about anyway.

1200 days ago


I love my gays and all but really your work uniform should be worn at work and at work only! Especially if your a cop!!! I worked at a resort for a while last year and before they hired me they made me sign a contract that if I was photographed at a party or something while in my uniform and it ended up on facebook for example, I would be fried and never allowed to come back! And this is just a ****ty resort in wisconsin! This dudes boss already said no, time to put on your big boy panties and suck it up! Be happy that you at least have the freedom to walk in the parade geez

1200 days ago


@PRO "US" - Behaving honorably would consist of this individual recognizing that he is disturbed and seeking treatment. This illogical and unnatural behavior only serves to diminish the honor of the department when they allow this nonsense. As far as moving to the middle east...nah, I'll stick around here and continue to defend my country and the values that they were founded upon from this perverted onslaught.

1200 days ago


@bring back recent posts --- when is the last time you adopted hard to place kids from foster care...???

1200 days ago

PRO US    

Puckett 36 minutes ago

Sooo...what is the actual standard for which events are acceptable to wear your uniform to while off duty and which aren't? Not that i care about this guy marching in a gay pride parade, but what if someone else want's to participate in a white pride parade, nothing racist about other ethnicities mind you, just a parade for white poeple to express their pride in being white?

That'll be OK right? If not what about a black pride parade, or a latino pride parade?

It's OK with me as long as the Whites, Blacks or Latinos don't hate and/or want to kill people of other races/cultural groups. But you know that any Whites banding together to march in a "White Pride" parade aren't likely to be tolerant, open-minded, peaceful, respectful, decent people who are just proud of "being white". They actually think non-whites are inferior, even sub-human and want to discriminate against them. You know it's true but you pretend you don't. What a joke for you to compare a Gay Pride parade to an Aryan Nation or White Power parade! Can't take you seriously, Puckett, after that joke of a comment you made.

1200 days ago

PRO US    

@The Neko Nation: What do you mean?

1200 days ago


Well he was allowed to frigging march in any normal parade wearing his cop uniform, and should have been thankful for that. But a gay pride parade? San Francisco has S & M parades as well, should he be allowed to wear his holster, gun, boots and badge for that? Sad enough there's half naked people dressed in S& M gear for both events, in broad daylight, normal business hours, prancing on the street, normalizing this. Next step, somthing else, its all downhill.
He's an idiot and he's not going to be taken seriously as a police officer when it comes to dealing with real dangerous criminals, who obviously arent gonna listen to an openly homosexual and effeminate cop. So let him have his fun, hes ensured that every working day of his will suck.

1200 days ago

PRO US    

@elpablo: Looks like you are the person who is disturbed and needs treatment. If you think that none of the founding fathers of America were gay, then you are quite deluded. Some of the finest scientists in the world who developed the cures and most effective treatments for terrible diseases affecting millions of people were gay. Maybe, you should refuse to take those cures and/or treatments that Gays developed, if you're one day stricken with such a disease, since you hate and devalue them so much. That would be fitting. You should decide to put an end to your life, if you're so stricken, because your hatred of Gays is so strong and important to you.

First, America which is the greatest nation on Earth, denied equal rights to Blacks, native people and women, and now to Gays. Shame! You prejudiced people should move to another country and found a nation that wants to give equal rights only to some people who are intolerant of others and not to all law-abiding citizens.

1200 days ago


Good point lala. I just feel sorry for his fellow officers when they have to take showers. If the department is going to go this far, they should ensure that they build separate showers for the officers who choose to engage in homosexual activity. It's the same principal as having separate showers for women and it's not fair to normal officers to have to be subjected to this perversion.

1200 days ago

PRO US    

lala 7 minutes ago

"He's an idiot and he's not going to be taken seriously as a police officer"

@lala: You don't even understand that he's not a police officer. He's a Corrections officer. Learn something or keep writing like a fool or STFU.

1200 days ago
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